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Don't be Hoodwinked by Trump's UAE-Israel "Peace Deal"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/dont-be-hoodwinked-trumps-uae-israel-peace-deal


We can give an assist to the capture of journalism by Big Money and the capture of the public by consumerism and Big Entertainment. “Israel, Palestinians, yeah, whatever, what time is the game? Covid canceled it? Guess I’ll have to get my Wii and go into virtual reality!”

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An Israeli peace deal means they are going to take a short vacation from murdering and stealing more land from the Palestinians.
Then a false flag operation by the Israelis will give them an excuse to start the abuse AGAIN.


Love Code Pink. Agree this is a maneuver by Trump and Bibi, but leaving Biden and the Dems’ hostility to Palestinian self-determination out of the picture is politically and intellectually dishonest. This is an imperial project, not just a campaign stunt.


The UAE imports slave labor from India, confiscates their passports, and further enriches itself off their backs. Naturally such an immoral country would find it right up their ally to broker a peace deal with Israel without Israel making any deviations from the status quo whatsoever re: Palestinians. Two immoral countries reaching agreements on economics, military cooperation, etc…


‘Israel’s status quo of land theft, home demolitions, arbitrary extrajudicial killings, apartheid laws, and other abuses of Palestinian rights’

Israel is run by Jews and therefore this criticism is antisemitic and therefore wrong and reprehensible, according to anti-BDS lobbyists who work for a foreign power, one that with its lobby interferes in our elections to remove or otherwise damage those who don’t toe that line of the foreign power and who instead stand for equal rights for Jews and Palestinians.

It’s truly something to behold. Imagine if the UAE was run by Jews!

Bill Maher displayed his usual political insight last night by praising this scam (he didn’t even mention Palestinians), so there’s at least one public figure who’s been hoodwinked.

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He has been on the wrong side of this discussion for a long time.

I am disappointed in Medea Benjamin supporting this false narrative of the occupation starting in 1967 with the conquest of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.

I’ll fix it for ya, Medea: “While no U.S. administration has successfully brokered a resolution to Israel’s now 72-year-long occupation…”

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So, let me see. You think you stand on the side of justice and goodness, And in particular, “justice for the Palestinians” against “apartheid Israel” and for equal rights for all. In Israel, if you didn’t know already, Israeli Arabs sit in the National Assembly, serve in the military, participate in the professions and participate in national and local politics. This you call apartheid. In too many Arab countries, including “Palestine,” Jews are not allowed to live, participate in political activity, etc., etc. About this you say nothing. There is something perverted about your position or you are paid to dish out this swill. You are either a shill who simply hates Jews or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

No one is talking about Jews. Israel is a government, which has become an evil force that needs to be called to account for its actions. I personally belong to a group called JVP… Jewish Voice for Peace. Heard of them?

We don’t hate Jews… we are against any that oppress other humans in the name of greed, religion, or racism. Your comment shows you are just covering for a sick regime that inflicts its will and its hatred upon others.

Your cover story about Palestinians (not Arabs… or Palestinians with “” around it) shows you do not think the people living in the land long before you are equal. At best just deserving of your crumbs to placate them. And don’t give me 2000 year old myths written not by god, but by rabbis to justify a religion. God does not sign real estate deeds. They were there first in our common era. And just as Semitic as those Jews who are actually Semitic, not the Euro converts that have caused most if not all of the problems.

Just three foul bowels spreading their shit across the ME. Nothing new to see here. Move on.

Was surprised and impressed by Rogen and then unsurprised and unimpressed by the attacks and walk back.

Of course it does! Surely the US folk are not stupid enough not to see it as it is, and how they just s**T on the little (Palestinian) guy! Again!

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