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Donald Trump's New CIA Chief Can't Hide Her Role in Torture Cover-Up

Donald Trump's New CIA Chief Can't Hide Her Role in Torture Cover-Up

Moazzam Begg

Donald Trump has not obfuscated his view on torture. Notwithstanding the minor details that the invasion of Iraq was largely based on false confessions extracted under torture and that the torture of prisoners following this invasion played a significant role in fomenting anti-American hatred and the rise of the so-called Islamic State, the US president really believes that "torture works".

…'the US president really believes that “torture works”"

How about you, Mr. Mueller, you seem to have permission?

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I get it now. When our “enemies” do it, it’s a hanging offense, it’s a war crime, it’s despicable.
When we do it, it’s "patriotic’; it’s “carrying out orders in a difficult time” it’s “enhanced interrogation”.


The author of this article is every bit as interesting as his subject, Gina Haspel, (current nominee for director of the CIA) is contemptible. Like most of the Baghram and Guantanamo detainees, Moazzam had no guilt and somehow was able to survive his years of torture.
Like some kid picking the legs off of an insect (or using a magnifying glass to burn up ants as they scurry around trying to escape their suffering), Gina Haspel, this American Eichmann, deserves the same end as the original one. Instead, the mindless nitwit who currently occupies the White House nominates her to be CIA director. Disgusting!

People involved in torture generally feel drawn to it by their personal failings.

Regimes change, and leaders often succumb to the various motives to get rid of such people anyway–though there is no guarantee of that, and many torturers are executed or imprisoned only in age.

Torturers are therefore very thoroughly owned by their regimes, which can prosecute them at any point. They are generally appointed then, when the regime plans a job that a sane and free person would decline.

The question we must ask is what that job might be in this case.

You are correct but it is important to recall Obama gave all US torturers and war criminals a pass. Thus setting up the nomination of this despicable person.

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That is correct and furthermore GW Bush kept yammering about “we don’t torture”. It is tempting to believe that “Dumbya” really didn’t now any better, but I really don’t believe either Barry or Dumbya were that stupid.