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Don't Export America's Climate Impacts


Don't Export America's Climate Impacts

Erik Molvar

Wyoming's largest coal producer has just placed a $2 million bet on the controversial Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal, a facility proposed to export American coal to be burned in China. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is reviewing the environmental impacts of the proposed project, which would be massive. This permit should be denied because exporting coal is against our national interest.


A question that finally begins to be asked!

Should we?

With acknowledgement that global warming exists and may be accelerating in the next few years as feedback loops kick in, we are confronted by the reality that we must stop using fossil fuels... actually stop using them... an economic heresy!

Whether denying the export of American coal would result in discouraging coal use in China and 'encouraging' them to build more solar and wind power instead can only be guessed at.

Nevertheless there is little doubt that allowing the export of the coal to China will certainly encourage the Chinese to keep using coal and even expanding its use.