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Donnie is a Trumpist, not a Populist


Donnie is a Trumpist, not a Populist

Jim Hightower

To many hard-working people, this is a time of economic uncertainty. Thus, it is important to point out that America's superrich are intentionally and brazenly knocking down the middle class and poor to further enrich themselves. They are aided by clueless, corrupt politicians who don't care about the future of ordinary Americans or of America itself. In these hard times, along comes Donald J.


Trump supporters forgot to feed Toto; for them, the curtain remains drawn...


I think many of the working class people who support Trump are either white supremacists, or single issue gun show types who support the NRA and pro-life advocates. Regardless of economics they are going to vote for Trump. It is working class people who do not fall into any of those three categories who really should pay attention to what Hightower is saying. But those in coal mining country probably see more jobs by voting for Trump since he wants to increase using coal for energy. It is probably many people in the Rust Belt in regions where factories have left that have the most difficult choice to make. They appear to have given up on Democrats. Yet at Hightower argues Trump really does not offer them anything. In the New York Times today Clinton in an op-ed has explained her plan to help these people. It remains to be seen whether or not they buy what she is saying.


thanx to a true populist for the people - Jim HIghtower, a Bernie supporter! always speaks truth to power, always has, always will.


No, they are "low education voters" is what they are.


Trump and dead Syrian babies - Check.
Trump and Nazis - Check
Trump and Climate Change denial - Check
Trump and faux-populism - Check

Gosh, reading CD you'd think Trump was running unopposed.

Let's see, there's Trump and Stein and Johnson and..

what's her name?

That one all the neocons are salivating over?

It's right on the tip of my tongue...


CD seems to have joined NY Times, Slate, Wapo, etc. warning us of The Trumpocalyse!!


Good link - even a bit humorous, although I've already seen some of his satire presented as actual arguments against Trump.

When even CD is trying to tie Trump to a drowned refugee baby, to support the candidate who helped create the refugees in the first place, a little humor is appreciated.

Never thought I'd see that level of propaganda on CD.


Trump’s domestic proposals are a problem, but Jill Stein is correct in saying that he will not get anything past the Congress, while Hillary will put through a disastrous domestic agenda, including social security cuts. But the real issue is foreign policy, and on this, Trump is to the left of Clinton and her neocon agenda:

-- Trump proposes working with NATO to reduce terrorism. Clinton will use NATO as an anti-Russian threat; Trump sees it as a means to fight terrorist groups, not Russia.

-- Trump proposes to find common ground with Russia in the fight against ISIS. Clinton continues to promote regime change in Syria through a no-fly zone aimed at forcing Russia to put boots on the ground; Trump wants to ally with Russia to actually fight ISIS.

-- Trump proposes to end the “era of nation-building,” also known as regime change and imperialism Clinton is fully onboard with the neocon agenda of regime change; Trump has alienated the neocons because he rejects their Full Spectrum Dominance model that requires regime change wars.

-- Trump proposes to call for an international conference to address ending terrorism by focusing on intelligence sharing, cyberwarfare to disrupt the terrorist group’s recruiting abilities, and cutting off the group’s funding. Clinton’s strategy for ending terrorism involves regime change wars, no-fly zones, and arming certain terrorist groups to fight others; Trump wants to enhance non-lethal methods.

-- Trump opposes arming Ukraine, which would escalate tensions with Russia, and he refused to meet with the illegal president of the Ukraine at the UN. Clinton’s neocon appointees in the State Dept. were involved in the illegal coup in Ukraine and continue to support its neo-nazi leaders; Trump opposes arming the usurpers and has inserted a plank in the Republican Platform prohibiting sending lethal arms to the Ukraine.

-- Trump opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). After supporting TPP, Clinton claimed to be against it “in its current form,” but she made sure it was kept in the Democratic Platform and she will likely pass it if Obama doesn’t do that first; Trump opposes this trade agreement.


good grief what a load of bs, you russian apologist


Today on Democracy Now, they talked quite a bit about the horror of the refugee crisis, greatest since ww2. They mention Donald's son's skittle analogy to the guests, but not one word about the cause of the crisis. Nothing about Clinton's action as SOS, so that seems unfair to me.


Jesus, not Democracy Now too. Is Amy looking for a spot on NPR?


I think it's about fear, and once people get really afraid, it just runs away on them. There's plenty of fear on both sides, tailor-made for each, just how the oligarchs like it. imo, once people get past the fear and become informed, they will not be afraid, and will vote Green.



Anyone who has ever believed that the Drumph is a populist obviously hasn't been paying attention. He's an egomaniac, a racist and a xenophobe, and a homely pig dressed like a man.


Trump is a liar and a cheat, pure and simple.


Because before, when it matched my beliefs, I didn't see it.

Now, suddenly, there it is.


Clinton had nothing to do with the Syrian war and refugee crisis - except that, unlike Trump, she encourages the US accepting more refugees.

You may find this hard to believe, but the USA is not behind every instance of violence and strife in the world.


He will fill the White House with fascists, and the majority of the rabid tea-party House will be behind him too - not to mention a couple fascists in the Supreme Court

But still the Evil Killary-Shillary-She-Devil, who is responsible for all that is bad in the world is much worse!


Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath