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Donald Trump Vows Torture (Again): 'I Like Waterboarding A Lot'


Donald Trump Vows Torture (Again): 'I Like Waterboarding A Lot'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump has reaffirmed his backing of torture.

Speaking at a campaign rally Tuesday in St. Clairsville, Ohio, he said of the terrorist group ISIS, "We have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people."

"What do you think about waterboarding?"he asked the crowd. "I like it a lot," he said to cheers. "I don't think it's tough enough."


Trump wants to make torture legal. According to US foreign policy, torture has been in effect "legal" for a long time, including support for such policy by Hillary Clinton directly and indirectly in her roles as Senator, and as Secretary of State.

As such, Trump has a lot in common with Clinton, however Trump is piling on the torture issue, trying to stoke in his followers a political movement that absolutely embraces torture. How is this not terrifying?

Hardly a word gets uttered on these forums about Trump on torture. I refuse to be silent on this issue, and will of course be attacked for the audacity for criticizing Trump on this issue.

I mean, torture already happens right? What's the big deal?

But he has actually said, that that torture should be legal!!!!! Then the retort invariably is "but he says all kinds of things he doesn't really mean".

This is no doubt in my lifetime the absolute ugliest set of Presidential candidates. Clinton is no doubt dangerous, and she doesn't give a flying cluck about torture either. She is probably secretly cheering Trump on.

That said, I think it is unconscionable the almost blanket silence on this issue on these forums, here on the left.

What the cluck has happened?

Has anyone contemplated just how ugly it is for a Presidential candidate to be pushing torture like this, even legalizing torture to cheering crowds?

Political dissidents to a Trump administration could very likely find themselves in hot water, literally.


I'd rather err on the side of hyperbole on this issue.

I'll brace myself for the inevitable personal attack for emphasizing this once again.


On 22 January 2009, President Obama released an executive order stating that any individual held by any US government agency "shall not be subjected to any interrogation technique or approach, or any treatment related to interrogation, that is not authorized by and listed in Army Field Manual 2 22.3."

There is a general consensus that this stopped the more overt torture techniques like waterboarding and stress positions - but the manual does permit stuff like sleep deprivation and solitary confinement in isolation cells which could be certainly regarded as torture. And of course, Obama's refusal to prosecute the torturers - and cover up his desire to not prosecute them for years - up to and including Bush - remains an outrage.

Claiming that Hillary in any way approved of torture is not correct - although her condemnation of it has been weak and never on human rights grounds but rather "it is ineffective". http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/mar/30/hillary-clinton/evidence-backs-hillary-clinton-claim-torture-count/

Now, as punishment for merely stating the facts about a person's stated positions, and especially daring to suggest that a position of Trump on a certain issue is clearly worse than Hillary, I await savage verbal abuse from the "Common Dreams Community".


"Speaking at a campaign rally Tuesday in St. Clairsville, Ohio, he said of the terrorist group ISIS, "We have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people.""

This sounds as if it came directly from ISIS recruitment propaganda. The United States is the greatest perpetrator of violence on this planet. It represents a staggering lack of the simplest imagination that Herr Drumpf and those who cheer him on cannot understand the feelings of people whose children have been drone-bombed into bloody hamburger. The US responded to 9/11 by indiscriminately killing people around the globe, and, in undeserved righteousness, condemns the retribution of those who want to avenge the deaths of their families and friends. An eye for an eye, and the whole world becomes blind. That HRC, a perpetrator-in-chief of the afore-mentioned violence, is apparently the only thing standing between the presidency and the madman Drumpf speaks volumes about how degraded our political class has become.


A Presidential candidate essentially branding torture as virtue, vowing to make it legal, and stoking adoring cheers from his followers in the process, is absolutely crossing a line.


American exceptionalism on steroids.


No wonder his unfavorability rating is around 70%. What is amazing is it is not approaching 100%. Leave to the Republican voters to pick a candidate with a higher unfavorability rating than Hillary Clinton.


....all of which is why the only reasonable option for president is Bernie Sanders. The sordid circus that did not have to be is playing out with the kind of horror those of us who never supported Trump or Clinton expected and predicted.

One clear difference between Trump and Clinton is that Trump loudly displays his depravity in public, while Clinton does her best to keep her depravity hidden behind closed doors.

The whole scene is sick, scary and WHOLLY UNNECESSARY given that we've had (and still do have) a TRULY GOOD, SANE, QUALIFIED AND VIABLE CANDIDATE in the Democratic primary in Bernie Sanders! That's what makes me madder than whatever the hell Donald Trump lets out of his mouth on a given day. And without massive voter suppression and fraud, Sanders likely has been the clear choice of the majority of voters. But the Democratic-Republican-Establishment is determined to give us this shit show, appearing to be hell-bent on destruction, beginning with itself and fanning out as far as any human being can imagine.


Leave it to the Democratic-Republican-Establishment to pick two candidates for president that most voters can't stand.


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Before Trump makes such a comment he needs to experience what he is supporting, in other words he needs to be water boarded a couple of times just to see how much he really likes it. As he is so good at flip flopping he could easily say he never said it and everyone would just accept it. Easy come, easy go.


No bracing necessary PC. I'm with you. He's pandering to the lowest in human nature. And there's plenty of that to go around but we are teetering so hard as a species that the timing couldn't be worse. But then, times like these bring out the best and the worst in people. At least we can agree on which side he and his despicable leanings belong.


I still can't get used to anyone referring to America as "The Homeland".

A phrase that didn't even exist until 9/11.

Just has the feel of "...Homeland, Homeland Uber Alles..."


Is it really necessary for HRC to be worse or just as bad as Trump on every issue in order to not want to support either of them? That doesn't apply to me but nevertheless, seems to be what you are saying when "claiming that Hillary in any way approved of torture is not correct,' is then followed by your expection of being punished for this remark, not just from some but from the "Common Dreams Community,' which would seem to include all of us and not just a portion which is not true.

We have one candidate who says terrible things but has, as yet, no official power to bring them to fruition. The other candidate has done many things that are anathema to everything I believe in but doesn't have the same odious rhetoric as the other but has her own despicable language. I don't support either and recognize that one may be better or worse on specific issues and that is insufficient to give either my support or vote.

To fall back on cliché, I would suggest that you not tar all of us in the 'Common Dreams Community' with the same brush.


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This meathead never seems to have gotten past the age of 13. I nod my head in shame every time he opens his mouth and wonder how in the world 'this' was ever allowed to run for president. I suppose it just proves exactly how long we've been flim flammed with BS, that half this country thinks this sort of talk and intent is ok.


Point accepted. Good article. Thanks for posting.


The only positive thing about his reprehensible position is that he is openly discussing it.
At least that way it can be discussed and hopefully prevented.
Bush, Clinton(s), and Obama did everything in secret so their actions had to be exposed by Manning, Snowden, and others before we could even know about them. Only then could the actions be discussed and challenged.
And we still have the secret kill lists for people marked for assassination by our government operatives.


Give him all he wants then, since he likes it sooooooo much. Such a stupid son of a bitch, just pathetic.


737 bases worldwide. It's not a thousand however can you imagine what WE, the US, could do with all the funds used to screw other countries? We are a pathetic nation bent on screwing it's own population not to mention the rest of humanity.