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Donald Trump Will Make the Country Great Again By Going Full Racist When Brown-Skinned If Eminent Journalists Commit Journalism Against Him

Donald Trump Will Make the Country Great Again By Going Full Racist When Brown-Skinned If Eminent Journalists Commit Journalism Against Him

So this: Topping off an odious few days in which the boor of the hour won the white supremacist vote - the KKK praised him for getting "the real sentiment of America" - the moron vote - a supporter enthused he'd "make this country great again - it's on his hat" - and the misogynist vote - another empty nasty attack on Megyn Kelly - Trump ejected Jorge Ramos, the country's most respected Latino newsman, from a news conference after snarling, "Go back to Univision." Our once-blessed democracy can't go much lower than that churlish spectacle.

The dictator from Wall Street finally shows his true colors. Trump was never going to call on a hispanic reporter!

At least he didn’t have him tasered like John Kerry did to a Florida student just asking a question!

Which is exactly why “throw[ing] Bernie a few bucks” is not going to solve this problem. The contempt for democracy is thoroughly bipartisan. And Mr. Sanders’ patrol of the boundaries of the Democratic party is doing their work for them.

Nice try, but John Kerry actually continued to attempt to engage the student as security shut off his microphone and removed him for obscenities and his failure to comport himself in a suitable manner. The security officers were in no manner connected to Kerry or his campaign. Not saying Kerry is above criticism, but this accusation is not backed up by what occurred, and much of which was captured on video supports another understanding of what actually happened.

Trump is all hat and no cattle. The fact he leads the GOP clown-fest is proof that our system of electing our ‘leaders’ has failed miserably.


I believe–as do probably a billion other persons–in reincarnation. It is not difficult to envision Trump as a child born to nobility and granted the throne while still in his tender years. THAT is what we see here: a petulant child with an undeveloped ego whose sense of entitlement can only be explained by an embedded memory of prior royalty. It passes him by entirely that the era of kings (and feudalism) has passed.

Like Chris Christie, he’s too hot-tempered to get NEAR the command centers. Although it’s obvious that U.S. presidents mostly serve as figureheads with REAL decisions and policies handed to them by entrenched interests like the FED, the MIC, and a consortium of corporate moguls… one still has to shudder at the thought that a mad man could have access to the button that could launch potential nuclear war.

Kerry is another neocon insider, but like a polished European nobleman, he understands polite protocols.


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Mr. Donald Trump is really doing us all a favor by showing us all what game show hosts are really good at, that being a reflection of what the boob-tube does. I think but I may be wrong that most people understand by now that the t.v. is for entertainment purposes only. Even the media news on t.v. isn’t news, it’s commercials. Ad’s for the next great sale. Yes it’s true that our government has been bought and sold many times but average joe looks to chevy or ford. The right-wing has a limp or is being clipped by Mr. Rump. I thank him for that.


Let’s build his idiotic wall and seal him INSIDE it!


I don’t think its personal. Trump has a 100 million dollar lawsuit against UNIVISION for canceling his pageant. He can allege that as plaintiff he cannot communicate with the defendant.

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Not to mention being a megalomaniac – think Hitler and Cheney.

Trump is the quintessential narcissist: he suffers from an “excessive love for or admiration of” himself. His behavior, ideas, thoughts check every box on the Narcissistic Personality Disorder checklist. And, if you review the Repug Kandidate Klown Kar, you will find several narcissists: Walker, Carson, Graham, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Santorum, Perry, Fiorina come to mind.

“Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or actual behavior), an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others. People with this disorder often believe they are of primary importance in everybody’s life or to anyone they meet. While this pattern of behavior may be appropriate for a king in 16th Century England, it is generally considered inappropriate for most ordinary people today.” http://psychcentral.com/disorders/narcissistic-personality-disorder-symptoms/

His string of trophy wives are equally as narcissistic, which makes for very troubled relationships/marriages. Each partner is in a perpetual search for fawning sycophants.


I think he’s playing to the same type of crowd who like to watch hangings, lynchings, support the death sentence and other violent acts against the poor and what is called " the other ". He was right at home in Alabama ( the heart of Dixie ) where you find a majority of the people who ( just love The Big Cloud Guy as the hostess with the mostest ). Like Betty Crocker for Crackers. Worked for Nixon and Reagan, too. With an assist from the liberal press, of course. Just give me some of that old time religion. Can I have another, sir. :wink:

Oh, wait. He was in Iowa. Well, that works here, too, I guess. That Big Cloud Guy is everywhere now days. :scream:

Read Jane Robert’s if you want to talk about reincarnation. Every life is a learning journey. All of us were born with a specific goal to learn something all of us want or need to learn. Extraordinary knowledge on all things metaphysical. Please read SETH, update your info. love ya Gary

Donald Trump is another embarrassment the people fo the US shouldn’t tolerate. He is a bigoted, narcissistic, self-indulged empty suit who has no agenda other than to offend as many races, save the almighty white race, as he can. He doesn’t deserve the airtime he is given as this only allows him a platform he is not deserving of. Sure, we have corrupt politicians but Trump, really??? We can and should do better. Substituting a politican with a racist pasty white blowhard is not what this country needs. If he is elected, I will retire to another, less messed up country, although that list is shrinking. We can only hope he will burn out faster than his flame retardant hair.

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“Flame retardant hair”. Good one.

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Trump for Duce!

Sorry sl8ofhand,

You are wrong. I saw the video and the student did not shout obscenities as you claim. He was called on to ask a question. Kerry was asked a question he didn’t want to answer about why he threw in the towel and did not demand a re-vote during the phoney bush II election. Security moved on him since this subject is forbidden by the Empire of Skull and Bones. Kerry didn’t object to the torturing of a mere questioner and Kerry didn’t tell them not to zap the poor guy.

Indeed Kerry quipped after they zapped him unconscious: “I’d like to see him try to install me as President.” (That comment possibly meaning that Presidents are not elected by citizens, but rather “installed” by powerful men behind the curtain.)

Nice try, but I saw the video. Your dishonest spin doesn’t fool anyone who saw the Kerry video. I agree with you that trump is a travesty and an insult to honest democracy; But War-Crimes-Kerry is no better. After his Vietnam War Crimes testimony he presides over the bloodiest State Department ever.


Perhaps you are right. But unlike “Hope and Change Obama”, Sanders has a tangible record of really trumpeting progressive ideals.

What do we have to lose by backing Bernie? He’s all we’ve got and your crystal ball could be completely wrong.

Since Kerry tasers questioners at his press conferences and bombs the hell out of dozens of countries just like a Con would, I honestly can’t tell any difference.

Mr Heinz Catchup Billionaire certainly behaves like his fellow Skull-and-Bones gansters GWB. I think, these days, you are splitting hairs to call somebody as tangled up in Conservative warfare against the citizens a “Liberal” of any stripe.