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Don't Be 'Absurd,' Says Sanders in Response for Calls to Drop Revolutionary Bid


Don't Be 'Absurd,' Says Sanders in Response for Calls to Drop Revolutionary Bid

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Calls for him to drop out of the presidential race are "absurd," Bernie Sanders said Thursday, following reports that political heavy hitters including President Barack Obama are urging Democrats to rally around rival Hillary Clinton as the nominee.


Often I find, as the Stones sang, “my imagination running away with me” leads to odd combinations, this time the battle Bernie is fighting against overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable, odds, morphed into Harry at Agincourt & Will’s stirring words…I beg forgiveness…

This day is called the feast of Sandernista:
Those that outlive this day, and come safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
And rouse them at the name of Bernie-San.
Those that shall live these days, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast their neighbours,
And say ‘To-morrow is Sandernista day:’
Then will they strip their sleeves and show their scars.
And say ‘These wounds I had in Sanders’ time.’
The old forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But they’ll remember with advantages
What feats they did those days: then shall our names.
Familiar in their mouths as household words
Bernie the leader, Moyers and McKibben,
Chomsky and Reich, Hartmann and Hightower,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d.
This story shall the good ones teach their children;
And Sandernista day shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of sisters & brothers;
For those to-day that shed their blood for justice
Shall be my sister and brother; be they ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle their condition:
And those politically a-sleep
Shall think themselves accursed they were not with us,
And hold their honor cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us and Bernie-San once upon a time!

with apologies to William


If building a durable network for his “political revolution” is really his goal, then he’d better not throw his support to Clinton if he loses the nomination. That would be traitorous.


There is no reason for Bernie Sanders to drop out unless he cannot raise enough money to stay in and it appears raising enough money will not be a problem. Hillary Clinton stayed in until the end in 2008 even though she had little chance of winning despite winning quite a few states. If Sanders stays in and doesn’t win, it still will demonstrate to Democrats the strength of his support which should move the party more to the left.


What is absurd is the idea that Sanders might not get the chance to be elected because a corrupted primary system and overt manipulation by the media would rather risk the victory of fascistic republicans instead of allowing the people to choose whom they like. While those in the media may pretend to objectivity, they went too far in this election process and if ever the emperor has no clothes it is all too apparent that America’s media no longer believes in the objectivity of the press. They betray our freedoms and we will be the worst for it. Democracy dies by those thousand cuts as someone said.

How could it happen here? This betrayal of democratic principles by the press is in fact step one. If I hear from NPR flunkies one more time on how Americans are cynical and apathetic I’ll vomit. You can see how energized people became for democracy but it was strangled. So people will lose hope, lose faith in their institutions and will feel that it does no good to oppose what’s wrong.

We will all regret that.


My goodness, the DNC is certainly pulling out all the stops on its Primary Theater this time out. But after so many betrayals of the Left by Barack Obama, such theater is necessary, in order to funnel disaffected Democrats into HRC’s blood-soaked arms.

The point to remember is that Sanders has already promised to betray his supporters, and endorse his “good friend”, the Wall Street war criminal - with whom he disagrees, on most every domestic issue. Whether he does that this week, or at the convention, is quite beside the point.


“Staff and volunteers knew the map of primaries did not favor Sanders until after March 15. The campaign knew it would be a slog to eke out wins or avoid blowouts in states, where large numbers of delegates would be rewarded.”

I’m always amazed when the “as above, so below” equation works with such evident accuracy.

I went on record about 2 weeks ago explaining that the current emphasis on the sign of Pisces favors Mrs. Clinton while opposing (as in dynamically challenging) Mr. Sanders. In addition, the month-phase (February 19-March 20) that comes under the aegis of Pisces is typically rife with deception and foul play.

The cosmic mood shifts in 2 days when the sun enters Aries, sign of spring, for the equinox.

By May, Mr. Sanders has more working in his favor as conversely, Mrs. Clinton will not.

There are natural rhythms to things and cycles both apparent and covert that factor into the ultimate operation of mundane matters. No soul is immune to these influences.


Seldom does a day pass when some compromised poster doesn’t push the narrative that voters don’t care; that voters are sheeple; and/or that Americans just want to shop and watch T.V.

These indictments are inaccurate. They toss all citizens into one camp. And they take the spotlight off the media, the party political machines, the high stakes donor caste, and all the other machinations in place to close OUT what citizens really want!

Borrowed from Mr. Atcheson’s piece today, this is a study whose results I quote often. However, since those tasked with repeating lies often need to be countered often; here goes yet again:

"In the words of Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page—scholars who have done the most comprehensive study on the influence of money on the political process:

“When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy (emphasis added).”


