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Donald Trump Will Not Go Quietly Like Nixon


Donald Trump Will Not Go Quietly Like Nixon

Bill Blum

“History,” as Mark Twain reputedly remarked, “doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” As we flip the calendar to a new year, Donald Trump would be well-advised to take careful heed of Twain’s maxim.

Unless Trump suddenly discovers an untapped reservoir of self-restraint, he’s going to confront an impeachment moment reminiscent of the crisis that drove Richard Nixon from office in 1974. And with his presidency on shaky ground from the outset, a Nixon-style climax appears increasingly likely.


Hopefully, Mr. Mueller will see to it that Trump is summarily charged, tried, and convicted of the many crimes we all know he is guilty of.

If not, perhaps we could hope for a blood vessel in his brain to go, “Pop Goes The Weasel.”


Does anyone else see the likelihood of a Caine Mutiny scenario? Wake up and smell the covfefe, the guy is certifiably bonkers.


You must be careful when comparing Trump with Nixon; the culture has changed dramatically since then. After Nixon’s treachery was revealed, he lost the support of white Americans - with all their problems, white Americans at that time still had a backbone of decency. That decency no longer exists in the majority of the dominant ethnicity of the US. In Nixon’s time there was still a sense that there was a difference between truth and lies. That distinction has disappeared among the majority of white Americans.
The same circumstances that made Americans feel ashamed of Nixon, make them proud of Trump. To folks on this forum, this is hard to believe, but the US is a highly compartmentalized nation that can only be understood from some distance. Trump is correct when he says he could kill someone and his devotees will continue to support him.
When Trump eventually goes, he will leave behind a large segment of whites permanently imprinted with his own image as a prophet. That imprinting is already happening (the Trump vs Cyrus Christian parallel is one indication of this.) This identifies a populist that comes closest to Trump, Peron of Argentina. The parallel between Trump and Peron has been raised by political scientists, but it has never been taken seriously by politicians and activists. I suspect the reason is that, however shameful Trump may be to the American elites, comparing an American President to a Third-World dictator is even more shameful.


Not to mention that Nixon’s track record would put him on the same group W bench with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other centrists if he were to run for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.

The only response the GOP would have to Nixon attempting to run in 2020 would be “lock him up”.


I don’t know how many “White Americans” are Evangelical Christians, but those folks seem to fit your analysis very well. But as far as the rest of your generalizations, I’d say they leave a lot to be desired. A lot of other things have changed since Nixon’s era, particularly the role of unions in the work place. I remember reading that autoworkers made something like $45 bucks an hour in the 1970s, which would have been a fortune (minimum wage at the time was $1.65 an hour). Most of them lacked anything beyond a high school education. Since then, our tax laws have been finagled from a “protectionist” model to a globalization model so that companies could increase their profits by send our relatively high-paying-jobs-for-those-who-lack-an-education overseas while still retaining easy access to our markets, so the GOP had to come up with a boogeyman to explain the declining economic levels of working Americans (not that the DNC didn’t help with changing laws–most of our politicians have been bought by the corporate elites), hence the “evilizing” of our immigrant populations. As our changing economy made it harder for those lacking an education to get well-paying jobs, the GOP resorted to their dog whistle calls to racism so that they could still count on the votes of those they left behind.

So no, I don’t buy into your “most White Americans have no decency” argument. I think your analysis is far too broad-stroked to serve much useful purpose. There are many, many other factors at play here.


He will require physical removal from the White House, if he’s convicted of anything or manages to lose the next election.
That aside, we notice that both Congress and the Courts remain silent as The Don and his wrecking crew continue to “deconstruct the administrative state,” as Bannon announced during the CPAC convention in February of 2017 would happen.


You may not buy that most white Americans have no decency, but that doesn’t mean it is not true. In fact, statistics support my argument that most white Americans are indecent. Please consult the Pew Research website and find out for yourself. The “majority” of white Americans support Trump. Being a Trump supporter is the very definition of indecency.


Exactly. I have no confidence that Trump will concede to losing an election. He said that much in 2016. If he loses an election, he will call his heavily armed fascist followers to DC where he and his followers will have to be taken out through force. But where will this force come from? Virtually all police and members of the military are enthusiastic supporters of Trump!


Shades of Germany, circa 1932 (or so).


Once the indictments start flying, and him and his kids are facing extended court cases, he’ll slither out of DC quicker than a New York minute.

I’ll bet the farm on that.



What you say is exactly right. The dynamics that kicked in in Germany when Hitler had a minority in the Reichstag, which quickly became a majority as the middle classes folded, is being repeated in the US with the folding of all conservatives, including the better educated ones.
The only hope is for Trump to trip on his own egomania and hurt his middle class supporters, since his trash base is secure no matter what. Trump is often compared to Hitler, but Hitler was a patriot (hard to see, but true), while Trump is a very large scum bag (not a figure of speech in his case.)