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"Don't Listen to Barr—Read Mueller's Words Yourself": Here Is the Special Counsel's Report

Not so fast. If you tune into MSNBC right now you’re going to get quite a different story and a rather more convincing one, I think. As a former reporter, I can tell you, I always got the persons who attacked me with shallow insults. Might be a week or two years later but somehow the shoe was always on the other foot if the attackers weren’t already in prison for other reasons.

That’s what I feel about all of the Barr-toad’s mindless obstruction to which we have been relentlessly subjected and for which he should be disbarred. And Trump has insulted the press at every opportunity and even when he didn’t have one. But now the shoe is on the other foot.

Will Congress listen, read the actual report, have an honest response to it and act? Will Nancy Pelosi dare to eat a peach?

Yeah, we sure wish… this will all be swept under the rug and we will never know the Truth or what really happened. Trump wins again.

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This is about much more than Russia already but the reports on the report so far are saying that that Russia was involved. Hartmann reported on this short while ago: from the report - Trump asked Mueller to clear him of ‘Collusion’ and Mueller refused. Smoke-Fire?

. And once we get the Tax records you can add Bank Fraud, tax evasion,

by Chris O’Brien at HuffPo

Obama Adminstration (over 8 years)
0 (zero) charges
0 (zero) indictments
0 (zero) guilty pleas
0 (zero) convictions

Trump Administration (over 2 years)

191 charges
75 indictments
6 indicted Trump officials
5 guilty pleas
5 convictions
3 Russian companies

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Question: Is anyone Surprised here?

Left me crossed eyed but I read every word and guessed at the black smears. True to form of Mueller’s follow spook, CIA Operative Casey: ‘We will not have done our job until the only thing you believe is what we tell you’.

As I suspected all along, it was those pesky Russians that caused Trump to win…the sorriest democrat candidate on the face of the earth did not lose! I feel better already.

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Thanks for your reply. My answer to your question: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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First lie: that you read every word. Not enough time has passed for that even if you are a speed reader.

I tend to agree. But there are some good people in the House. Let’s not underestimate them and give up before this thing has even started.

There are no Russian trolls on this site - only Dim trolls who love to push the party line and use Trump and his odious policies to legitamize their corporate neoliberal agendas.


I couldn’t disagree more. Every person at MSNBC looked enlivened. And on task. And everybody had a copy. They were having fun, weren’t sad, just the opposite. Were we watching the same screen?

I just think people in general are poor readers. If they allowed themselves to see what is actually on the page, they would be amazed. It’s powerful stuff! And unlike any other contemporary stuff they have ever read. With every sentence backed up as if by an FBI investigation!

Yes, but the leader of the House is not one of them!


… and the Dust has not even settled yet!

Perhaps I’m reading this wrong: I don’t understand you. My impression of a professional reporter is someone who has no time for “shallow insults” – such as Taibbi or Greenwald.


Your a hoot. Pretend reporters are not human.

The democrats are focusing on quite a number of things now–as well they should.

You think this was the only copy? Could be you are a slow reader and was watching MSDNC at the same time … you probably did not notice this post was in its second hour. But when YOU are busy trolling every one else time goes fast.

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I understand Smerl. You hate to admit you’re a liar.

OK… Is BULLSHITTING a Legal Term? If not, we should make it so!

NOT “no evidence”, but rather “not sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges”.

Taking the above statements together, it’s pretty clear that the gathering of evidence of Tweetle-Dumb & Company’s collusion with Russia was sufficiently obstructed by Tweetle-Dumb & Company that criminal charges couldn’t QUITE be supported, especially in light of the Justice Department’s policy of not indict­ing a sitting president. So now it’s up to the SDNY et al and the various committees in the House to con­tinue their investigations.  The Drümpf Crime Family has NOT been exonerated of either collusion OR obstruction . . .