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Donald Trump's Hatred of Women

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/19/donald-trumps-hatred-women


The compliance of women - expected and demanded in the early 21st century is most obvious among, but not limited to, the ‘old guard’. Faces that have gone under the scalpel of cosmetic surgeons so many times that they are the butt of jokes; breast enhancements for egos profoundly distorted by western “advertising” profits; narcissistic materialism to the detriment of all that orients human nature. In the process, the interaction with reality, the complex equilibrium that is - by nature - a integral part of humanity, left with nothing more than anxieties scrambling for straws and quelled by pharmaceuticals. Insensate, ineducable.

Its the nah,nah,nah fingers-in-the-ears-I-can’t-hear-you organized crime performing an abortion on the dynamics of societal, not to mention planetary fertility. Someone might want to identify the ‘scalpels’ and the operating rooms.

This solipsistic version of the proverbial “circular firing squad” kneads rhetoric, demands thousands of pages to satisfy the manipulation of language in “legislation”, meaning, the insertion of loopholes ad infinitum … in other words, the shredding of the fabric of reality, which in turn intensifies the knee-jerk reactions of insensate projection of the resulting psychic prisons onto any who interrupt the spinning of this unhinged ‘jersey devil’. Too many are in line to benefit from the sheer scale of chaos his spinning has induced.

I am reminded of stickers, color forms of the 1960s, labels - dang theyŕe all so good to stick on things - learned as children… desperately sought to fill the voids created over lifetimes.


"In our culture, the feminine is stereotyped as weak, helpless, and less competent than the male. Affect, empathy and other feminine characteristics are belittled and rejected as unmanly."

I appreciate men stepping up and taking on this issue that extends far beyond trump.

I’ve been a stickler on calling out those that continue to use the problematic (to say the least) expression ---- people need to “grow some balls” or similar expressions.

What the author states above is why the continued use of that expression in its many forms is so damaging and toxic.


I think it’s a damned shame that his niece casts blame on his mother as the cause of what he became. That is much too easy and simplistic. He treats women like shit because he emulates his father and that is what his father did as a man. Some people are born with certain sadistic tendencies. All behavior is not learned. If that were true, every child in that family would have turned out as ruthless and horrid as he did as an adult. They may not be stellar examples of human beings but they aren’t destroying people. He and he alone is responsible for his behavior. Not his mother or his father. He as a human with free will has made choices all his life and he has chosen to rape women, steal, kill by inaction, and grift. His hatred of women is a reflection of self hatred. I would hate myself if I were him. It’s really sad. I’m too angry at what he has done to our country to feel a lot of empathy, frankly. And that is not really who I am. That is sad, too.


Monsters are not born

They are created.

Their evil is no less so for that, but we do humanity no favors by avoiding examining the why and focusing exclusively on the what, for we only ensure that horrific history will repeat itself.


Decades ago then KGB Agent Putin recognized Trump’s “preference for models”. As Putin rose through the ranks he identified Agent Melania (not her real name) as the perfect fit to become embedded in the Trump Clan. The rest is history.


This is a very misogynistic culture. I recently watched a couple of ted talks by Paula Stone Williams. Talk about a different perspective. Paula is a transgender woman who did not begin to live her authentic life (as she says) until she was a grandparent. She also was a conservative Christian who was very successful financially and otherwise her entire life. She’s 6’3".

She talks about how she is treated very differently over ordinary things as a woman. In one talk she described an incident on a plane where a man believed her seat was his seat, and the lack of respect that she received from not only him, but also the man sitting next to her, too. They told her to shut up, to go sit down, and that she didn’t know what she was talking about, even though she was right and the guy who started it all hadn’t bothered to look at his ticket.

She said that when she was a man, everything would have been different, and she knew it because it had happened several times before. She became a lot dumber when she became a transgender woman. A whole lot. She had no idea how much dumber women were until she became one.


At least half the population. Lol

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More neurological evidence is found every day to show how brain damage contributes to mental illness. This man was born with a damaged brain. He is mentally ill. He is a psychopath. In any other setting he would be locked up for his crimes both monetary and against women.


I have soooo come to believe this is possible.

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I agree. The men in the family seem to be worse. Blaming mom is the easy way out. However there was a bit of truth in that she was sick. Sick of …

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please do not tell anyone that “Melania” was born a boy. Shhhhh


Carol, I agree with you; 100%. Rosie tried to warn us about Trump; way before he became President. But, we didn’t listen.