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Donations and Gratitude Pour In for Chelsea Manning's Welcome Home Fund


Donations and Gratitude Pour In for Chelsea Manning's Welcome Home Fund

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A fundraiser to "welcome home" Chelsea Manning launched just two days ago has already surpassed $50,000, which observers say is a testament to the inspiration that the transgender leader and military whistleblower has provided to so many supporters.

More than 1,200 people have donated upwards of $53,000 to the effort, with the goal of reaching $100,00 to help Manning pay for basic living expenses upon her arrival home on May 17.


It seems to me that one is not out of jail until one is out of jail, and that El Twittler has a less than Constitutional approach to good manners and civil liberties in the USA


What Chelsea has done for us and what she has been subjected to for telling the truth is just unconscionable, we owe her a debt of gratitude.

Chelsea was sent to prison for the bogus charge of " JEOPARDIZING NATIONAL SECURITY" !

What a crock of B.S.!

We know the real reason was she embarrassed the hell out what was being done in our names and her incarceration was purely for political reasons. The only security she jeopardized was the military's!

Please send her a donation.


There are many, may people out there who do not understand what Chelsea has done for the well being of the country. I think she will definitely need body guards, not only bc of the lack of knowledge and understanding, but bc she is Trans, which a lot of people respond to with violence against such folks, many who are angry that she requested (received?) medical attention in relation to transition while in prison, that is, on the taxpayers' dollars.


Why May? Why not this afternoon? Does anyone have any information on this?


Don't even think about it, just cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Why May? To make Obama look good whilst knowing full well that his generosity will be trumped by a heavy card.


Correction to article . .

Manning was not an "Army intelligence officer"

Great news, though - reminds me to send more $


I doubt that the bulk of the people in this country are sitting around talking about this person.