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Don't Be Fooled by Sinclair's Shell Games


Don't Be Fooled by Sinclair's Shell Games

Dana Floberg

But even those minimal sacrifices come with some major caveats. Sinclair’s proposed “divestitures” look like nothing more than the same old shell games.

Let’s break it down:

Shell games on a national scale


One of the most disturbing things about this Administration is the blatantly obvious fact that all of Trump’s appointed Department heads and Commissioners think that they have the right to remake their agencies to suit their personal Ideologies. They can, and are, doing irreparable damage to a whole range of protections and regulations that have evolved over time for the good of the Public.

This is occurring swiftly, with little media attention and no Congressional oversight, by people who are unelected, and therefore do not answer to the Public. The only check on their powers is Trump himself, who seemingly delegates as much as he possibly can.


I live in Eugene, OR where Sinclair Owns “three” stations but actually control the CBS, NBC, Fox (UHF) and CW affiliates here. Over-the-Air, they also control the sub-digital stations that conversion allowed. That leave the ABC and PBS affiliates in one community that they don’t control. Their goal is to control local news towards the right-wing bent as Fox has done to cable news. The local stations, as well as the Portland stations, fight it as best they can but at some point the good people just get worn down and leave. Good luck but can we enforce the fairness doctrine and one owner per station…


The goal is to control our thinking. As in 1984.


From Woody Allen’s 1973 movie “Sleeper” the greeting card poet Luna said in that year 2173 about guerilla rebels, “We have everything we need, the orgasmatron, the orb, self-driving cars, plenty of food. What more could they want?” Ragtime jazz and choreographed vaudevillian antics?


I realize. I was being rhetorical…some day maybe.