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Don't Be Fooled. The Corporate Elites Are Gaslighting You Once Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/dont-be-fooled-corporate-elites-are-gaslighting-you-once-again


Telling it like it is.


Each new piece Hedges writes seems to be getting scarier and scarier. The problem is that it is the truth. until at the very LEAST we can diminish the economic inequality in this country (the richest in the history of the world, I am often reminded) this bullshit will continue to manifest itself in racism, authoritarian police depts., increased prison populations and a continuing downward spiral toward third worldism. I am not very confidant that at this point in this country that positive change is possible without some kind of violent upheaval.


Workers unite!


Yes, Mr. Hedges, quite true, however this is not 1994 any more. There is a liberal wind that has been blowing our way for quite a few years now. The conservative Biden knows which way the political winds are blowing and is willing to move us in a better direction. Will we then have a liberal utopia? Of course not, but in time, when most are living in Antarctica, etc., some things will be better.

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Corporate predatory institutionalized powers have been doing their damnedest to twist cooperative and communitarian/community mutual support concepts into demonized pretzels like “socialism” essentially 'gas lighting/ dog whistling "NO-YOU-CANNOT-NAME-YOUR-EFFORTS-YOURSELF, BECAUSE-WE-WILL-NOT-THEN-BE-ABLE-TO-DAMN-YOU-TO-OUR-USES¨ for eons. To hell with that, let THEM twist in the wind and screw their vocabulary list. That is all that it is. The critiques by Marx have proven smack on. Is his a “system”? I could not care less - the argument is IRRELEVANT!!! I have not only the right but the RESPONSIBILITY to love, engage and work with my community, my neighbors. Why? As the Maya note in their greeting In Lak’he - I am another yourself. Or the beloved “Ububtu”- I am because you are.

This ain’t rocket science folks.

Some cooperative resources to share:

Community Wealth. org: overview of concepts

USDA Cooperative Programs – Become familiar with what can be accessed, such as electric cooperatives and much, much more

The ILO. org – international level legislative and social justice

Public Banking Institute. org

Community networks – municipal internet projects around the country

and so many more … simply a turning of attention


Chris Hedges tells the hard truths behind the lies, propaganda and feel-good deceit pablum we are being fed by the PTB - sold lie the narrative of lies by the usual methods and players. We are dominated by the power of wealth and power with no place for any other way - by police and “law-enforcement” as a business, by foreign wars and arms industry as a business, by corruption of politics and “elections” by wealth to serve a small minority, with racism and violence underlying all.

Police unions, often little more than white hate groups, continue to have the unassailable power to brush aside would-be reformers, including community review boards, mayors and police chiefs. These unions generously bankroll the campaigns of elected officials, including public prosecutors, who do their bidding”

most Black politicians groomed by the Democratic Party and out of touch with the daily humiliation, stress of economic misery and suffering that defines the lives of many of the protesters”

elites have no intention of instituting anything more than cosmetic change. They refuse to ask the questions that matter because they do not want to hear the answers. They are systems managers”

"The crisis we face is not, as the ruling elites want us to believe, limited to police violence." - " The problem is an economic and political system that has by design created a nation of serfs and obscenely rich masters. The problem is deindustrialization, offshoring of manufacturing, automation and austerity programs that allow families to be priced out of our for-profit healthcare system "

The problem is an electoral system that is legalized bribery designed to serve a tiny, unaccountable cabal of oligarchs that engage in legalized tax boycotts, deregulation, theft and financial fraud. The problem is that at least half of the working class and working poor - have been cast aside as human refuse”

"The problem is the diversion of state resources, including over half all federal discretionary spending, to an unaccountable military machine that wages endless and futile wars overseas, the savage face of white supremacy beyond our border. This military machine perfects its brutal tactics and tools for control on people of color in the Middle East, as it did in other eras in Vietnam, Latin America and the Philippines. It passes on this knowledge, along with its surplus equipment, including sophisticated equipment for wholesale surveillance, drones, heavily armed SWAT teams, grenade launchers and armored vehicles, to police at home. Smashing down a door and terrorizing a family in a night police raid in Detroit looks no different from a night raid carried out against an Afghan family by Army Rangers in Kandahar"

"The entrenched racism in America has always meant that poor people of color are the first cast aside in society and disproportionately suffer from the most brutal forms of social control meted out by the police and the prison system -but as Martin Luther King pointed out, there will not be racial justice until there is economic justice. And there will not be economic justice until we wrest power back from the hands of our corporate masters.

