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"Don't Be Evil, Unless It's Worth Untold New Riches": Whistleblower Reveals Google Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China


"Don't Be Evil, Unless It's Worth Untold New Riches": Whistleblower Reveals Google Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move human rights groups are warning could have grave implications for internet freedom across the globe, Google is reportedly preparing to launch a "censored version" of its search engine in China that will automatically blacklist terms and websites related to peaceful dissent, free expression, and democracy.


What do you expect from a company that sells large volumes of personal data to advertisers to make a buck. Google sold out years ago when it permitted ads on its site. It went down a slippery slope and apparently has not yet hit bottom. But it is getting there. Maybe it is time for more people to switch to DuckDuckGo for searches to make a statement.


All these things are practically moot. The planet is heating up at an alarming rate. Who gives a hoot about googhoul. Or the other rip off companies.


This is more worrying than googhoul.


I clash with you all the time. But you and I agree on this.


Good suggestion, but not a total fix. I switched to DuckDuckGo, and still see ads about anything I search, thanks to my service provider AT&T.


I’ve come to the conclusion that for the rich, money is truly a sickness, probably worse than addiction to the worst drugs. No matter how much they have, when it comes to money, the rich lose all sense of morality and humanity.


DuckDuckGo has to have a source of income. It is the ads that are linked to searches. But it doesn’t collect personal data and sell it. So there is no loss of privacy as there is with Google which collects all the data.


or ecosia, they claim to plant trees. Microsoft, google, facebook and amazon are sucking the oxygen out of the tech sector. probably a good time to stop patronizing them. then there is AI or as I like to call it more bullshit or more on off switches. the tech advancement has pretty much reached it’s useful limits. when the machines start “thinking” for themselves the risks get much higher.
when “you” are the product without your consent it’s time to go(:slight_smile:


Does Chinese government censorship leave Chinese people more or less ignorant than people in the U.S. laboring under corporate propaganda and censorship?


What’s in order is a massive hacking and denial of service campaign directed against China. What’s really too bad is that no one has the guts to put low earth satellites in orbit to try and beam internet signals directly into China and make them try to shoot the satellites down. Destroy the Great Firewall!


Of course, it’s true that we labor under exactly the same propaganda distortions except most Westerners aren’t aware of it.


And Google censorship is alive and well in the USA. We compared Google search results to many alternative search engine results. See this page, that shows the results and proof - Google is suppressing and manipulating search results, and cheating their users!