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Don't Let Politics Trump Science, 2000 Scientists Warn President-Elect

Don't Let Politics Trump Science, 2000 Scientists Warn President-Elect

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Signaling great pessimism about the future "role of science in policymaking," more than 2,000 scientists published an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump and the GOP-dominated 115th Congress on Wednesday warning against the dangers of allowing "political or corporate influence" to override scientific fact.

Science has been deemed ‘irrelevant’ or a 'false narrative by TPTB. Maybe if the letter came from the Chinese Trump might believe it.

Science is based on facts and evidence. Trump and his base disdain facts and evidence and are addicted to soundbites and hyperbole. Trump will continue to be Mr. Fantasy to assure that he holds on to his base.


Seeing how nearly all CD posters address facts and evidence, “the other half” would never return to CD seeing how their greatest fear is facts and evidence.

Trump views all criticism from scientists as a badge of honor and his supporters view such criticism as verification that they are voting for the candidate who best reflects their values.


SIGH! . . . . So true you write . . . .

We can hope that the electors – who are more conscious than the majority of American and certainly more than Trumpistas who believe the fake news – vote their conscience. Please go to change.org and sign one or more of the petitions asking them to. One petition is by Republicans smart enough to recognize that Trump University paid $25 million for its fraud and Trump Foundation admitted to the IRS that it was a scam and the other with about 5 million signatures at this point argues that since Ms. Clinton is winning the popular vote by 2.3 million – a larger margin than most “winning” presidential candidates – she should be declared the winner.

As more and more of the Trump BS gets exposed, more and more electors will recognize that their job – as defined by Hamilton and Madison in the Federalist papers – is to ensure the people are not done in by a demigod. If electors sense American support, they are more likely to vote their conscience. Please help them. change.org. And, of course, you can get elector’s actual addresses and communicate with them directly in your own state. Please, however, don’t be aggressive, just remind them of the actual facts of Mr. Trump’s history and present, like the latest scam giving huge tax advantages to United Technologies to

Trump (or his surrogates) is going to make a fortune after he buys out Carrier and starts selling the AC’s to his followers to cool things down. Then, when the 100 odd nuke electric power plants, scattered around the USofA to power them, start popping for the heat like champagne bottles, the whole lot of those deluded followers will begin to bake thoroughly. Where’s the Drumpf? Down in Antarctica tending to diplomatic business.