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Donnie's Little Lies are Huuuuuge


Donnie's Little Lies are Huuuuuge

Jim Hightower

An old saying asserts that falsehoods come in three escalating levels: "Lies, damn lies, and statistics." Now, however, we've been given an even-higher level of intentional deception: Policy speeches by Donald Trump.


Troglodytes for Trump won't be reading the prospectus. Their mantra is "buy, buy, buy!"


Thanks for conforming that their really is no difference between Clinton and Trump, Jim.

Please try writing about somebody we WANT to vote for.

Vote Green in 16 !


I am sure working class people who support Trump are well aware that Trump's economic plans favor the rich. But I don't think they care. Although it often appears that economics is important in this contest with both Clinton and Trump pitching there speeches to the working class it really seems to be more about identity politics. It is more about the wall and the ban on Muslims entering the US vs stronger together. It is a referendum on the changes in this country from a largely white country to a country where less than half the population will be white. Trump exploits fears of crime and terrorism as a cover for excluding minorities. To Trump supporters Clinton is represents an extreme threat of welcoming even more minorities and giving citizenship status to those who entered the country illegally. To Trump supporters Clinton wants to destroy their vision of this country.


Trump is a con-man and a joke.
He should be shown the same amount of respect that all con-men and jokes are shown.

As for Hillary?
She's the same plutocratic faker that Trump is.


She might be just be as bad or worse because she is trying to amp up Fear of Trump to give herself a landslide win so to be able to claim to have a "mandate" so she can, once sworn in, march us off to the war of her choice and show that she has the femi-balls to stand up to Putin and do completely unnecessary nuclear saber rattling.

She seems closer to "normal" than Trump. The only thing that stands out about her in pictures and video clips are her angry eyes whereas it is seemingly impossible for anyone to take a picture of Trump without catching him in some weird body posture or stupid facial expression. Him you can make fun of; he's a living caracature, HRC has to have news announcers explain that she is using "humor" on those rare occasions when she does try.

Trump is back to listening to his advisors and made a pretty smart spiel to African Americans, saying quite truthfully that Democrats have been taking their votes for granted for decades. He is asking (well, I'm his case. It's never just "asking") blacks to help him dump the Dem Clintons and promises that things will get better for them if they help Trump get the old corrupt crooks out of there and he'll go in and be a better head of a better class of crooks.


Remember, a majority of the working poor have swallowed the "land of opportunity" Kool-Aid and don't care because they foolishly think one day they'll be rich too...just as soon as we get rid of all the foreigners who are blocking the road to prosperity by taking all their high-paying fruit-picking jobs away. So screw everybody else. Also, most are now the product of 30 years of republican destruction of the education system and no longer have the intellectual tools to see behind the curtain.


Politifact says that out of every 100 statements that Trump makes, 4 are completely true.


This is a nonsensical Koch Brothers' funded think tank Talking Point.

If it were true, there'd be no need for all that good, old-fashioned Klan-style nativism, tribalism, and machismo. Like the Shock Jocks of right wing Hate Radio, THAT is what Trump delivers as he does what many corrupt Gemini individuals can do: Speak out of both sides of his mouth and believe his own duplicity.

A populist? The one who ripped off desperate people who thought if they attended "Trump" University they could do what he does? He wants to LOWER wages and not guarantee any minimums. There are lots of lawsuits from employees he never paid or fairly compensated, too.

Many angry white guys want to BE Trump, the rich guy who doesn't have to give a shit about anyone but himself... and parades around with a trophy wife and obedient offspring.

Given that C.D. did a survey which showed a majority of female readers and a majority of Clinton supporters, what accounts for the FACT that those who show up here daily to create their own manufactured consensuses generally appear to like and support Trump? I think some from this group pretend to back Jill Stein since they know that tactic will take votes from Mrs. Clinton and result in a Trump win.

I am more concerned with the puppet masters who prop up a system that essentially limits choice to the point that it's non-existent.

