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"Don't Cut Our Taxes," Say 400+ Uber Wealthy People—"Raise Them"


"Don't Cut Our Taxes," Say 400+ Uber Wealthy People—"Raise Them"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In new letter, wealthy group denounces the GOP proposal, which "would disproportionately benefit wealthy individuals and corporations with provisions including repealing the estate tax, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, and slashing the top pass-through tax rate."

Caricatures of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump, and House Speaker Paul Ryan. (Image: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)


There are responsible, caring millionaires? Who knew!


These Über Wealthy people are more likely afraid of the peasants coming after them in the future. They care alright, they care about their very lives if and when the peasants rise up and call for their heads on pikes. Now let’s see if the politicians have as much sense to save their heads from pikes. Not likely.


Whatever their motivation I welcometheir support.I


I know what you mean- but also think about doctors and scientists etc who might be in this category.


Exactly and I hope they go to the MSM.


The entire reason the Rs exist is to cut taxes.

Everything else they lay claim to–shafting the poor and minorities, deporting immigrants, halting abortion, guns–are positions intended to form a voting bloc big enough to lower taxes.

And what did Obama do to make friends with the Rs in his delusional belief in a “purple” America?

Made his Great Recession recovery act tax-cut heavy, and leave most of the Bush tax cuts in place.


How many have offshore accounts or at that address in Delaware that won’t be affected? Why aren’t they talking about those loopholes?


Except, apparently, for the middle-class - millions of their taxes will be going up. Say, rather, “the entire reason the Rs exist is to cut taxes on the wealthy.”


Good point- and he never had Wall Street prosecuted!


As Ralph Nader has suggested, Progressives and Democratic Socialists should not be hostile to these folks. We may/will need them to advance healthcare, a greener future, better schools, secure retirements and a host of other benefits the Center-Right ( Corporate Dims & Chamber of Commerce Republicans ) would bargain away to retain Uniparty ( Wall St. ) control. Which is control, most often, by the bloated MIC and a Empire Expanding Foreign Policy, where " disagreement ends at the U.S. shoreline ". No dissent about endless war and Military Keynesianism, in other words. Another way to say Uniparty " trickle down economics " will not be challenged by either legacy party. ( The-Our owners are making too much money-Party ).


Why isn’t this rich? I’ll take the bait. Tax all wealth over $10 million at a real rate of 100%. That’s right. Confiscate it. Then tax all income over $500,000 at a real rate of 100%. Wealth distribution (and many power distribution) problems would be solved. These " nice rich people" are simply offering crumbs to the rest of us so we won’t question why billionaires even exist. Of course they want us to kiss their arses because of their Beneficence.



Confiscation is a serious felony without due process. Your suggestion would be great if we all had terminal cancer and wanted to be shot, ending our suffering.
In Oregon we have The Death With Dignity Act, instead. It’s a pharmaceutical cocktail without the bullet holes.


DANG! do believe Donkey Hotey is a deeevine gift sent us by the great invincible magic mamoo! Such a necessity in the national interest, timely too, is preeminently suited to be a recipient of our tax dollars on a scale of twice those manipulated by politicians (s)he doth caricature. Such a Living National T-reassure of humours dear and near and far, is de-serving when not otherwise engaged.
I hereby run this up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes.


Washington Post sez: (M)ost of the the signatories, which include Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, and philanthropist Steven Rockefeller, “come from California, New York, and Massachusetts, states that went for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the last election.”

Nifty bit of dog-whistle divide-and-conquer, right there. Guessing maybe Bezos didn’t sign the letter?



Divide-and-conquer shows up in the strangest places. When I went to Starbucks today, I noticed that they’re selling, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a coffee cup with lettering that reads: “Speak your kind.” Inviting all of us to speak from our very own racial, ethnic, tribal or class identity, to the exclusion of other points of view, seems certain to spark resentment, animosity, hostility to those “other” than ourselves.


So, our Reich Wing government has ‘confiscated’ most of our ‘commons’ wealth, which is a serious felony and they have done it without ‘due process’. The environment has terminal cancer…and there is no dignity allowed us by the heartless criminal bastards.


Just pointing out that, like my mother said, " it’s all fun and games until … the Police & Security State kills a bunch of people ". Mom had a way with words.:grinning::grinning:
And, most assuredly declares Martial Law. I can easily imagine J. Kelly & AG Sessions drooling over the chance to crack down hard on leftist dissenters. Trump has already told the NY State cops as much.
Just sayin’ property confiscation should be the last thing on our minds, right now.


No one stops these people from making voluntary contributions towards the cost of government if they choose.

Massachusetts, for example, has a voluntary higher tax rate that people can choose to pay. Only about 2,000 people in the state choose to pay it.

I love virtue signalling…


Wealthy people asking Congress not to cut taxes are a joke. If they were serious, then rather than ask Congress not to cut taxes, they would offer Congressmen and women money not to cut taxes. After all, the only reason the Congresspeople are seeking to cut taxes is that they have been told by their financial backers that if they don’t cut taxes, their backers will stop funding them. If these same members of Congress could get sufficient financial backing for not cutting taxes, then they would not feel forced to dance to their backers who want taxes cut. But appealing to them not to cut taxes without also providing them with an alternative source of income is naive and counterproductive. And I woud imagine that wealthy people should know that nothing will come of their empty appeals.