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'Don't Let Up': Progressive Groups Warn Trumpcare Fight Still Far From Over


'Don't Let Up': Progressive Groups Warn Trumpcare Fight Still Far From Over

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Over the past several days, Trumpcare has suffered a series of crushing defeats, leading many to pronounce the death of GOP efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But while Trumpcare is certainly on the ropes following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's announcement that the bill lacks the votes required for passage, progressive groups are warning against complacency and urging activists to keep up the pressure.


Repeal & replace Obamacare with Expanded & Improved Medicare For All!


Stop calling it Trumpcare.
Call it Deathcare.


The fight for “Single-Payer” is We the People’s Waterloo. I ain’t kidding. Politically, the donald, and all of the “its” of corporate-connected bosses that surround him, will soon be on the run, if We the People come together as a unifying force, on this single issue, and pull this off!

Throw in the Social Security fund and now we see the ‘its’ scam. THE scam of all time. To privatize, not only healthcare, but Social Security and the military would be next. $$Trillions$$ Without winning the healthcare privatization scam, the crooks will have to run, before having to explain “its selves” in front of the courts. If “these its” were ever be investigated like Temer in Brazil is now, running just might happen, let’s hope!