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Don't Be Fooled: New Bipartisan AUMF Greenlights Endless War


Don't Be Fooled: New Bipartisan AUMF Greenlights Endless War

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Amid a dearth of congressional debate, and fresh announcements of more troop deployments to Iraq, a group of bipartisan lawmakers is pushing yet another piece of legislation authorizing open-ended and geographically-limitless war against the Islamic State or ISIL.


One thing I always find as strange as while many that claim to be “democrats” were open to the idea that GW Bush and his administration conspired to create this fiction called Al Queda , WMDS in Iraq and threats to “our way of life” from Islamic Fundamentlaists abroad so as to further cement State power and to advance the Agenda outlined in the PNAC documents , they are not open to the notion that ISIS just more of the same under a Democratic President.

The partisan mind , much like the Patriot , tends to be unable to think critically.


Record each vote from the Dems side, including remarks on the floor any all official actions/motions. Post them everywhere, especially, though, in what are called safe Dem districts. Time to separate, once again, the wheat from the chaff.


During the Dubya Regime many Democrats and independents complained that Dubyabots ignored evidence, basing their decisions on faith, thereby voting against their own best interests.

Seven years of brand Obama and the Obama Regime have confirmed that Obamabots are no different than Dubyabots.

Outlawing political parties and organized religion would solve a majority of the world’s problems.


And the tragic comedy of satiating the MIC continues. Fear and lothing rule the day. Our planet is very sick and we squabble among our selves for wealth and power. Whoever coined rhe phrase Homo Sapiens was full of shit.


Sometimes they like to vote in secret for obvious reasons. This might be one of those times.


I am not fooled but many are since they operate on the partisan two party political system. The two parties always agree when it comes to power, war and giving themselves favors. they just disagree on social issues like gay marriage and abortion pills, and transgender stuff to get the public to fight. This way they can get all their pet projects of war and power through congress.


Do the Chinese have a similar policy? One hopes not.


Is that America’s aim?
Perpetual war,
Is that the new name of the game?
The armaments industry
Camped in the halls of power,
Procurement, procurement,
Hour after hour…"
From: rhymeafterrhyme.net "Americas Humpty Dumpty Foreign Policy


American wars work on the survivors, but they often don’t work in the way that we want.

The U.S. inherited about half a million messed-up vets.

Congress also inherited an $18 trillion debt. Cambodia ended because the American government felt that it couldn’t borrow any more money, not without paying sky-high interest rates on the debt. Iraq is ending that way now. We don’t care what kind of nuts get in power as long as our own financial hemorrhage stops.

We killed 2 million farmers in Vietnam, for nothing. We killed 1.3 million people in Iraq. No numbers on Afghanistan.