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Don't Be Fooled, McKibben Says. On Climate, Trudeau's No Better Than Trump


Don't Be Fooled, McKibben Says. On Climate, Trudeau's No Better Than Trump.

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Environmentalist Bill McKibben is sick of people glossing over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate record just because he's nice to look at.

To be sure, McKibben writes in a Guardian op-ed published Monday, Trudeau has "mastered so beautifully the politics of inclusion: compassionate to immigrants, insistent on including women at every level of government."


Canada is more insulated (no pun intended) from the ever growing effects of climate change than most any other nation. And that is before the tar sands loons kick in.


NO country is insulated from the effects of climate change, as reflected in the vanishing and disease-riddled forests choking from beetle infestations and pollution (acid rain, for example). Take a look at the wholesale environmental devastation from tar sands extraction operations throughout Alberta (and projected to expand across Canada to the north and east): The True Cost of Oil (documentary by Garth Lentz

And one of the first orders of business conducted by JT was to applaud the project and expand oil pipeline construction. A shape-shifter of the worst kind....


Thank you for the link ... and for what?? profligate economics of a form of narcissistic anarchy based on a psychotic colonization of the human imagination.


Oil well leaking out of control on Arctic Alaska North Slope

Not if but when


Not only is he terrible on the environment, he's pro-war.


All I needed to know about Trudeau came from the way he kissed Trump's ass when he was in DC in February, and how ecstatic he is that Keystone XL is back on the table...


Yup - Trudeau is a creepy right-wing extremist on many issues.
The truth does hurt.