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'Don't Do It. Don't Share the #Christchurch Footage': Demand Goes Out for Blackout of Gunman's Horrific Video


'Don't Do It. Don't Share the #Christchurch Footage': Demand Goes Out for Blackout of Gunman's Horrific Video

Jon Queally, staff writer

With brutal and horrific footage taken by the person who carried out a vicious terrorist attack on worshipers at a mosque in Christchurch circulating online in the wake of Friday's massacre, a global call is going out to media outlets, social media platforms, and people of good conscience not to view, share, air, or otherwise perpetuate the video in whole or in part.

As Anne Vidot, a journalist with ABC Canberra in Australia, declared in a post to Twitter:


Do It. Share the #Christchurch Footage. It happened and it’s horrifying. The news should not be there to protect the status quo, and pretend there is no unrest in the world except the stuff that Trump creates himself. When news horrifies people, it horrifies people. Not showing it will only make us more and more dead inside. Showing will prompt at least a few to organize, join, and fight back! Share the footage!


Just as (i believe) there was not much footage of american soldiers returning from iraq in body bags.


Everyone should absolutely see this video. However, when they are done watching this snuff film, they should be forced to watch the funerals of each and every person. Then they should be forced to watch footage of how difficult life is for the surviving family members.
I would like to think that a little forced empathy could go a long way. However, Donald trump is in the White House. And clearly about one third of the American electorate blindly supports him.
It may be too late to ask for empathy.


Too bad people can’t agree to not listen to the POTUS when he brazenly incites bikers and other would be thugs to commit acts of violence against their supposed enemies, otherwise known as non-Republican citizens.


I agree. Painful though it certainly is, people in this country need to see the footage, given that the shooter expressed admiration for right wing, racist movements in this country.


There two sides to this. One being it will glorify the act and encourage copy cats. The other that people will forget it happned and then continue to claim that only Muslims are terrorists.

A “terror” attack committed by a Muslim receives 357 percent more coverage then one carried out by a person of another faith.


The Ostrich Gambit Works Every Time

(No, no it never does. Quit being stupid.)


Don’t turn this into a Donald Trump thing. Both the RNC and the DNC just attacked Ilhan Omar for speaking the truth in public, bringing down numerous threats against her. The flames of hate are being fanned by the oligarchy to keep the people trapped in a dysfunctional propagandized reality, a reality that leads only to disillusionment and despair. This is the full reality of what we are facing. Let’s face it head-on and stop deluding ourselves.


I agree. The reason is obvious to me!


…Yeah, I don’t get wanting spread gun porn around, because it inspires the wrong people…For the folks that would want to watch this for the inspiration, I would sooner shove the shooters rotting flesh down their phkn throats…


Because if the horrific video is shared something may be done to stop future attacks. It’s the same reason the US REGIME won’t let us see it mass murdering Muslims.


How does one “force empathy”?


The last I read anything about Trump’s approval rating it was only a few days ago and it was 56% at that time. We in the US are doomed.


There are so many right wing, fascist, Islamophobia, nut cases that the last thing we need is to inspire them!


Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone wrote about this. She read the manifesto and chose not to link to it or the video. She described a few things the manifesto included.


I don’t want to look, and I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to look or share the video or manifesto. But it’s still evidence, and censoring it will create conspiracy theories and denialism.


Dear Everytown for Gun Safety,

Upset and angry about the New Zealand horror, can’t help but thinking about what a bad world example my country, the U.S., sets.

The fact that American ‘gun freedom’ websites like the National Rifle Association are going to tut-tut this horror and try to use to it argue gun control doesn’t make a dif. makes me want to puke.

Canada has its share of right wing crap, but hoping my son chooses and gets into McGill so I and my spouse can move there and I can stop being ashamed of and disgusted by the country I live in.

Sorry to leave the work to you and other good Americans who stay out of choice or because they can’t flee, but I’m coming up on retirement in the next five years or so, and, simply, feel like I’ve fought the good fight long enough.

Enclosed is a small donation to support your commitments to ending the epidemic U.S. gun violence enabled by right wing opposition to common sense gun control.

Largely tied up w/other political commitments, but it’s great your website lists seven different ways normal people can act to say no to gun violence: https://everytown.org/act/

In Solidarity

cc: commondreams discussion thread


The US invasion of Iraq was not that long ago. CNN , MSNBC and other news outlets broadcast the attacks on the City of Baghdad live and waxed poetically about “shock and awe” and how all the missiles and aircraft and anti-aircraft munitions lit up the sky.

It was sold as “entertainment” even as hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of men, women and children would be slaughtered by those bombs.

These same guys now claim HORROR that these shootings in Christchurch would be broadcast. Fuck the media. The only voices that are sincere about this tragedy are the same voices that are against all of those wars and have always been against the wars.


Yep, The Democrats would not have went after her in such a manner were it not for the fact she a dark skinned person , of Muslim faith wearing a Hijab. They saw her as an easy target for whom no-one would stand up for.