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Don't Just Save DACA. End Mass Deportation


Don't Just Save DACA. End Mass Deportation

David Baake

This morning, the Trump is expected to announce the rescinding of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”), an Obama-era policy benefiting certain undocumented individuals who were brought to the United States as children. Under DACA, these individuals were protected from deportation and eligible for work authorization if they had lived in the United States for at least five years, refrained from serious criminal activity, and either completed high school or served in the military. Some 800,000 young men and women (commonly referred to as “Dreamers”) benefitted from this program.


After the genocide the USA had a need for immigrants. When will it be time to say no?
Why does nearly everyone love illegal aliens?
Rule of law ???
Population Bomb?


No matter how people came here or their status - this is a human rights crisis. Most of these people are fitting into the US system. Those now here should be given green cards and temporary status and go through a due process of law to certify their status. There is absolutely no need to jail people, destroy families and lives, to disrupt businesses and to throw people’s lives into chaos.

There should be a rule of law and due process. US businesses failed to abide by the immigration laws as they hired waves of undocumented. Going forward, US business should be held responsible for upholding the law and when they don’t - fines and prison time. People should be treated with respect and human decency. The US needs to act not only to uphold our laws but to respect human dignity and rights.


Mostly I like immigrants because they seem to be much smarter, open minded and worldly - one can actually have conversations with them about stuff other than sports and cars and how bad the socialist African Obama was.


No one is deporting immigrants.
Illegal aliens compute for anyone?
Both immigrants and illegal aliens are good for business, they keep USA wages down.
As usual nothing else matters to our rulers.


Isn’t the so-called “legal” or illegal" status of an immigrant totally arbitrary - a matter of luck, or racist and classist immigration policies?


where did you come from???

WHO keeps USA wages down? uh…the right answer is “the employers,” aka exploiters. wake up. then try some compassion on for size.


Don’t just end DACA, BEGIN mass deportations.

Thanks, POTUS.


No - it is not arbitrary. Sovereign nation states have the right and duty to regulate the flow of foreign nationals across their respective borders.