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"Don't Cut Our Taxes," Say 400+ Uber Wealthy People—"Raise Them"


well looky looky here.

isn’t this something.

wonder what the funders of the dying republican party have to say. bet that none of them are on this list.

and doubt that the mercer, koch crew of greedy fucks would be on this list.

but, good for people on this list. now they can continue by making sure all this wealth they hold is redistributed to the benefit of the poor unequals. things like education, homes, education, education. homes. wealth creating occupations that do not negatively affect our planet.

resist, remove, peace


so you are suggesting that congress should be payed to do what they swore to do - protect and serve the citizens? this makes nil sense.
please, think about what you are proposing -


why should ‘they’ make ‘voluntary contributions’ to cost of government?
this is why taxes are gathered by government.
the government is saying they want to cut taxes, so these people would not have to pay towards the government - and now you are saying they should make voluntary

the circcles you are running around and running around - what you propose makes no sense. please, think


The capitalists are intelligent people. They understand only through a more generous redistribution of their wealth can our current capitalist system work (with of course the help of state violence, etc.). That’s the only way they can justify their position in the system, and the system itself. But any wealth redistribution comes after exploitation, since taxation/charity ultimately comes from capitalist profit, and capitalist profit necessarily needs exploitation.


is there a typo in the 2nd sentence? maybe an extra “not”?


If they feel they aren’t paying “enough”, they are welcome to pay more. There is no justification for them to call on others to pay more.

No circles involved - anyone who believes they should be paying higher taxes is always welcome to send the government a check for the “extra” amount they believe they should pay. Those 400+ who say “raise our taxes” can achieve the same goal by simply making a contribution to the cost of government.


Let them voluntarily contribute to the government then https://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/gift/gift.htm , instead of raising taxes on everyone.