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'Don't Be Fooled': Economists Warn Against Deceptive Trump Spin on New GDP Figures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/dont-be-fooled-economists-warn-against-deceptive-trump-spin-new-gdp-figures

It seems highly likely that when Trump loses McConnell will not allow any stimulus spending as long as he is in charge. We are going to have a very long, very cold winter no matter what the weather does.

Don’t count on the MSM and “business insider” outlets to report it this way. To them all the matters is the stock market as they have completely divorced themselves from the realities most folks are facing.

Another thing that isn’t making the news much is how inflation is creeping up at a time when most common folks are hurting financially. Everything from food to lumber to steel products are more expensive now thanks to trump’s tariffs and the miserable way he has handled this pandemic, and the economy in general.

What we really need now is a federal jobs program, specifically building a green infrastructure such as rooftop solar and high speed electric rail using green sourced electricity. It’s shameful that many Asian and European countries have high speed rail and we still have pollution causing commercial jets and old fashioned diesel burning train engines.

Profits above people.
“Economy” over life.