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Donna Brazile Needs to Leave the DNC—Right Now


Donna Brazile Needs to Leave the DNC—Right Now

Tom Gallagher

The race to head the Democratic National Committee is on. The decision of both outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his presumptive successor Chuck Schumer to endorse the candidacy of Rep. Keith Ellison – one of the few members of Congress to support the candidacy of Bernie Sanders – is a clear sign of mainstream Democrats reading the future’s handwriting on the wall: Sanders received 70 percent of the under-thirty primary vote. The continuing presence of Donna Brazile as DNC Chair, however, does not.


I'm with Zach!


Tom, Really ? The most dangerous demagogue ? Have you become part of the MSM. Do you get it yet ? People are fed up with the neocon establishment and their lies and HRC represents the worst of them.


I was living in Minneapolis when Keith Ellison first ran for Congress, and voted for him, thinking that, even in mostly liberal Minneapolis, he was a real long shot. I mean, he was a real Muslim, not just a Breitbart one like Obama. Of course, he was elected and has been returning ever since.

I don't know if electing Ellison to run the DNC will save the nation or not, but it would certainly be a step in the right direction. As a member of the progressive caucus, he hasn't been shy about taking real progressive positions, even to endorsing Sanders early on. Frankly, I don't know if he vocally went over to Clinton after the primaries, but I think that Democrats could do worse than electing him to head the DNC.

I think that when they finally get around to replacing Brazile, their choice should tell us once and for all if the humiliating defeat of the Clinton Machine has taught them anything or not.


The new mantra against Ellison (articulated by Dean, Axelrod and others) now seems to be that heading the DNC is a full time job, so Ellison can't do it while still a sitting congressman. Of course, this wasn't a concern when Debra Wasserman Schultz was head and simultaneously a congresswoman from Florida. It seems obviously contrived to ensure that Ellison, who was strongly pro-Bernie and has his endorsement, and is a Muslim and has expressed support for the Palestinians, does not gain control of the DNC to ensure it doesn't thwart Bernie's agenda.

Not a good sign for real progressive reform of the Democratic Party (including on foreign policy).


Getting daily scripts from K Street, DWS didn't need to spend as much time on her DNC Chairperson role as Ellsion will need to spend.


I'll take a part-time person working to move us in the right direction over a someone working fulltime to move us in the wrong direction.


Meaning, the more hours you spend at it, the more cash you can shake out of your corporate patrons.


Among all of those Podesta Emails as leaked by Wikileaks is letters referring to dinners hosted by Podesta for dozens and more journalists from the various mainstream media outlets from the New York Times to CNN , from the Washington Post to MSNBC. It was also revealed, as example, that prior to his interview of Donald Trump, Wolf Blitzer consulted with the DNC and was advised on questions to ask.

The intent of all of this was to work with that Media to get out the DNC message on the behalf of one Hilary Rodman Clinton. She was the establishment candidate and the mainstream media is a bedrock of that establishment.

If one reads the various letters to the editor on the Internet after one of these outlets released an opinion piece, one can read a whole pile of people that are simply disgusted with that media. Indeed as usual the NYT released another of its apologies that was not really an apology even as CNN released editorial peices indicating that "they have to do better". They then complain about WHERE the people now getting their news from.

Given that absolute distrust of the people for the Media and the DNC and in fact all things that reek of the Establishment , if the DNV does not make a concerted effort to expunge itself of that old guard and the sleazy Corporate operatives that are running the show anything less will be seen as just more of the same and will do nothing to open that party to Progressive Politics. In other words if the MSM is onboard with proposed changes one best be suspicious as another con is likley being worked.



Just noticed the following typos:

"Ellison’s candidacy ... some of the corridors of power, in itself it does NOT guarantee any meaningful change at the DNC.”

“... can hardly be expected to shift toward an explicit identification with the interests and struggles of the nation’s working class without an immense AMOUNT of external prodding"


Howard Dean needs to RECUSE himself NOW. Anyone connected with endorsing WALL STREET HILLARY needs to be purged from DNC leadership consideration. As for all those rank and file dem politicians who supported Hillary, they need to be told to get the hell out of the Democratic party and not be allowed back in until they have a COME-TO-JESUS moment and swear to detatch themselves from the corporate tit. And if they do, then monitor them so they STAY AWAY from that tit.


Removing Brazile is not nearly enough!
The whole DNC needs to be revised, renewed and reorganized for the Democratic Party to gain credibility and trust of the people, whom it is supposed to represent.


Sorry, my previous post was not meant as a reply to you, but as free standing.

This one however is an endorsement of yours.
Howard Dean, after founding the DFA, he betrayed the progressive cause, which the DFA was support to serve, by coauthoring an email with Hillary Clinton, endorsing her and thereby trying to derail the integrity of the survey to establish whom the DFA should support for the nomination.
We cannot allow him to change his coat, whenever the direction of the wind changes.


She needs to get out of the way so we can build something.


Well, removing Brazile sounds like a good start. What about the rest of the people obviously involved in the HRC collusion?

This was not just a 1 or 2 person event. Support for Clinton and the collusion became a clear majority within the party. How deep can the Dems stand to cut, and what sort of principle can guide the knife?


You are right. The whole primary set up needs to be modified and super delegates eliminated. Also no more coin tosses.
The Democratic Party needs to regain the trust of the American people. They need to be democratic and not a dictatorship with candidates chosen by TPTB.


So, you need someone to run the DNC huh, well how about Dennis Kucinich, or Russ Feingold?


I refuse to support fake Democrats from now onward. That includes Dean, Brazile and the rest.


It's too late for that Tom,

Many of us are bitter from all the dishonesty of the DNC primary fraud giving non-counted provisional ballots to Sanders voters and will not ever return.


If I recall correctly, Brazile was more or less fired from CNN. She had not simply resigned...more like quit because she had not choice.