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'Don't Agonize, Organize': Groups Urge Mass Mobilization to Thwart Trump-GOP Plot to Sow Chaos, Steal Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/dont-agonize-organize-groups-urge-mass-mobilization-thwart-trump-gop-plot-sow-chaos

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One solution, or effective action, would be to request that the UN monitor our elections.


You mean those people with their “black helicopters and plans for a global cabal run by the Rothchilds and George Soros”? Trump’s people would never accept a UN finding. Just look at Bolivia and Venezuela.

After reading this article along with the piece about Trump’s plan for a coup d’etat [“Trump Refuses to Commit …”] one would find it stunning if Trump both loses the election and then decides to actually leave the White House. The Democrats and the people better do something [such as taking to the streets in protest and going out on a general strike] and quickly since time is running out. Unfortunately counting on the hapless Democrats to ride to the rescue of the American people is probably an exercise in self-delusion.

…when the bully that stole your lunch money (the dems) asks you to help them because the bigger bully (the reps) have threatened to steal what was already stolen from you (a progressive) in the first place…



and when he gets SCOTUS to stop the counting and throw out the ballots–what is the plan then–anything short of a general strike -shutting down the system-and getting ready for the armed to the teeth right wing nut jobs will probably end with Trump president again


We can do this folks! Don’t let fear turn into despair! We have them in rear-guard mode! As long as we know what tricks to expect, we can counter them and win fairly!

If you are writing about a contested election, your readers deserve to hear more from @ShutDown_DC @FrontLineHRD @TheRedLineGuide and $ttp://protecttheresults.com.

Talk to @FlyingWithSara about what unions can do, too!

Your audience has agency if the worst happens.

I see… so to get involved in any resistance activities, you will need a Twitter account. Can’t the organizers see the danger and utter idiocy of this?

I guess any antifascist action in Germany the 1930s made sure to promote their activities in the Gestapo’s newsletters too, right?

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I’ve been donating to candidates in close Senate races and am voting early. You have to win the hard races to govern, and we need a large electoral and popular vote defeat to demonstrate Americans reject fascist flirting politicians. To me, those are concrete actions that really can make a difference versus online petitions, social media battling, or donating to scammy “leftist” organizations—they exist on the left as much as the right—that spend their time triggering more outrage donations.

The third scare-monger article on Commondreams suggesting a possible coup.

Biden supporters have to mobilize the progressive skeptics into voting for him because they know his policies do not stand up to scrutiny.

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Only the dream of a landslide turnout will suffice. The GOP wins on all other fronts.