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Don't Be Frightened. Be Inspired


Don't Be Frightened. Be Inspired.

Vignesh Ramachandran

Society teaches us that the individual is greater than everything. It’s why we take selfies and spend hours of our days curating our image on Facebook and Instagram. Society teaches us that if there is a crisis, then we can make individual decisions that fix that crisis. Take climate change as an example: the subsequent individualist argument is that if we each make sustainable decisions, take shorter showers, recycle, compost, then we can solve the climate crisis.


One generation said Peace and Love.

The children of that generation say Love and Revolution.

That sounds about right!


That doesn't even make sense. What hindsight?


The give a damn factor comes into play here. We face a monumental human catastrophe with climate change. 97% of climate scientists say that unless we leave coal in the ground our grandchildren are cooked. Big Coal, Oil, and Gas are all into immediate profit. Investors and bought-off politicians are too. But the biggest factor is that a majority of us just don't really give a damn and want desperately to go on with our selfish little lifestyles. Sad.


There is nothing young people can do that is equivalent to defying the draft and refusing to participate in the Vietnam War. The closest there is would be whistleblowing in the manner of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden. Draft dodgers had to put their freedom and lives on the line, as did the civil rights protesters of the 60s. They had dogs in the race in ways the Occupy Wall Streeters did not. Their protest dissipated, as really did the anti-Vietnam war protest mostly did after the Nixon Administration ended the draft,

Hundreds of thousands of people, young and old alike, could "rise up and hit the streets," but if the Establishment's Shadow Government mostly ignored them except for some high profile protesters who would be singled out for harsh public punishments, their lack of ability to have an impact would likely lead to their sighing and heading home to watch sports on TV,


Okay i didn't understand what you meant' that the next generation was looking back. Except that i was writing from the perspective of the older generation, which was why your comment was confusing.

Btw ... Since you can't be civil there is no reason to post to me again.


Appreciate it. Thanks.


What? No mention of the TPP, the greatest threat to our democracy in... forever?? Your event is a silly feel-good waste of time. You expect me to travel to D.C. for THAT??