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'Don't Be Evil?': Outrage Over Google's Secret Program to Bolster Pentagon's Drone War

'Don't Be Evil?': Outrage Over Google's Secret Program to Bolster Pentagon's Drone War

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Human rights advocates, tech experts, and critics of the United States' drone vast drone warfare program are outraged over the Google's secret agreement with the Pentagon—revealed in a pair of reports by Gizmodo and The Intercept—to develop artificial intelligence, or AI, that quickly analyzes drone f

Boycott Google.

Do The Right Thing!


AI killing technology is already embraced by that wonderful Free Market we keep worshipping

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Google execs often talk of working on an AI ‘Kill Switch’. Perhaps this talk is to justify Google’s support for AI drone targeting/mass slaughter, such as the NSA’s SKYNET program ( https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/21/death-from-above-nia-csa-skynet-algorithm-drones-pakistan ).

I would not set expectations too high for a company that collects personal data and sells it to advertisers and makes almost all of its money from advertising. A lot has changed since Page and Brin left Stanford.


"The little (search) engine that could."
Run the world.

From “Don’t Be Evil”

To “Just Do It”

Nice to see this published.

Google is a for-profit entity. They collect users’ data and sell it. Mostly that’s to advertisers, but of course it is also to governments or other entities when these pay. They also weed through search results that they do not wish users to see, for whatever reason, and hide them. Of course, this is a service for which they may charge any entity with enough money or influence to make it worth their time and enough public relation difficulty to make it tempting.

Stay away.

For the moment, https://duckduckgo.com/ appears a reasonable alternative, though that may change at some point. There really is a dodgy game to be played here. We have to move away from services that betray us, and that is apt to be one and another company for a good while, since the bribes will be substantial.

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Not to rationalize too much but what part of our modern life in amurika isn’t used for evil in some shape or form? Is it wrong? Yes. Can we change it? Probably not.

Nothing has changed since Hitler and Stalin attempted to control with data that was always one step larger than possible for humans to analyze…

Now we have Google attempting with all its techno wizardry to accomplish the evil Stalin and Hitler could not do seventy-five years ago.

Evolution is accelerating and the dark forces of Google seek vainly to control it for profit. Biological evolution began when the first quarks precipitated out of cooling primordial plasma and immediately began a mating frenzy that continues to this day. Evil for profit is not new to Google, many have signed up with the devil for the opportunity of easy wealth; Google is simply a new-comer in this ugly game.

Google staff will learn the same lesson as the egomaniacs that polluted to send a car into orbit. There are old stories about attempting to regain a soul sold to the devil, not a happy ending.

From Caitlin Johnstone’s latest:

A Google spokesperson reportedly told Gizmodo that the innovations it is bringing to the Defense Department’s Project Maven are “for non-offensive uses only,” which is kind of like saying the beer kegs you delivered to the frat house are for “non-intoxicating use only.”