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Don't Believe AT&T's Net Neutrality Lies


Don't Believe AT&T's Net Neutrality Lies

Matt Wood, Dana Floberg

AT&T has promised to be good if the FCC overturns the Net Neutrality rules. The problem is, you can’t trust AT&T.

"AT&T contradicts itself from moment to moment and from year to year in different proceedings at the FCC, and then contradicts much of what it says to politicians in the disclosures it makes to its own shareholders."


If anything, data distribution should be nationalized* since the underpinning technology was developed using public monies through the military and government-funded research. It should resemble the original vision for the postal service because that is what it is–a service to and for all. That vultures sweep in to collect profit through branding and confusing contracts is disgusting–exhibiting the coarser instincts of capitalism.

*Much thought would be needed to be given to the matter of privacy, however. An encryption market would surely develop to handle some of the salient issues.


“technology advances and efficiencies that make capital investment cheaper” … indeed … aka “24/7 tracking of customer activities”. I discovered my bill was $25 higher the other day when I went to pay it. Last year when it jumped to an unacceptable level, I was forced to tale a tv bundle in order to keep the price low enough. No matter that I didn’t want tv and the box just sits, unconnected and not plugged in. I’m sick and tired of there being NO decently priced “internet only”, especially in the city. I had great internet service when I lived in the country, provided by a SMALL company.

After a bit of research, I stumbled upon a statement by Time Warner’s CEO, who said that the (much) faster speeds and (much) lower prices in other countries can’t really be compared HERE … (drum roll) because most people HERE “bundle internet with tv”. Now I get why I was FORCED to take a package … in order to skew data … as well as to get some extra gravy … as scummy business practices seem to have taken a firm hold here.

I don’t hold out much hope. The government couldn’t even keep their service map going and that could have had great applications, had it been competently operated (especially considering the investment … oops, I meant cost).

From what I read (elsewhere) seems this will also shut down municipalities/states that have passed laws or invested in providing access (often, at lower cost)? I don’t believe AT&T, Comcast or any of the (big) providers … nor do I believe the government. They ALL cost too much for what they provide in return.