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"Don't Look Away": Videos and Images of Weeping Children and Loved Ones Spread as ICE Arrests 680 in Mississippi

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/dont-look-away-videos-and-images-weeping-children-and-loved-ones-spread-ice-arrests


By allowing this, we are as guilty as those who perpetrated this atrocity. The USA is now, by any definition, the Weimar Republic.

Oh, and now Mississippi’s crops will rot unpicked, and it’s food will go unprocessed. But that may be a good thing, as Mississippi is filled with racist fat asses that could stand the diet a little.


The raids stoke fear and terror among the least of our sisters and brothers for Trump’s political gain. A very sad day in this country.


And the mouth-breathing, chest-beating, ammosexual Trumptards masturbate to this agony. Our better angels have flown the coop a long time ago. “Don’t cry Juanita, Mama just got voted off of the island, that’s all. It is all part of the script. You? Well, I guess we’ll just put you down as collateral damage.” Good thing I haven’t eaten, because I want to puke.


I wonder how high the fine on that employer is going to be. Without something massive that’s gonna severely hit their bottom line they still gonna hire illegal immigrants.


This act is a crime against humanity by pathological ego-monster Trump and his ICE thugs.

Not only do they kidnap children and put them in cages, now they disappear their mamas and papas leaving these innocent little abandoned and terrified.

Isn’t there a law against child abandonment in the US?

This is dystopian frightful stuff being perpetrated in the “land of the free” by the racist in chief.


The ICE goon raids and arrests separating children from their parents and siblings that inflict life-long emotional harm on the children (at least) are in some ways similar in effect to the racist murders of Latino and other innocent people by depraved racists that kill parents and children.

How is the vicious pathological scum responsible or his regime of equally reprehensible people even tolerated? How can people go about their days with this atrocity in full view without acting? There is also the actions by other politicians that laid the groundwork for the current atrocities and policy.

The real crime and threat to our nation is not working hard to support ones family, it is destroying those families under a despicable calculated political agenda by the most destructive and odious “president” certainly in recent history.


Folks might want to brush up on Venezuelan culture. The Trumpers grabbed a ship load of food yesterday bound for Venezuela. There is something about starvation of children that drives migration.

The now infamous border wall, combined with movement of US troops to Panama and bribing Central American despots to block those fleeing American genocide is part of a plan. Placing good hard working people back behind his line is also part of Trump’s plan. For good measure, grabbing the kids to torture the family is like pulling legs off of frogs …

BTW, as long as the good ole boys get their EBT SNAP card gets reloaded by the end of the month … zzzzzzz


Apparently those arrested at one poultry processing plant accounted for half the workforce. I would question the viability of that plant going forward. Finding replacement workers will be impossible. Notably, in a prior raid like this one, the employer was sentenced to 18 months.

But at Mar-a-Lago, despite a manager admitting that he knew they employed many undocumented immigrants for many years, they didn’t even pay a fine – and only now just started using E-verify.


Here is that story for others to read Smerl, thanks! A crime against humanity!

" US Seizes Cargo Ship Trying to Deliver Food to Venezuela

"Sanctions on Venezuela are expanding to a naval blockade

"The US continues to escalate its anti-Venezuela measures this week, having announced Monday night that sanctions have grown to an economic embargo and now that appears to include a naval blockade.

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced on Wednesday that the United States had seized a cargo ship bound for Venezuela in the Panama Canal. The ship was carrying soy cakes for the production of food.

US officials as yet have not commented, but it’s not clear under what pretext they consider themselves allowed to seize a ship carrying food. The Panama Canal is no longer US territory in the first place, and seizing a food ship bound for Venezuela after spending most of 2019 claiming Venezuelans are starving and in need of food aid seems particularly spiteful."


Obama had 8 years to be an agent of change and keep this nightmare from ever occurring. Instead he was simply just another in a long line of weak willed Democrats who cower in fear at the right wing while taking bribes to do nothing. Some freaking legacy.


I wonder if they will change their minds when they see their EBT cards with less money or being denied completely. Probably not, ‘it’s all the fault of the Dems!’

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@Lamont 7, there will probably be no fine on the employer of these victims of trump. I would gladly like to see EVERYONE who voted for this ugly monster step full weight onto a sharp, rusty nail, and , that does include any friends, or, relatives who were stupid/deluded enough to think the orange ogre was the answer!


The Trumpster is Gloating with Joy.

Finally his has some news to Satiate his Sadistic Mind.

It is pathetic that we elected a President who enjoys witnessing the suffering of People he despises.


ICE is the Gestapo with different patches on their uniforms.


I seem to recall a few years back in Georgia (I think) some anti immigrant bill was passed into law which created a mass exodus of undocumented farm laborers out of state. Farm owners had to up the pay to get American workers to take the jobs. Even with higher pay, the percentage of those people who quit after a day or a week of hard labor in the fields was staggeringly high. The Georgia lawmakers either repealed the law or it was essentially ignored by the farmers, with a wink and a nod from the good ol’ boy legislators who passed it.


I do remember that. I think it was around the big eat as much as you can day in november of that year and many crops were left to rot in the field. Just another sad story in this “great”? country.


What and whose purpose does this serve?


I lived in Georgia at the time. Over a $billion were eventually suffered in ag losses, the same happened next door in Alabama. At one point, the state government shipped in prison labor and parolees to pick crops. Dumbasses:


ICE arrest of 680 Mississippi residence is mass systemic child abuse. Who would design a policy that neglects the needs of children? Who? I want to know who? Would you obey such a command? Why are we as a nation so complacent? Do ICE employee have a frozen heart?