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Donald Trump, the Mr. Magoo of Geopolitics, Incites Warfare Between Egypt and Ethiopia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/25/donald-trump-mr-magoo-geopolitics-incites-warfare-between-egypt-and-ethiopia


More occupations and wars means more revenue for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).

Guess the myth about Trump bringing troops home has finally died. If they had an award for (MIMIC’s) best friend Trump would be the hands down winner compared to his 44 predecessors.


Keep in mind that much of geopolitics in the future will be driven by the need for access to fresh water supplies.

Libya as example sits on vast stores of it and Qaddaffi was building massive projects so as to utilize it. Yemen is also a country that sits on a lot of groundwater when compared to Saudi Arabia.

Of all the freshwater in the world some 70 percent of it is locked in ice. This as we know is being lost to Global warming. 23 percent is groundwater and the other 7 percent is in lakes and rivers.


Calling him Mr. Magoo is giving Trump too much credit, I would bet Trump couldn’t find Ethiopia on a map to save his own life, much less have any understanding of the geopolitics of the area. This incitement is coming from someone inside the administration or Pentagon, and parroted by Trump.
The question is what will Trump gain from a war in this area of the world?


The Orange Sphincter is not the head of a super power. He’s the head of a failed nation state.

I love that acronym!

Here in British Columbia we saw the NDP party ( a party of the left) win a significant majority of seaths in the legislature. The Liberals (a right wing party . It srated on the left years back but was hi-jacked by right wingers who abandoned the Right wing Social Credit party when it collapsed 20 some years back) came in second but lost a large number of seats.

The percentage of vote was 45 percent NDP 35 percent Liberal and 15 percent green. 2 percent went to the Conservatives. (The right wing is dying here)

That all said this was of interest. The media indicated the leader of the NDP enjoyed this victory in part to the record of promises he kept while in power. In ONE term of only 3 years he kept 79 percent of all promises made while they campaigned in the 2017 elections with a further 14 percent of promises partially kept.

I did a check on trump just to see how he measured up.

He kept 20 percent of his promises that he made in 2016 with 20 percent partially kept.

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Indeed. This certainly has been an issue in the US America too as we see attempts to steal water from the Oglala Aquifer and other places such as the Colorado River.

There have also been groups in the USA suggesting massive infrastructure projects to ship water from the Great lakes to the Western USA. Others were to block up many mountain valleys in the interior of BC with massive dams and ship that water down trenches to the USA.

This was a huge concern that Maude Barlow had when all of those free trade agreements signed as it turned water into a commodity. Under that treaty a Country could not legally block the export of Commodities to another Country.

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Mr. Magoo along with Felix the cat were a couple of my favorite cartoons as a kid. Mr. Magoo would have screwed things up but in the end there would have been a good outcome because he wasn’t evil but a good hearted soul. Not so with mr eviel, trump. I don’t get the comparison. Lol

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