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Donald Trump's Waffling on the Paris Agreement is Just as Impactful as his Final Decision


Donald Trump's Waffling on the Paris Agreement is Just as Impactful as his Final Decision

Brian Kahn

President Donald Trump has treated the decision of whether or not to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement as a game show. If it were The Price is Right, we would be in the showcase showdown, about to see who got closest without going over.

A number of reports indicate that Trump is planning to pull the U.S. out of the agreement, though a few outlets have stressed it’s not a done deal. Trump allies who are against the deal have cautioned against writing it off and Trump himself has tweeted that an announcement is forthcoming without hinting which way he’s leaning.


Definitely agree with your headline, but I don't believe there is any "gambit." I don't believe there is a policy strategy in this White House. It's all impulse. djt may have been prepared to say 'we're out' on his trip, but the disdain of the European leaders for his arrogance kept him quiet. And now, yes, he's making it a game show, a chance to get not only headlines but "ratings" by setting a time for a Rose Garden (how ironic if he should opt out) announcement. But like today's decision to again delay the move-the-embassy-in-Israel action, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a fizzle. Yes, it's mostly symbolic. But my guess is it was the brotherhood of the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia that talked djt out of moving the embassy now. And remember that all of them, and Russia, are still in on Paris. Only two countries are not, I'm told: Nicaragua because they found it too soft, and ... Syria. Yeah. That's got to count to him.


Regardless of what Trump decides he is and will remain an obstacle to fighting climate change. He already has had valuable climate data removed from government websites and his budget includes sharp cuts for government climate programs. He is a threat to states like California which are trying to fight climate change and will probably sue them. He is trying to stop Obama's Clean Power Plan to reduce emissions from power plants. He is increasing the leasing of federal land for oil drilling and wants to allow oil drilling off the Atlantic coast. He is trying to scrap vehicle fuel efficiency standards. He has come out against giving developing countries money for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. He is supporting increased fracking. He approved the Keystone XL pipeline for tar sands oil. He got the DAPL for fracked oil approved. It is hard to imagine the world fighting climate change successfully without US leadership. With the election of Trump the last real chance to successfully fight climate change may have been lost.


Just as the polar bear became the poster child for those seeking to reduce climate change, the coal miner is the poster child for Trump's "Make America Great Again", a mantra founded on racism and accelerating environmental destruction (directly, or via military expansion).

Irrespective of politics in Murka and abroad, the population of polar bears AND coal miners will continue to decline.


I am not at all sure what he's done, let alone what he may think he's done. I've just read the agreement, downloadable as a PDF in various languages from

I don't see any obligations placed on the US (or any other party) that they do not take on themselves. There are lots of "shoulds" and "are encourageds," but no specifics. It's an agreement to carry out earlier commitments to work globally on our global climate. I'm having the argument about "sovereignty" with someone on Facebook who claims to be an attorney (I am not), but really the legalese is just the cross-references among articles and the speaking of "Parties" and various subbodies to be set up by the Parties. So I don't get the problem. I think, indeed, it's a game show. djt's certainly never read the document, and he and the Bannonites are counting on their cheerleaders not to even try. Farcical.


No one Serious has been guiding our Nation for decades, and our Captured Media helps out, as best it can, to see that no one will.


Trump is not the only waffler. The UN started the green house gas wake in1992 , but capitalist U.S. has been dragging its feet and abrogating its responsibility through the Kyoto protocol of 1997. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and they is us." . The Paris agreement had no teeth and, in essence was a charade. The good news is that many captains of industry were jolted from their somnolence. However, it's not clear how much they and we the people are willing to change our life styles. For starters, how about turning the air conditioners off.