But too many who are available during workday hours seem fine in just speaking to the horse race, the election as duopoly sporting event, or The People Magazine level of superficial celebrity gossip and "analyses" of Presidential personalities.

What all of the above hold in common is keeping the nature of the Deep State and its controls invisible.

That's why so many like to say it's the voters choice. By focusing on the powerless end of the Control Spectrum, they make sure that not enough people understand who's really running the show.


So the true culprit is the complacent media just letting all these politicians (Trump is a politician now) say whatever without there on the spot calling out their lies. These people media entertainers representing the news should all have the facts at their finger tips as to all the policies past and present. I know they all pull down healthy salaries for what they are doing and all of us could do the same job without any degree in journalism. I know they are scared of their bosses and or been indoctrinated in what to say and what not to say if they want to keep their jobs.

So many things to fix to get a truly democratic society.


I was listening to Paul Craig Roberts state what I had previously said in this forum: that our nation is run by Big Banks, the Pentagon, Intelligence services, and an assortment of corporations.

Human beings do have inherent power but when there are systems in place--like the criminal "justice" system aimed (like live ammo.) at the Black Community, what can that People do?

What can Hispanics do when border guards show up and toss them into detainment camps?

What can low wage workers do when the elites own the politicians who pass policies relevant to minimum (and other) wages?

There is a system that has been co-opted and all of its checks and balances undermined. If the system was working in accordance with the SPIRIT of the law that generated it, then citizens would have redress.

I am not an advocate of violence as "solution." If anything, that response would usher in a more raw state of martial law. Right now that aspect is latent and aimed at particular communities most vehemently.

I do think people might find ways to connect and create massive sit down strikes across the board. If enough people were convinced of this strategy and brave enough to invoke it, THAT stopping of the wheels of the Matrix Machine might make a difference.

I also believe, as did Dr. King, that there ARE universal laws that accord with (or bend towards) justice and therefore those who are on the side of what is just. Since today's systems utterly reward the very rich (Piketty Study's findings), and totally discount the will of The People (Page and Gilens Study) while using all sorts of malfeasance, graft, and corruption (campaign financial quid pro quo, falsified election counts, etc.) to achieve their own preferred ends... the current systems are illegitimate.

Silent coups have taken place via the stroke of pens... not missiles.


I agree somewhat but it means that these voters are falling for the same crap of being diverted to social difference and policies while the economics of legalized vacuuming of taxpayers money is in fact the goal of corporations and banks. Can you imagine if all were to back away....As far as lies are concerned since 2008 financial derivative vacuum job proved how laws apply to those beneath while a pass is given to those above.....
My concern still centers around why hedge fund owners were given 'preferred creditor' status if any bank demands continuous bailouts from depositors and taxpayers-(to cover for derivative gambling)--? Lies again, as with the ISDS clauses in all these phony trade deals (see bilaterals.org), will be used to distract and divert funds and blame.
.The best example of how these rising sociopaths really think of people is to read up on all atrocities plaguing the citizens of Greece, Cyprus and now Ukrainians...All seen as simple pawns..


Yeah Jim, Trump is a shallow, pathological liar, narcissistic, thin-skinned rabble-rouser and corporate capitalist tool. The flip-side of this nauseating election is the DINO NeoLiberal war-monger, banker/wall street/corporate capitalist tool - Hillary Clinton.
It's infuriating how all the Dem DNC sheep politicians are jumping on the lesser-evil bandwagon to support the anointed Democrat - a display of hyper-partisan support for a candidate with a shallow, corrupt, ego-driven, blood-soaked record of support for war-crimes and destabilization/destruction and displacement of millions in the ME/NA - especially craven servitude to the racist Israeli state and their ethnic cleansing/illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories.
Pick your duopoly poison of Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dumb !

The alternative is to vote FOR something, as millions grasped with Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein represents, that will begin to turn and reverse the corruption and greed and violence from the top that has metastasized in our republic.....