My hope is that this time around the gaslighting will not work” - young, diverse, angry and savvy.protesters were betrayed by the Democratic Party hierarchy who once again ganged up on Bernie Sanders to shove a corporate stooge down our throats" - Many of those in the streets can’t find meaningful work, are often burdened by large sums of student debt and have realized that in this world of serfs and masters they don’t have much of a future."

"ruling elites will never willingly defund or abolish the police, which cost taxpayers $100 billion annually and often eat up half of city budgets" - In 1994, then Senator Biden pushed through the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act.supported by the Congressional Black Caucus, evidence of the growing disconnect between black political elites and those they should protect." - "The United States now has 25 percent of the world’s prison population, although we are 4 percent of the world’s population.

“Biden proudly said in 1994 he represented a new Democratic Party that was tough on law and order.” - "‘The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is now for 60 new death penalties’ - ‘The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops. The liberal wing of the democratic Party is for 125,000 new State prison cells’.”.

"There is only one way to defeat these forces of occupation and the ruling elites they protect. It is not through voting. It will come from the streets, where tens of thousands of courageous men and women, facing arrest, indiscriminate police violence, economic despair and the threat of Covid-19, are fighting for not only an end to racism, but for freedom." - Chris Hedges

  • Hedges lays it out for all with eyes to see and hearts to feel!

"Won’t get fooled again"?


Why would we let abusers abuse, for what have they learned if they get to continue their abuse ? In this we are therefore abusing the abuser.
Human beings are doing all this to themselves in a mistaken belief about the way life is.

What would love do ?


Excellent article----So do we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE???-----This article could be a foundation for a real movement.

We need community heathcare centers in every neighborhood


Yes, Hedges astutely points out that we are collectively experiencing something very similar to an abusive relationship. I would add that it is similar to one with a malignant narcissist. (as trump has been diagnosed by many psychologists)

“Future faking” is a consistent behavior of narcissists especially during the love bombing phase of the relationship. MAGA is a perfect example of future faking.

The Dems (or “dims” as some people say here on CD, lol) have their own extremely insidious version of future faking.

Future faking is when a person lies or promises something about your possible future in order to get what they want in the present. (example Joe Biden’s campaign is promising that if you vote for him we will go back to “normal” and have a level of civility again in this country)

Excerpts from articles on narcissists:

"Calling out a narcissist as a pathological liar is not as important as pin pointing the type of lying that he does that really cuts us to the core: future-faking .*

By this, I mean that the narcissist talks about or hints at a future together to get what he wants from us right now.

Indeed, his innate ability to future-fake is probably the narcissist’s most effective tactic for managing down our expectations and the biggest reason for why we stay in a relationship that is obviously so bad for us.

In other words, it’s the depth and breadth of the lie that we become tethered to because it speaks to our heart’s desires…to what we’ve wanted all along.

The narcissist, of course, knows this and thus will use his knowledge of our heartfelt desires to string us along until the end of time."


It truly seems hopeless. Mr. Hedges is calling for revolutionary change in a system designed to stifle that by clever symbolic non action, meaningless elections, economic servitude, police militarization and control of the media just to name a few of the most obvious tactics. Despite all of that the ultimate irony is that by doing this it will collapse upon itself as this simply can not be sustained. That collapse will be violent, ugly, destructive and happen at a speed none of us can imagine.


As Mr Hedges points out , this goes far beyond problems with the Police. Look to YOUtube and it flooded with incidents of “good citizens” calling the Police on people just because they are black.

A Store manager calls the police on a Black woman for trying to use a discount Coupon. You can see him physically shaking in anger as he calls 9/11.

A Mother and son are tackled and arrested by Police for “stealing a television” as a walmart. They had purchased a TV and had to return with a truck as it too back too fit in a car. On their return visit even though they had the receipt a store employee called Police to claim they were stealing the TV. They are violently arrested suffering injuries and beatings by the cops and it is not cleared up until a store manager ensures that the TV was paid for. the cops justify their arrests because the mother son were angry when accosted.

