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 Donald Trump Will Lead a Theocratic Party Into the Election


 Donald Trump Will Lead a Theocratic Party Into the Election

John Nichols

ClevelandBefore the Republican National Convention approved what right-wing delegates described as “the most conservative platform in modern history” on Monday, platform-committee co-chair Virginia Foxx announced that the document was “a reaffirmation of the principles America and the Republican Party were foun


But it's a shallow and ignorant theology. Let's hope this platform is meaningless.


The notion that Donald Trump is in any way moderate is wishful thinking of the highest degree. His "base" is all the right wingnuts who are true believers that the USA is God's special country, the most favored nation of the universe. They are finding it easy to believe that Trump's threats and tough talk are just what the cosmos ordered. His "presumptive" opponent, Hillary, is now being called out on her many negatives: the emails that were evidently donor solicitations for the Clinton Foundation -- what is it that the Clinton Foundation is supposed to be doing? I always herd that nothing was ever lost in cyberspace but it looks like most of her emails were deleted beyond retrieval. No one seems to be able to find out what they said, or what the bankers paid her for saying. The leakers and heroic whistleblowers who aren't facing charges seemingly got nothing for us.

Trump is impulsive and might go off half cocked. Hillary is full cocked and does seem overly eager to prove she could wield nuclear threats as well as any man and would be glad to show she's willing to back them up.

This is gearing up to be the nastiest no content insult slinging presidential race ever, and it looks like it will get worse before it gets better -- if getting better is even possible without some top notch real leadership from somewhere which lets out Don and Hill.


So, what else is new? The Christian right has always had a safe and secure home with the Republican party and Trump knows it. He'll play any hand to win. Trump worships the dollar and power, to be sure, but he is far less the religious fundamentalist than most big name Rs. Moreover, the R platform is as meaningless as the D platform.

Now that Bernie has endorsed Clinton, be prepared to see more of these daily Trump, the evil Republican articles from D party hacks like Nichols. Vote the lesser of two evils, don't let the boogieman get you Democratic machine will now be working overtime. Boo!


Without disrespect to the writer, this sort of article - there are many of them on a daily basis - is really just detail within a much more generic and widespread drift towards authoritarian rule.

Sometimes it can seem that talking about the trees stops people seeing the wood. Most of the developed nations are slipping to the right - it is not this week's, this month's, or even this year's news. The world was waiting for a Trump. He has been chosen because he represents just how awful things have become. The individual is actually incidental. Removing Trump is really pretty pointless within a world where so many are ready to support his insanity. Of course the same is true of Clinton. Who wins in November is even pretty incidental. The answers we need are only obfuscated by the popular obsession with politics.


This is obviously what has happened to the GOP but my firm belief has always been, if we had a true opposing party they would have never gotten so strong. The lack of real Democratic policies has allowed people to blur the lines between the two parties. The Republicans are a minority in this country, why have they gotten so powerful? Because on the big issues, as opposed to wedge issues, the two parties are remarkably the same.
Look at the choices we have for president this year. Both disliked and not trusted. Both polling at the bottom in favorability and why? Because both parties feed at the same corporate trough.
How do we change it? Bernie had a lot of suggestions but my feeling is we need a third and fourth party. We can't get them to give up the big money they get from corporations so we have to go around them and make our own.
I suggest Jill Stein if Bernie is not on the ballot. We need a real progressive party to clearly define what the GOP and Dems have become. Yes, it will hurt for a little while till the Greens get more exposure but we can't go on like this.


"Trump’s presidential bid. And the intolerance of Trump, Pence, and their most extreme followers now defines a Republican Party that has broken faith with itself, and with the better angels of the party’s nature."

Name one "better angel" of the Republican Party's nature.


Good analysis, but I think the days of the party system — any number of parties — are numbered.


It's a platform. To be taken as seriously as the possibility of predator aliens on Mars.

NIchols knows this, of course. But hey, gotta get them uppity sheep back into the Democratic voting pen!


American power uses the religious zealot the same way a carpenter uses a hammer. At least it's consistent.

Theocracy has been the pr tool of choice for the GOP since Reagan, and the platform is always going to reflect that, given that platforms are public relations devices. But its interesting, as you point out, how we use this kind of person both in foreign policy as well as domestic politics. Something about the religious that screams, "we can make you do what we want!".

It is interesting, though, how differently the parties view platforms. The GOP uses theirs as a voting beacon. They already know the money's there. The Democrats, however, still feel the need to reassure their donor classes because of the rhetoric they have to employ to get votes, so their platform is geared to their donors.

