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"Don't Let Door Hit You on the Way Out': People Power Credited as Amazon Reportedly Reconsiders New York HQ2

"Don't Let Door Hit You on the Way Out': People Power Credited as Amazon Reportedly Reconsiders New York HQ2

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the face of widespread and impassioned opposition from local politicians, progressive members of Congress, and ordinary New Yorkers, Amazon is reportedly having second thoughts about its plan to locate a second headquarters site in Long Island City.

Oddly enough, if Queens or NY State were to propose spending those billions on WPA-type jobs instead of just handing over the money to the richest man in the world, the outcry would likely be even louder.


Read the links to WAPO article on the Virginia deal. Says Amazon will get between $15,000 to $22,000 ~ for each employee hired up to 37,850 employees. Provided the jobs pay an average of $150,000!!

Psst … anyone wanna buy a unicorn? How bout a H1B Visa?

And of course the Bezos and the Pecker (you cannot make this stuff up!) go at it in their own little ‘óoo Iḿ a victim’ scurrilous kabuki so as to maintain “market share” and distract from an entire sector of the populous awakening to “socialism” for the financialized billionaires paid for by the tax payer !!!.

Break up the Amazon monopoly!


And it’s amazing how many so-called progressives who read this shop at Walmart, order things from Amazon, and shop at the dollar store “because it’s cheaper”. You know who you are. I say put your money where your mouth is.


Great that Teachout calls it “neofeudalism.” That’s what it is.


New York doesn’t want him or his bloodsucking company.

Nude pics of him are about to go public and ironically, it’s quite possible that one of his own surveillance products spied on his phone.

His soon-to-be ex-wife is going to take him to the cleaners for half their fortune.

Jeff Bezos is having quite a month.


So Cuomo says NY needs Amazon… No… He needs his Amazon Payola… like a true Mafioso. We need Amazon in Queens, NY like a hole in the head. It’s an already congested shit hole of a location that would cause more congestion for any kind of transit as people would pour out of Manhattan and the other boroughs. Rents would increase. The job application process is more difficult than passing the Bar Exam, except for low level Warehouse workers which would account for most of the jobs Bezos is offering. Put it in Rural Upstate NY next to a Walmart. Let the billionaires stake out their territories and leave our cities alone!

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shhh… don’t give him any ideas!

Boycotting Walmart is a washed up cause. Every one of the big box stores stock this foreign made stuff now, not just Walmart.
But it’s still a good day for a revolution.


It’s way bigger than Walmart, although that’s a great place to not shop. Boycott everything. Seriously. Buy NOTHING that you do not actually need. Why is it “good” to buy toxic ecologically devastating crap? Because we are told it is “good” for “the economy”?

Somehow, we need to recognize the necessity of focusing our lives, our work, and our money (to the degree that money comes into any interaction) on meeting both ecological and human needs, not the propagandized and egoistic and infantile desires that this economy runs on.


I don’t get this one. Wisconsin gave Foxconn from china 3 billion to build, New York spits on Amazon in favor of housing and the trade off is how many jobs? What is the; behind the scenes story? This seems stupid beyond reason. Why do people need housing that they can’t afford? Where are they going to work, in city government? Did somebody fail eco. 101?

Have you driven threw New York lately? Full of guys begging at intersection or spitting on your windshield to wash it. The rest of the city is owned primarily by the Chinese. .Bezos doesn’t need the headache. I think New York just put the barrel of a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger.

How many jobs again, and not a smoke stack anywhere. Hey Jeff come to Maine. 25,000 jobs? We have an entire SAC air base that is empty and the skiing and snowmobiling is fantastic. You can even do dog sledding. We are right on the Canadian border. Even met Richard Branson riding threw the county on a big Harley… How’s that for name dropping and credit carding?

Oh dear heavens — this will give the Cuomos of Philadelphia another chance. I thought we had escaped.

Green New Deal.

Yes, all the professors and “mainstream” economists fail to account for all the actual impacts of “the economy.” And so, the ecology is now collapsing. But hey, endless growth!

No ecology? No economy!

But you can’t look, your ideology blinds you.

Perhaps the multiple needs, dangers, opportunities, and available paths forward needing to be analyzed and then from which to choose are more on the level of a Nobel laureate’s culminating summa than the best of Economics 101 — or 414 (or of the Cuomos of the world).

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…and in the local new this morning, ‘Chicago’ (read mayor Rahm) is stepping up it’s efforts to get Amazon to come here (again). Suicidal.

So we organize against a corporation that will bring real jobs, but have been kissing the asses of sports franchises for years, building them stadiums that are used infrequently and provide no service other than highly over-priced entertainment.