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Donald Trump Was Complicit in the Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/13/donald-trump-was-complicit-plot-kidnap-michigan-gov-gretchen-whitmer

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Yet, the bourgoise press refuses to make this connection which goes to the heart of the problem. The corporate embedded press is bias toward centrist democrats but those centrists actually support and approve of Trump and fascism. It’s why democrats seem to put so much effort into choosing milquetoast candidates who alienate the majority and run terrible campaigns. The are a wing of the corporate party that chooses to market themselves as more humane while benefiting from GOP destruction of public protections that curb profits. The Dims love to blame the repugs but they attack us just as viciously when they are in power. It’s all a Punch & Judy puppet show to keep us divided and powerless. This reminds me of a poem I wrote decades ago;

“Get a job!” I am told
when I’m out in the street
by a well paid executive
in the noon-day heat
who’ll soon be out with me
when his job is complete
and the big boss tells him
to vote with his feet
and for a pittance we’ll be forced to compete
for a roof over our heads and a bite to eat
'cause we’re all working class
and when we all meet
the bossed get nervous
and the call out the heat
they know that united
we just can’t be beat
and without us to stomp on
to exploit and cheat
they’re who greedy system
will go down in defeat.


America has been so poisoned by “reality” TV that it failed to see stochastic terrorism unfold before her very eyes. Sure, some of us without voice did, but the media, who could have brought attention to the matter failed to do so. Maybe a comedian here or there did. The FBI has been calling white nationalism out as the major threat to internal security for over a decade. Trump, with his dog whistle-style politics ignites his base, knowing–even encouraging violence to sate his sick impulses and to prove to himself what he could not prove to his father–that he has power. You bet he was complicit. TR45SON, pure and simple.


During the decades I worked in the power generation industry the FBI was serially advising us of domestic terrorist activities that were happening in nearly every state. Most of the activity was very subdued and considered extreme by most Americans until after Ruby Ridge during the 90s when right wing media started demonizing the FBI’s anti domestic terrorism activities.

Right wing domestic terrorism subsequently escalated to the extent that by the time Trump ascended the throne domestic terrorism like school shootings, and the Talabundies taking over Malheur Refuge in Oregon were normalized. By then the remaining sleeper cells were already locked and loaded. Trump’s call to arms was all that those cells in each state needed to mobilize.


What do we DO, Jessie??
Can you help make your fellow Democrats act like adults??

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So tell us, Jesse: when another group of Michigan lunatics plotted and carried out the OKC bombing in April 1995, was Bill Clinton complicit in that? He was President of the United States at the time. Surely he either encouraged the bombers directly, or his alleged liberalism so enraged them that they felt driven to strike out at some part of the federal government. Right?

Trump’s an irresponsible blowhard, but his dumb rhetoric no more responsible for the acts of lunatics than any POTUS is for acts of foreign or domestic terrorism. It’s actions that matter, and from that perspective, you might as well blame Whitmer. Logically, it follows that if she hadn’t insisted on shutting down the state, no one would have been moved to kidnap her.

Am I somewhat tongue-in-cheek with those statements? Of course. But you’re straying into “violent movies and tv shows caused Columbine” territory. And that’s very dangerous territory indeed. The ultimate responsibility for kidnapping or assassination or bombing plots is always that of the perpetrators. Hearing some general speech or reading some book may be a factor, but no one is forced through hearing or reading to commit violent acts. The actors always choose.

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Yeah, Trump has given a whole new meaning to liberty! When Trump said:“Liberate Michigan” was he saying; “GIVE ME THE LIBERATION OF MICHIGAN OR GIVE ME DEATH?”