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Don't Let Trump Silence Communities of Color


Don't Let Trump Silence Communities of Color

Keith Ellison

Thanks to the open internet, a new generation of activists fighting for civil rights and equality has been able to make their voices heard in ways previously unimaginable.

Now the Trump administration is trying to turn back the clock and silence them by undoing the Net Neutrality rules. That is simply unacceptable.

"The open internet has decentralized the media, allowing historically marginalized communities to bypass traditional gatekeepers and share their stories."


Here's a payoff to the DNC for Ellison's token appointment to a DNC "leadership" position. More to come.


With a few exceptions, corporate media news is almost useless.. It is formatted to entertain and to sell advertising. Much of it is edited to promote political points of view. And news directors suck up to high profile figures to secure "exclusive" interviews and enhance ratings. The Internet is the only place left to disseminate unedited information and exchange ideas. Any action to interrupt that flow violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It destroys Democracy and facilitates Fascism. Opponents of Net Neutrality know darn well what they are doing.


What is the "payoff"? I just attended a meeting with Ellison and Barbara Lee and a few hundred others. No tokens there.


The internet also disseminates unedited garbage, like Trumps tweets.


Pelosi, Schumer and Perez? How exciting. We can all look back fondly as the fascist took over the country. Fascist are not defeated with; incense, holy water, incantations, logic or reason. That just makes them even meaner. 2018, 2018,? too late. What could possibly go wrong with a power structure that gets all its news from FOX and admires such noteworthy historical greats as Hitler and Benito Mussolini.