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Donald Trump's Dastardly Fourth of July


Donald Trump's Dastardly Fourth of July

Robert Reich

On this coming Fourth of July, it’s worth pondering the true meaning of American patriotism – as opposed to the malignant, distorted view of it propounded by Donald J. Trump.

For Trump, the central challenge of American patriotism is to secure our borders. “Without borders, there can be no nation,” he says.

But excluding foreigners has never been a dominant part of American patriotism. For most of its existence America has been relatively open to people from the rest of the world, especially those fleeing tyranny and violence.


Neither Party seems to be very ‘strong’ on American Ideals. But this draft dodging, lying, conman is an exceptional disgrace. The world watches in surprise at our descent into oligarchy.


“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”
–Samuel Johnson, 1775

Scoundrel is a great descriptor of Hair Trump, as it is even fit for “polite” discussion, even if the subject matter isn’t. I reflect upon the late great George Carlin’s wisdom regarding such matters when he stated that he “left symbols to the symbol minded”. No one in public America better represents the symbol-minded meme than The Donald. He neither can penetrate the veneer of others nor himself. Look at the plastic progeny he produced. May his hair weave (or whatever) be ignited by a thousand Chinese-made bottle rockets sold in the local Walmart parking lot and launched by the MAGAts who ate their KFC with their greasy fingers.


When I think of Trump and his supporters I often fall back on the old mind bender: Who is the bigger fool, the fool, or the fools who follows the fool?


Trump is no “fool”. He IS second to none at pushing cult 45’s (his base) fear and greed buttons, enabling him to serially call up down, call green black and get away with it.

Cult 45 are the only fools in the equation.


I was thinking this morning, maybe for the Fourth someone should throw a shroud over the Statue of Liberty … then, I think, no … that’s giving in …and an affront to her … but I truly hope that this year’s Fourth celebration at the WH is boycotted … because it’s a joke, there is nothing to celebrate until Trump is removed from office.


Whenever I hear an appeal to “patriotism,” I anticipate being mugged.

There is but one true nation: the living Earth and its creatures, to whom I will swear my only alllegiance. Smaller geopolitical subdivisions benefit the few at the expense of the many, and must and will wither away.


I don’t see where Trump has anything to do at all with what most of us think of as America. He is trying to create a white Christian nation with an authoritarian government and many millions in poverty with no relief from the government. And he is backed by millions of racists who like the “white” part and millions of evangelicals who like the “Christian” part. He is also backed by billionaire libertarians who probably could care less if the country is “white” or “Christian” but don’t want to pay taxes that winds up as money for helping those tens of millions of people who haven’t done very well financially.


…and then follows us…




Also, true patriotism does NOT mean “my country, right or wrong.”


I hear you, but I don’t want Dump taken out unless Pence and Ryan go down at the same time, too.


(…couldn’t care less… think about it)