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Donald Trump's Anti-Terror Policies Sound a Lot Like War Crimes


Donald Trump's Anti-Terror Policies Sound a Lot Like War Crimes

Trevor Timm

Instead of tacking to the center like a lot of pundits thought he would when he became the Republican nominee, Donald Trump seems intent to double down on his moral depravity, calling for outright war crimes in his quest to become US president.


Trump Tea-Infused Stout, coming to a trailer park near you...


And Clinton's actions as Secretary of State ARE war crimes. So which is the more evil?


Trump grandstands the same policies that the current crop of crooks in DC proliferate with as little fanfare as possible.


If elected, Trump could simply follow Obama's drone and bomb tactics and satisfy the blood lust of his followers - the only difference he would have to make would be to brag about all the people he's killing and release videos of mangled and headless bodies. if the mob demanded more blood, Trump could release videos of all the bodies piled up by our allies Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey using US weapons in Yemen, Gaza and Kurdistan.


Trump is a strange candidate. He doesn't seem to be trying to get any additional voters than he now has. He keeps playing to the base that helped him win the primary. It is as if he cannot understand that he needs more voters to win in the general election. He has the "bomb them back to the stone age" voters but that is far from the majority of American voters. But if somehow he does win I guess he may claim a mandate to try to do these things which conflict with American values and the US Constitution. The only hope then would be that people in the CIA would not go along because of all the grief they received after following Bush and Cheney down that road. They will want to protect the agency. And other agencies like the FBI might do the same. But that is really all that would stand between Trump and this nightmare vision of a future America.


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Our candidate was 86ed from the get-go. The two remaining are barely worth mentioning. Either would wreak savage destruction on humanity in their own way. USA, USA, USA!???????????


Donald Trump's Anti-Terror Policies Sound a Lot Like Hillary's actions.


The victims of US "anti-terror" policies include many innocents - including Americans.

This particularly violent/viscous stupidity by TSA jack-boot thugs an example........18 year old disable cancer patient with brain tumor, blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and partially paralyzed was slammed face-first into the concrete floor .........when the police-state thugs come to town the terrorists have won.......see her photo and fear during the attack.....



Has any one of those Presidents sought to rally cheering supporters to embrace as virtue torture? TORTURE?

I get that war crimes have been committed by those Presidents you cite. I get it.

What I don't get, are posters on this forum who jump to Trump's defense, by deflecting attention away from the horrors of this fucking jerk.


It is absolutely ridiculous to conclude that Trump is in this to get Clinton elected.

Did I just defend Clinton? No.


You are seriously contending that the CIA wouldn't gleefully accept the directives to torture more not less?

What "grief" has the CIA received, other than a few officials having to appear solemn, and serious in front of fake investigations?

One thing is for certain. Clinton like Trump has no problem whatsoever with US foreign policy in regard to actually engaging in torture. None.