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'Don't Listen to This War Criminal!': Peace Activists Arrested at Elliott Abrams Hearing on Venezuela


The government covers it’s own. You can start with the head scratching that took/takes place with war criminal Henry Kissinger. And follow the hundreds of dots from there.

Don’t let anyone tell you that we don’t live in one of the worst countries in the world, depending on what level of existence you are in.

 I surely agree; but please don’t take me literally.  The women mentioned are more like witches than women; and like Lady Macbeth live for bloody power: “unsex me here/ And fill me, from the crown to the toe, top full/ Of direst cruelty!”    Elliott Abrams makes good company for them—Thanks for your reply


|You’re a history buff to my liking, and what a flashback you bring! At a tender, but obnoxious age, I tramped across a man’s lawn, he said something disciplining me, I |called out, “and who are you?” He looked at his neighbors and said, smilingly, “He’s too young to know me.” You guessed it; the man was Harry Belafonte


What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing it. He’s an incredible man, and still going strong at 92.

Maybe you saw it, but I just want to pass on again what happened a few years back, when Carlos Santana was the honoree at the Kennedy Center honors program that year. Belafonte was one of those who came out to speak, and he said, “We have to do something about all these immigrants coming here and taking our jobs.” Then he looked up at Santana, and said, “I think he’s taken some jobs from me.” He brought the house down with that one.


And there is virtually nothing that will change this; except for Mother Nature or a financial collapse. But then we’ll probably have pure anarchy.

I keep hearing that the Empire is in decline. Quite frankly, I don’t believe it.


Make that the fascist, U. S. government. And an insane perpetrator of war after war after wars. For the same old egregious lie and canard! That we are bringing them-------(fill in the country) freedom and democracy.


One has to know that they are living in Orwellian times, when a convicted war criminal guilty of treason and war crimes has peace activists arrested. " in times of universal deceit; speaking the truth is a revolutionary act" and gets you arrested!


I started to post that same info, but thought it might be smart (for a mere man) to scroll down and see if anybody had gotten there already. Good for you.

I loved that album. I remember my great-aunt Carita dancing by herself to its rhythms, after her second or third brandy Alexander, and saying over and over, “He’s a wicked, wicked man.” She appeared to be anything but offended.


No doubt, and with a real 9/11 investigation, it would get much worse for Abrams.


I too loved that album. I read recently that it was the first album to ever sell over a million copies–and that was when Elvis was a rising star as well. Oh, that wicked man,what he could do! Your Aunt Carita was right.


You could be correct, but I have never seen any evidence about Abrams and 9/11 and if you have…please share it. Thanks.