Your argument, of course, leads to a Trump or a Cruz under the GUISE of propagating the Higher Moral Course.


When Gore was bushwhacked in Florida, he gracefully folded his tent and went home to his mansion. If that happens to Bernie, he’ll surprise people - lots of steel determination in him - he hasn’t come all this way, after all this time expousing his deeply held beliefs, to give up without a hard fight.


And your argument is half a sentence, I’ll answer the half you didn’t write; Democrats are a minor percent of voting age people and Hillary does not have the credentials to claim she is a lesser evil.


My reply to to Obama wanting dems to rally around HRC: " WHY WOULD YOU WANT BERNIE TO DROP OUT? THAT IS ABSURD! Especially, since 1. HRC could be indicted at any time. 2. Bernie beats Trump in almost every poll.3. Bernie has a good chance of beating HRC on the left coast. 4. And most of all, what is really absurd, is your party backing this most corrupt whore of a candidate over a man of integrity that is a real statesman that wants what is best for America!


This is precisely what causes real revolution! This is what Sen Sanders is trying to prevent by declaring a “political revolution.” When people find themselves in a system of gov’t which offers no hope, when they feel excluded from any say in the governmental system, when they feel overpowered by a government which they no longer respect then revolution becomes inevitable. The Establishment is making a huge mistake by attempting to plug the pressure relief valve that is political revolution as envisioned by Sen Sanders. Richard Nixon almost saw revolution during the Vietnam War days. The coming weeks will, I think, be a real moment of truth for American history. Bernie Sanders has the potential to lead us toward a new day of economic fairness, equality under the law, healthcare as a right and a new respect for human dignity for and by all while at the same time saving our country as a nation. One thing for certain though is we cannot continue on this accelerating path toward destruction for much longer. Maybe Nikita Kruschev was right all along!


Agreed. Between the DNC, bought out Dems and a corporate media that has blacked out Sanders’ campaign it’s hard to keep thinking we have a Democracy. Hillary and Trump represent everything we hate about the corrupt political parties. Sanders is trying to right the ship and he’s the one they go against. Tragic.


Sanders way outperformed expectations as he gas throughout the primaries. Silly talk that he should drop out. Let’s let this process play out.


Don’t stop Bernie. Go all the way to the convention. This country needs to see what the corrupt Republicans and Democrats have spawned in Trump and Clinton. So many lies.
I think Bernie still has a chance, but if not at least he’s showing the world that half the people in this country are paying attention and don’t approve of the corporate coup they have built.
Bernie is a light in the darkness this country has been living through. I can’t believe all of us wouldn’t choose him over the other two but some have just given up hope after Obama’s betrayal. If Trump wins we know who to thank.
Clinton is a lousy candidate, too much baggage and neocon decisions and they want to vet Trump? They should have vetted her.


You do like to quote what people have just finished reading a lot. It just adds more reading to slog through for people who read a lot.

Secondly, an intelligent person should be able to distinguish when the word we means the rhetorical or the collective. We the people is a prime example. When someone says we are a progressive website when talking about CD that doesn’t mean that we don’t also have our share of trolls and shills and reactionary tourists stopping by. The word we is not meant to be so literal. You object to its use but as someone points out you don’t apply that same standard to your own generalizations about ‘them’.

You waste too much energy in these superfluous ways and worse you elicit responses that are not germane to say the least. Even discussing the ‘we’ problem is always off topic btw.

That said… I agree that too many posters like to see themselves as superior by thinking of others ars sheeple. They do resort to such generalities and think themselves awesome when doing so. To my mind such simplicities and broad generalities immediately characterize the speaker as a lightweight who thinks hyperbole helps make an argument.

But so what to all of it! In the end people are speaking their minds even when using generalities or hyperbole and all the other imperfections (like some guy who says we and some woman who says them). It is the spirit behind the words that matter. It is the content however flawed in style or execution.

It is that we talk about them because nobody else does and everybody knows what we are talking about when we do… Including you.



Someone should remind Slick Oily and the Queen of Chaos, that if Bernie’s contributors were to start donating to Hillary’s campaign, all of those $27 checks would be returned to them from Hillary’s campaign staff marked, insufficient funds! She only accepts four digit donations! Besides, those donations won’t help her one damn bit when she’s indicted!


Thanks for the “concern”.

Now how about Hillary actually win the delegates needed for the nomination?

This is not a coronation.

And Hillary has won big outside of the south in exactly one state.


I think that one reason Bernie will not drop out is because of his age.
As far as running for president, a younger person can come back and run four years from now.
With Sanders, it’s now or never.