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 Donald Trump Will Violate the Constitution on Day One


 Donald Trump Will Violate the Constitution on Day One

Zephyr Teachout

Thus far, the debate over Donald Trump’s refusal to sell his assets has focused on whether he might use his position to make himself even wealthier, in ways that most people would regard as corrupt. But earlier generations of Americans—including the founders of our country—would have seen his actions in a far harsher light. They would have viewed Trump as a traitor, someone who was willing to become a stooge of foreign powers.


Utilizing the courts to hold DT accountable is one of the few productive avenues of opposition that we have available. Hopefully you and others will hold the constitutional legal line and not give an inch. I desperately hope that you will continue to be an effective and inspiring voice in the public arena for years to come.


The Trumps will redefine arrogance bigly. SAD!!!


The courts don't seem to care much for the Constitution, these days. Seems like they view it (and are allowed to, by Supreme Court) more as a hindrance to the individual "justice" a particular court would prefer to mete out. Or not mete out, as the case may be..


It seems I heard someone say there was language something like, "the president shall have no conflicts of interest."

At the time I realized that Trump takes that as permission instead of what it is ... a prohibition.


Trump is corrupt from the beginning. Half of his business deals resulted in suits by his contractors to get the payments for work done on Trump buildings. He will be violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause from the moment he takes office. All that has to happen is for one courageous judge to find his actions unconstitutional and he will spend years defending himself all the while looking more and more corrupt. His secretary of state has the biggest conflict. The sanctions on Russia are costing him and Exxon hundreds of millions of dollars. We used to call this crony capitalism but that is too nice a word - it is corruption.


"Corruption is just another form of Tyranny."~Joe Biden


Funny how the Republicans protect the Second Amendment with their very lives, but flip off the rest of the Constitution, with few exceptions. Call 'em on it!


OMG, that's a scary photo! Sociopaths, anyone?


Gee, Zephyr, O's been violating the Constitut. for years - where have you been ...

Teachout - feted as one of the "rising stars" in the DP -

She ran against Cuomo for the DP nomination for NY Gov last time around - so here's the dilemma for Sanders - is she or he the kind of "prog" Dem his "Our Revolution" will back - oh dear this may get complicated ... but not to worry, all are loyal Dems, and that's what really counts, now isn't it ...


The sanctions on Russia are BS - and imposed for the benefit of other crony capitalists - Trump is no better nor worse than the rest - just more obvious ...


Funny how in today's society anyone can whine about presidents violating the constitution. The last century of presidents have violated the constitution. Especially in this case as noted above where foreign policy is in play. Go back and look at Clinton's / Bush's money making deal through political avenues for starters. In addition, if a Democrat made office and continued letting companies outsource everything the world would continue to be a melting pot of money transfer of wealth across many countries. Yet here people will complain both sides that somehow it's bad bringing jobs back to the US and how Trump's could make money in his business with foreign deals. Also don't forget to mention that Trump elected to not be paid presidency pay. It goes both ways. There's always good with the bad and vice versa.


Yes, Ponyboy, and Joe Biden the "You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist" would know. Look now at the countries no longer contributing to the Clinton moneybags now that they cannot get the influence of Madam President. The whole leadership and business links to it of the exceptional country is corrupt, and the interference of the USA in the affairs of other nations is HUUUGE compared with the incoming effects, especially those imagined by the "free media" in the USA.


Rosemary, Keep up the good fight in getting money out of politics. This is the most corrupting influence in our political system and must be eliminated if we are ever to have a truly representative government.


Don't get yer hopes hyped up. The GOP congress will not vote for his impeachment unless and until their very survival is at stake for not doing so...