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Donald Trump, Superspreader-in-Chief, Endangers White House Staff

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/11/donald-trump-superspreader-chief-endangers-white-house-staff

Trump: “So what if I leave my toys out in the rain to rust. Daddy will always buy me more.”

Sedaka: (paraphrased) They say that growing up is so hard to do…

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Every morning, after coffee and playing with my cat, I turn on CBC News, hoping that, this particular morning, I hear that DJT died overnight from C-19. Never having to hear that voice again, except in recordings. Never having to hear him bragging about being the greatest.
I am so tired of the different levels of so-called justice in the US of Abuse. If I had a communicable disease, like oh, neurosyphilis, and knowingly infected another person, I’d be a criminal and treated like one. But Trump, protected by his royal office, can infect thousands of people, who, in turn, can infect thousands of others.
First thing Biden should do is to remove the Teflon coating from the Presidency. If you commit a crime while president you are subject to the same treatment as any other citizen. Same with diplomatic immunity. That dates from centuries ago to protect foreign courtiers from being embroiled in potential intrigues. If you do the crime, you do the time. Period.
As for the workers in the White House, I would just walk off the job in a wildcat strike. But Raygun made people so afraid of losing their jobs if they went out on strike that now corporations rule the work force. I believe that’s the very definition of fascism, eh?
Meanwhile, I can continue to hope, every morning, that Karma has done her thing.

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How many members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have tested positive for C-19, all but one of them. Humm