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'Done Playing by the Rules,' 20 Sunrise Activists Arrested at Capitol Protest Demanding Lawmakers Back Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/done-playing-rules-20-sunrise-activists-arrested-capitol-protest-demanding-lawmakers


YOU are the future, young people! Continue to have and grow the courage that the older generations EMBARRASSINGLY lack!!!


Impressive. My generation was like these kids (in the 60’s) and I’m so proud to see them. My generation spans from ‘44 to ‘58 and then for some unholy reason, from ‘58 to ‘72 we got the whole “YuppieScum” era. Reagunites. Neo everything. Wars for profit. Sweat shops for fashion. Money and good taste replace ethics and altruism.
And somehow that icky generation spawned these amazing children. You go kids. Us old rickety grannies support you all the way.


But we should be out there with them, and many of us are not.

That spread is weird. From the baby boom wiki:
The generation is most often defined as individuals born between 1946 and 1964, during the post–World War II baby boom

This definition includes me


I know the prospect of getting arrested can be a serious disincentive for people contemplating protests like this. (Does the arrest record of minors get scrubbed – so that it doesn’t mess up job interviews?) When I’ve attended such actions, there’s explicit direction to those who want to get arrested to go stand over there. But please step carefully around the landscaping. A somewhat choreographed feeling, to speak frankly. To the point where some attendees might wonder if we’re really breaking the rules, or merely turning the page to consult further rules on how to politely get arrested in an orderly manner.

People like me who actually attend protests aren’t supposed to say things like this about what it feels like from the inside. We’re supposed to stay forever energized and motivated by all the positivity.


And Greta Thunberg was the catalyst.


Your dates are correct, Jessejeans information dates are way off.

It’s a shame that Sen. Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t stand with those arrested and allow themselves to be taken to jail as well.

If Democrats are going to talk the talk, they’re not going to be taken as serious if they refuse to walk in step with those who put it all on the line.


Why should the Senators NOT take up the fight for a sustainable environment?? They are being PAID to “serve their constituents”, aren’t they??
PERHAPS THEY should be going to jail instead of the protesters, for letting the American people down on a VERY serious issue!!


Yeah, I’ve been saying for some time that if the Democrats want the masses on their side, they must start putting themselves, the Representatives and Senators demanding actions, as during the Impeachment trial when 52 corrupt Republican Senators made a decision for 330 million of us to allow a criminal president to stay in office.

I don’t know about you, but I would think that our “supposed political representatives” would make strong objections to corrupt actions of corrupt politicians.


Unless you’d like to see your face blue, don’t hold your breath, PB.

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In my little corner in Northern Vermont we will strike with our youth from April 22-24.

It is my fondest hope they finally become radicalized and succeed where my generation failed to do in the 60’s.


We can change that so get some neighbors and friends out there and #Strikewithus.

Earth Days Action from April 22 to 24.


That’ll be a good way to get people use to getting out in the streets. I think it will be needed for other issues before too long also


Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.


I don’t think the Dem ‘leadership’ wants masses on their side or anywhere else. I think they would prefer that everyone go back to sleep or feel that it’s hopeless so they don’t get off the couch, so everything can go back to ‘normal’ for them.

Bernie on the other hand…


Rashida Tlaib was arrested just the other day.


Hi Pony Boy------well—I think we are getting ever closer to a repeat of NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! : )

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Waiting with bated breath to read what David Carson will put into words most of us are afraid to say,

I wonder if the corporations told their whores in the Senate to have these children arrested?