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Donald Trump: The 'Least Popular First-Year President on Record'


Donald Trump: The 'Least Popular First-Year President on Record'

Common Dreams staff

New AP-ORC poll shows Americans wildly pessimistic about president's performance as first year comes to a close


“Donald Trump: The ‘Least Popular First-Year President on Record’“



The scariest thing you realize when reading this article is that it has only been a year into this nightmare of a presidency.


Good in the sense people appear to be seeing what he’s doing. Not at all good what he’s doing. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.


The results seem to mean that about one out of three people just want to “blow the whole thing up” which is what Trump is trying to do with quite a bit of success. Admittedly the US has failed millions of Evangelicals who want nothing more than to live in a Christian country with the Ten Commandments clearly visible in schools and government buildings and in which organized prayer takes place on a regular basis. And it has failed those who don’t want a large federal government at all. And it has failed those who believe white people are superior to other races and should officially be given a superior position. And it has failed those white people who do not want to live in the same land as people of other races. These must be the people who approve of Trump along with the single-issue crowd.


Yes, I’m sure some of those people who are opening their eyes are the modest numbers of coal miners here in SW Pennsylvania who are going back to work in Trump-buddy Bob Murray’s mines …for $13 an hour and no benefits as temp (aka scab) workers. That’s no better than a third of what they used to make, not counting the benefits.

Murray is now pushing Trump to get Labor Secretary Acosta to abolish overtime pay laws.


Wow. I did not know that. Are folks there aware?


This rating stuff was also used on Obama and Bush early in their presidency. Remember Bush, the education president? Few were moved. And so Bush got his Iraq war. Everyone knows that a President’s ratings soar when he gets into a war. And Obama got never ending war in all directions.
Now, Trump?


Again, the Fourth Reich is following the Third Reich’s pattern.
*The Junkers (German equivalent to the Oligarchy here) supported Hitler, and in return, Hitler got rid of pensions, unions, and virtually every other benefit the German People enjoyed. The Junkers were free to do whatever they wanted with the Pension funds they were holding. Unions became “communists” and were pretty much expunged. Education became, basically “Hitler Jugend.” Making good, obedient, little soldiers for the Wehrmacht, or working in arms factories. Girls were encouraged to marry and produce more “Blond Aryan” soldiers for the Reich.
*Hitler’s promise of work for all became working at assigned jobs with no chance to quit or change jobs. All this at minimum wages and “voluntary” contributions to the Reich.
*Farmers found themselves serfs, chained to their land.
*Sadly, the youth of Germany bought into this line of crap and became devout servants of the Reich.
So, as they say, “Here we go again!”
*I was born before World War Two and remember the sacrifices made to rid the world of Nazism and Fascism. We thought we had.
*I’ve been watching and warning for well over a half-century, hoping we would wake up and head this off before it got salted down. I don’t know if it can be headed off anymore, but I fear millions more will die, perhaps billions if the dotard gets frustrated and uses the bomb, not to mention pretty much ending life on earth, as we know it.


I think it will take hard work. Organizing is needed to get people out to vote who usually don’t. We have to oppose voter suppression laws and work to reduce gerrymandering. Democratic candidates need to confront Republican candidates about support of Trump, white supremacy, etc. We need to spread the word that democracy is under attack by an authoritarian movement and convince people to fight back. And on a personal level we need to try to convince Trump followers that there is a better way. Democracy, tolerance, etc. I believe there are more of us than them. We need to turn the numbers into election victories.


But so what? He could be at 12%, he’s still “president.”


Sadly, you are probably right. The dotard has done things, repeatedly, that would have gotten earlier presidents impeached and removed, but he just keeps upping the ante as he knows that the only people that could oust him are firmly in his corner, feeling their pocketbooks expand exponentially as We the People get more miserable.


Notice that we neither read nor hear adjectives like “sadistic,” “cruel” or “inhumane,” to describe Republican policies.


They’re probably on the banned words list, like planned parenthood, uterus, fetus, gay, climate change, Chemtrails and a host of others.


Not a fan of Trump - but you can see where the almost non-stop anti-Trump media has been effective.

Unfortunately, this is the exact circumstances that lead unpopular presidents to start a war.


The worst part is that the anti-Trump messages the media have been trying to push are the ones that have little to do with Trump and the GOP’s policy. So they have the best of both worlds, they can ratchet up the war machine while still keeping the American people in the dark about what is really going on.

You are likely right. It is not a question of if but when Trump will spark another war. North Korea and Iran being the first targets in the crosshairs.


I have been squawking about this for over a month here now and not getting very many responses as if others understand. This is the scariest concept for Republicans, Americans start understanding what a horrific president Trump is. Why? He has a blank check from Republicans to say and do anything.

Trump is absolutely horrific!!! I am old enough to remember Nixon, Nixon looks good compared to this bombastic hot air balloon!.


And what people don’t understand is the Republican Party and the Republican Party controlled congress needs to understand is they are going to be held accountable. American voters generally understand the difference between good, bad and absolutely horrific.


He’s not doing the job we hired him to do – he needs to be FIRED!


The GOP Congress really has itself in a pickle with trump. After exploiting wedge issues to win elections during the past 40 years, along comes trump and says these things out loud instead of with the usual dog whistles. Not only that, but he continues to shout these vulgar things out AFTER the election when the usual GOP game plan has been to put the coded messages away until they’re needed for the next elections. I’m sure many Republicans in Congress would like to initiate impeachment proceedings and get rid of this national embarrassment (they’re not stupid, after all, they just act like it) but can’t because they’d lose the support of the only people whom they can count on to vote Republican in 2018. Get rid of trump and lose what little support they have left. trump has taken over the base of the GOP and made it a cult of personality and is playing the role of the pied piper as he leads them over a cliff. Unfortunately, it isn’t the nearest cliff and a lot of damage is being done to the country in the meantime.
The only question now is: are they going to do what’s right and rectify their mistake at the cost of the next few election cycles, or will their greed be enough to allow them to do nothing while a dictatorship takes root. In case these people haven’t been noticing, trump has been packing the court with his people, has been gutting the institutions that might help keep him in check and is attempting to put in place a host of other changes that will make it more difficult to get rid of him. If they (the GOP) allow this to go on for their own selfish gains, they will have effectively destroyed our current system of government as we won’t be able to trust it again. I’ve watched with amazement as the GOP cast aside one tradition after another in order to turn this country into a state of one-party rule. Those never last long, relatively speaking. No empire last forever, is trump our Nero? Only the GOP has the answer.

Yes siiree, the GOP has certainly gotten itself into a bit of a pickle.