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'Don't Let Them Send Me Back': Stopped Inches From US Border After 1,500 Mile Journey, Viral Photos Show Mother's Plea for Son's Life

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/dont-let-them-send-me-back-stopped-inches-us-border-after-1500-mile-journey-viral

Brave soldiers, defending the USA from… weeping mothers.


That was a Mexican National Guard. Obrador sold the migrants out to the Nazis. I hope he’s satisfied.


To take asylum seekers at their word would be to admit the US’s complicity in causing the conditions they’re fleeing.


This begs for a complete analysis rather than how this woman faces discrimination in her own country, a turning point at the border, and uncertainty about her future and that of her son. It is pervasive in Latin America and less so in the U.S.

Who are the Nazis you reference?

National guard are there as a show of force–do you think a circus clown would detour them??? that is what is needed–these people are coming in for freebies—they are all begging to not go back–and begging not to be sent back to Mexico to wait–they sold everything—and took off on an unrealistic dream—so many people warned them–and they still came–and now reality hits them–like it does us all–dreams need to be based on some sense of reality–one migrant thought New York was right across the Rio Grande—they all have cell phones and internet–so they have Google–in Spanish–these are economic migrants

“See the mother’s desperation…That desperation should not be treated as a crime. Asylum is a human right.”

The US has reached a disturbing state of affairs in which some Trump supporters mock this desperation and treat people in these situations as the butt of a joke.

“A lot of people [Gringos] judge migrants, ask why don’t they stay in their country, why do they come here or why are they crossing into the United States.” Answer: Because this is what they have done for centuries, millennia, before the European invasion.

Interesting point. Why are Americans not doing the same thing?

Because they are not indigenous. “Americans” as in US Americans came as those folks Trump accuses the Mexicans of being. You might want to read Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz book, An Indigenous Peoples History of The United States. Before any European stepped foot on these sorry shores, the Indigenes of the American continents had extensive trade routes and migrated when needed. Part of the Dineh peoples migrated south in what is today the home land of the Hopi and the Dineh.

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But, they are indigenous somewhere. Admitted after a long period of assimilation they become the new indigenous. The same is true in Latin America because of colonization they have a blended ethnicity as a majority.

In response to your edit: Thank you for your reference. Yes, I am familiar with migration, colonization practice and indigenous people., that still doesn’t explain why U.S. Americans don’t continue to use migration as a process.

Then you need to realize that there is a vast difference between what happened in Latin America–you can’t miss the indigenous in the faces of the people south of our border-- and what happened in the US. The European invaders to US America–Calvinists-- came with the intent to exterminate the indigenes not to assimilate with them, to steal the land and to make, force others from across the ocean, from Africa, to actually work the land. I have a very hard time seeing the indigenous in US Americans, and NO, they have not become “indigenous” to this stolen land which they have been busy raping for profit.

The Calvinists did not “migrate” to the US American shores, they went out of their way to come here on ships across the oceans. They migrated for centuries in Europe. NO, they came here as thieves with a settler colonialist agenda which is genocidal by nature.


Maybe because they have already stolen all the lands that don’t belong to them??? They already stole Texas and California from Mexico and they have been ever so busy interfering in Latin America to prevent any lefty governments from lasting.

You might profit by reading Eduardo Galeano from Uruguay.

Finally, suppose you enlighten us all as to your own question??


The leaders of Mexico and the u.s. have always worked well together to oppress poor people. They belong to the same club & devise horrible things like Nafta which keeps on destroying people’s lives.

As reluctant as I am to leave this question unanswered, as it is no doubt more complex than traditional migration of people that beyond the need to meet basic survival needs, had other needs as well.

I do recognize there are cultural difference in Latin America. In CA we have a long history of that interaction, and I personally do as well. Including living in Central America as a child. My first language was Spanish. (a long time ago)

Yes, I too have a hard time discriminating what is what in America. I think it is foolish though to try to recreate what has passed based on that history.

Are you referring to the US President when you mention “circus clown.”

I don’t agree. It is necessary to own ones history first before any justice and rectitude can be made and this will certainly involve the dismantling of the system of exploitation we call capitalism and the opening of our borders.

Oppps, we had agreement before the prescriptive solution. Certainly, if we can’t define the problem we can’t define the solution. What have we learned?

Maybe on a smaller scale, restore dignity.

Good thing they have laptops, kevlar helmets, vests, and semi automatics.
Wasn’t there a time when it was smiling faces in light uniforms with paper and pen?