So I think you're on to something. If giving handjobs to the religiously addled is a theocratic impulse, than I'd say both State-approved parties could be considered theocratic. Or, more accurately, neither of them are. It's just a magic trick.


If you don't see anything "new" about the Trump phenomenon giving cultural backing to cheers of support for torture, cheers of support for hate, cheers for misogyny, and cheers of support for every xenophobic fantasy held by right wing zealots, then you are not comprehending the true danger of Trump.

We are in a pickle. I have resisted many many times on these forums the arguments of people backing Clinton, however I recoil at the arguments that dismiss Trump as no big deal, and in your case, nothing new.


I am aghast at people who are saying they will never vote for Hilary and that Trump is the lesser of two evils! I love Bernie Sanders, and voted for himin the primary, but I'm voting for someone who does understand all the back rooms deals and duplicities, the power games and can navigate such while carrying on Obama's plan to slowly move us toward more of a social democracy. The Clintons have their own duplicity, but know how to cleverly defend us from these scary conservatives. I'm bettin' on her.


Theocrat's in congress are not necessarily what they proclaim....Theology aside most politicians use it as a tool to fool their idiot base voters while they really do the business of corporate....And for that they are handsomely rewarded for life with cushy high paying gigs and corporate do nothing jobs by keeping the status Que....The GOP have surrendered their soul to the devil for silver and gold.....Not a Christian among them....They cannot be God fearing lawmakers and pull the social rug out from under the poor and blame them for the bad economy and be as racist and hateful as they are....I am not buying the bullshit they spaltter....all of them lying sum bitching snakes....


If it were a human condition, of ultimately "social ape" determined political action, then how do you explain the, by comparison, infinitely more sane Nordic Economic model of governmental organization?

Partisan politics? That is the catch all phrase of obfuscation, with "fair and balanced" running neck and neck.

Not that you are intending to use it as such.


Take a look at how it's done on this thing called social media.


"It’s extremism is such that People for the American Way’s “Right-Wing Watch” team has observed, “Four years ago, we called the GOP platform ‘a far-right fever dream, a compilation of pouting, posturing, and policies to meet just about every demand from the overlapping Religious Right, Tea Party, corporate, and neo-conservative wings of the GOP.’ Yet this year’s platform is even further to the right.”

Those who come by the above views by indoctrination along with those who are natural-born authoritarians have something very dangerous in common: the narrowness of their views incline them to actually think they have a right to limit the ways that other people live. And they view their overarching control over other peoples' lives as "freedom."

Secondly, when church and state merge and the governing ideology is pro-war, then instead of religious leaders standing as a bulwark between frenzy and civilized responses, these leaders invert the teachings of religions to SERVE war and fuel further aggression.

The Gay aspect, the bathroom aspect, and even the aspect related to women's reproductive rights are small potatoes compared to the damage these true believers can wreak on this planet. They ARE the same sect behind much in the way of history's bloody line of invasions, wars, and mass murder.

If this group takes control of the U.S., it will be a dark fate for the world.

And it's very disconcerting to see so many Trump supporters on C.D.

I had the feeling (and now I see it was based on what's true) that quite a few only backed Bernie Sanders as a pretext to attack Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Liberals, and Progressives.

Since this IS a site that arguably speaks to those groups, what the fuck are all these Trump supporters doing here?

They infiltrate in the same way that the FBI does and in the same way that the Watchers listen in on everyone else's email, cell phones, and conversations.


No true Progressive or lover of liberty would let Nichol's insights on the dangerous merging between church and state sneak right by.

I happen to think lots of soldier boys and girls (who happen to be born again or Evangelical Christians) post here.

They see no problem with the wall coming down between church and state just as they justify charter schools even though they are eviscerating what's left of public schools as a common (collective) public asset.

You have such a rabid need to make everything about how bad Clinton is that you show not always hidden support for Trump.

A PRINCIPLED person would speak about Jill Stein...

Instead, like the rest of the faux Progressives who play Trojan Horse politics in this forum, you identify with Trump because you're another angry white guy whose got the empathy level of a dead cockroach.


With Trump's "what's his name" VP pick and Hillary's loopy VP pick the race is a tossup. What an opportunity for Bernie to get back in the race and win with a VP like Stein, Gabbard, or West. That is, if he ever was serious about stopping Trump. And if he ever was angry about how the DNC sabotaged his campaign. True to his word, he endorsed the nominee that could beat Trump, himself.


Now would be a good time to post that long list of characteristics of The Conservative Mind (and psyche).


To the contrary, their numbers are growing due to home schooling and Christian Charter Schools.

And this group WANTS this nation to be a Christian Theocratic nation.

Plenty is lined up for THAT outcome.