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Donald Trump, the Nuclear Arsenal, and Insanity


Donald Trump, the Nuclear Arsenal, and Insanity

Robert C. Koehler

Donald Trump is a reckless fool. But the U.S. defense establishment is M.A.D.

And herein lies one of the darker problems with the Trump candidacy, and the reason why so many establishment conservatives are awkwardly distancing themselves from America’s leading narcissist — if not running screaming into the night in fear for their lives (and everyone else’s).

Trump as commander in chief? Trump with his finger on the button?


If placing the lives of billions in the hands of a few is madness, why do we keep doing it?

Direct democracy


It appears nuclear weapons have made a another world war like World Word II impossible but it means living continuously on the edge of a nuclear war which could even wipe out all humans. We probably have become complacent about this danger and Trump has woken up many people to the possibility of nuclear warfare. It appears this possibility is just something we have to live with. Who is going to trust the other side if everyone agrees to disarm? The knowledge of how to build these weapons exists and there is nothing that can be done about that. Even a small country can develop an imposing nuclear force. This is our world. Donald Trump has brought home again the reality of our situation. It is much more likely that civilization will eventually be destroyed by climate change but destruction by nuclear weapons is not a zero possibility and with right-wing populist movements emerging around the world including here in the US the likelihood of nuclear does now seem to be greater than during the past few decades.


300 million Americans don’t have to vote on every government decision. Only on the ones of most concern to them. Let the public hirelings handle the others. The line can be drawn wherever the democratic majority wants.

The viewpoint that people are too stupid to decide for themselves is spread by an oligarchy to keep the undemocratic status quo. Studies show that decisions made by the public instead of by politicians invariably benefit the most people.


John Lennon’s “Imagine” comes to mind.

Allow people the same freedom to move as money… do not recognize the legitimacy of nations or borders.

Refuse to pay taxes

Develop local economies. Participatory economies could serve labor.

For this to happen folks would have to be willing to give up what they have gained from past imperial & colonial policies.



Excuse me. Who was it who was behind the bombing of Iraq, Syria, Libya and transfer of weapons to terrorist groups in Syria and pushed for Pivot to Asia? Who said we should bomb Iran?

That’s right it was the Queen of War:

… here is her warmongering history:


That is the keep-the-peace-in-Europe argument, and it certainly justifies Iran building an equivalent number of nuclear weapons to Israel. However, I rather think that Europeans and Russians had learnt a lot more sense about war by 1945 than has ever the USA and there was no reason for the nuclear-tipped Cold War stand-off across Europe that has now worsened with the USA’s needless and foolish intervention in Ukraine.

As for wars; the USA has been creating and losing very violent wars since it helped abrogate the 1954 Geneva Convention concerning the reunification of Vietnam, dropping more tonnes of bombs in shorter periods on small countries in SE Aisia, where it had no business, than were dropped during WW2. Nuclear weapons certainly didn’t stop those wars, which cost an entire Holocaust in lives. Granted, there are now no “front-line” wars of the traditional type, but WW2 begins to seem like small beer to what is beginning to happen now.


Ask the Germans and Swedes how that movement of peoples is working out for them.


Excuse me. What IS the answer to Trump’s question: “Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?”


I’d prefer Jill Stein, the only sane candidate.


M. A. D. mutual assured destruction

i remember as a grade school kid all of the fear mongering about the evil soviets. some people in kansas city built bomb shelters–even one church made an underground shelter as their sanctuary. i decided not to worry. sure, after the horror of hiroshima and nogasaki, i felt pretty certain that neither nation would risk beginning a nuclear war. and if someone were so stupid, i just hoped to be at ground zero–go out in a flash and avoid the slow, painful side effects.

i’d never thought before about the ambiguous idea that we wanted a president “tuff” enough to push the button, but at the same time wise enough not to start ww3. whoa! this is the first i’d heard about kissinger and nixon’s little sabre rattling experiment! yet i do remain convinced that the elected president has no red button allowing him/her to start a war in a fit of panic or horrible accident. “damn! i meant to start the coffee maker–where’s the cancel button?” in the beginning the military wisdom spoke about the need for defense against those crazy, unpredictable reds, but soon the talk changed to “first strike capability.” in other words the u.s. could decide to be the aggressor. so, here in 2016 along comes the donald with all his bellicose language. “we cannot” say the democrats, “allow this nutcase anywhere near that magic red button! he might actually use it!”

doesn’t this catch hillary in the trap? she needs to convince the frightened voters that she is “tuff enough” to push the button, yet wise enough not to start the war to end all wars!

Hillary Clinton: "Yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from Donald Trump that cross the line—his casual cruelty to a Gold Star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons, and now his causal inciting of violence. Every single one of these incidents shows us that Donald Trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander-in-chief of the United States."


We make them out of fear. Leaders of powerful countries live in a constant state of fear. Most have a yellow streak down their backs. They feel that weapons will protect them. The only thing that protects people is common sense. I personally am not afraid of Russians, Chinese, Indians, Pakistani answer etc. People consist mostly of families. They work, raise children and do the best they can. If people are what politicians are afraid of than they need to find another job.