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Don't Let Corporations Control Vulnerable Americans' Water


Don't Let Corporations Control Vulnerable Americans' Water

Wenonah Hauter

Hundreds of people gathered outside the White House last week before Trump’s address to Congress to remind him that they’re resisting his divisive agenda. In the disastrous first month of his presidency, Trump’s policies have targeted women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and immigrants — not to mention our environment. In his speech, he doubled down on fossil fuels and rolling back regulations that industry doesn’t like.

Now, he’s also coming for our water.


With much respect to Ms. Hauter, we are ALL vulnerable when it comes to water.
I've been trying unsuccessfully to get the attention of Calif. politicians in order that the state stop selling water to private corporations, especially the rogue Nestle' (Arrowhead). The most recent information (2015) is that the state sold Nestle' around 36 million gallons for the mere cost of an extraction permit ($524 per year). The state allows this to go on despite the five years of successive drought that the state endured. Nestle' has the same sweet deal in Canada, too; for every million litres (264,172 gallons) of water it draws from B.C., it pays $2.25 (not a typo).


Other places too. There were a couple of cases last year where Nestle sought to get really cheap rights to water, won one, lost one....


Nestle pays almost nothing for water it draws from a well it owns in western Michigan. Currently they are pumping 250 gallons per minute but they are trying to be allowed 400 GPM. And their only cost beyond a one time permit fee of $5,000 is $200 per year which is for annual paperwork done by the State. The people of Michigan get nothing to their benefit for water extraction of this natural resource.

Trump's answer to rebuilding the US infrastructure seems to be total privatization allowing private corporations to own and control all of our currently public infrastructure. With more privatization, we'll be forced to pay more to corporations for things like road and bridge tolls, sewer and water fees, other utility fees, school fees, etc, while those who are employed by these companies are going to be working for low wages since the Trump and Republican agenda is RTW and non-union oriented.


Thank you for the link.


How did America get to the point where it believes that human society and human life should be ruled by the dictates of the global markets?


Medical care is an extreme example. Bankruptcy can happen quickly because of costs people face when the procedure or required drugs price people out of a cure, or care associated with their problem. Extreme medical costs are often because of the greedy nature of the health care industry, which means corporate America.


When I lived in Wayne Co., NC, I learned that the ground water there was contaminated from agricultural activities whether from chemicals, fertilizer or livestock manure ponds. So, most of the rural people would try to get a tap water line run to their house so that they could have municipal water because they couldn't use the water in their well. The county is in what we call the Sandhills. That means the soil is sandy and any water quickly seeps deep down into the earth taking whatever pollutants from the surface with it. When I moved into the county, I was shocked to learn this. I was shocked that it was common knowledge and that getting tap water lines out to distant rural households was common practice. I was shocked that people trusted the municipal water more than they did the water from their wells. It was then that I started learning how bad things really have become.