Black men sitting in a starbucks have the Police called on them.

Three Black men with seven year memberships in a gym have the police called on them because a white employee claims their memberships fake and they do not belong there.

Black people are called for having a BBQ in a park. A Black babysitter has the police called on him because the children he babysits for a friend are white.

A white man calls the police on a black man for buying a BB gun in a walmart.

A white woman calls the Police because a black man “looked at me suspiciously”. A Black man is accosted by the cops because he is walking with his hands in his pockets and a white man claims it “looks suspicious”. A white woman and her husband accost a man for drawing in chalk a Black lives matter sentence on his own property claiming he could not not possibly live there and is defacing private property.

A white man yells out that people should be speaking ENGLISH when he enters a store selling mexican food and threatens to call ICE because they all illegal immigrants.

A white woman yells at a man and his mother who are landscaping a neighbors yard insisting they are dirty illegals and should go back to mexico. In a clip see tells the Latino that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers.

It pervasive and has been there for a long time. It only the advent of cell phones and the posting of these clips to YOUtube that show how pervasive and entrenched this sense of privilege is.

It a societal problem. It a structural problem. It a problem with patriarchy and Capitalism itself. It not going away with “Police reform”


Thank you for stating this. Hope to hear more of this from others but for now it seems helpful to TPTB that they keep the focus limited in scope.


Yes, I agree. Your post is spot on. Hedges usually incorporates the dire situation we are in due biosphere (lithosphere, hydrosphere . . . all the spheres!) collapse and how we got to that state.

But I can’t imagine “revolutionary change” amidst sheer and utter climate chaos, dwindling “resources” (hate that term!) and pandemics.

I hope his next article paints a more realistic picture of what this “revolutionary change” he speaks of would look like.

He himself has joked that he has a wife who is a citizen of Canada and I think . . France? So he can get the hell out of the u.s.!

Though the collapse eventually will be global and I’m not sure AGW/climate chaos will allow for worldwide revolutionary change. I hope I’m wrong.

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The conservative Biden likely doesn’t even know what room he’s in. And, he’s fought for cuts to Social Security and the Incarceration Culture for his entire political career.

He’s 77 years old and finally has his chance to really make his mark. And you think he’ll “move in a better direction”?



People NEED to watch his youtube videos-----his feeble attempts at live streaming which most of the time are not live or are edited.

I am not kidding. People want to look away----- we can’t look away. I am encouraging everyone who is voting for Biden to watch his videos and clips. And to read up on his record. They do not want to!

They don’t want to know who they are voting for, just that it is not trump.


You keep using that word “gaslighting.” I don’t think it means what you think it means…



gerund or present participle: gaslighting

  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

I encourage you to read about NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) individuals who behave in the manner that is described as “gaslighting”.

I believe we are experiencing this from our politics/duopoly and culture. It can lead to various forms of psychological distress-----I would include learned helplessness in the negative impacts on individuals.

It is very real. I worked with victims of domestic violence and believe me, it is tragically all too real.

From article: h-ttps://narcissisticbehavior.net/the-effects-of-gaslighting-in-narcissistic-victim-syndrome/


"Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment.

The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have been used in psychological warfare by intelligence operative, law enforcement and other forces for decades.

The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self-confidence, and self-esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way. Gaslighting involves the abuser to frequently and systematically withhold factual information from the victim, and replacing it with false information. Because of its subtly, this cunning Machiavellian behaviour is a deeply insidious set of manipulations that is difficult for anybody to work out, and with time it finally undermines the mental stability of the victim."

Prime examples of systemic, large scale gaslighting: the tobacco industry (“smoking is fine”!), the fossil fuel industry (who hid the facts about co2) and of course the military industrial complex convincing people we have to fight terror and wars etc. etc.

Too many examples to list!


Who are you referring to?
I haven’t seen any incorrect uses of the word “gaslighting” on this site.

From your inadequate definition of the word, I’d say that you are the one who doesn’t understand the term. You can’t imagine how lucky you are to not be intimately familiar with being subjected to gaslighting.

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Agree with freeopinions.