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Don't [Mourn] Celebrate, Organize!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/21/dont-mourn-celebrate-organize


Time to feel the Bern and to go Green Party. That is a 3rd party with a serviceable name. FDR Democrats would be better…but half these kids don’t know who he was. So that works. Clearly the corporate dems are to the right of the IKE Repubs. They do not want progressives as Obama made clear and it is time for the house guest who has overstayed to take his votes and leave.


Why hasn’t the Green Party become more powerful after 20 years of Ralph Naders sad loss in 2001? Have a grown, but assume no real power? It seems to me they should of but why didn’t they?

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All true, facts are facts and “we the people” need to participate hugely to hold biden’s feet to the fire. Like you say organize but who has the power to pull us all together. I don’t, do yu? I tried it during Bush’s warmongering but got no support from progressive radio nor any traction elsewhere on the internet.

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Very good questions. I don’t know if she’s written about it, but I’ve heard Rosa Clemente (McKinney’s Green running-mate in 2008) sharing deep personal dissatisfaction with the Greens. The stalking-horse syndrome, I think: nearly always deferring to Democrats whenever there’s any chance of a Republican getting in. We’ve had one of USA’s only Green mayors here in Richmond CA, but we didn’t really see any cross-pollination to spread that little victory, as much as Gayle McLaughlin tries (bless her heart). Someone with an open, sympathetic, inquisitive temperament could write a fascinating history of where and how the Green Party got so far off-track. It’s out there somewhere in the weeds today, it seems. (You’re hearing this from a registered Green!)


Maybe a fully fledged (of a young bird) having wing feathers that are large enough for flight; able to fly
(of a person or thing) having just taken on the role specified.) party at a national level needs more work. I would suggest a greater advisory role working directly with the two existing political parties.

In some ways it is self-limiting in terms of demographics, a great focus for the working person but exclusion of other groups. Also, inexperience that does not instill confidence. I know that is a chicken or egg argument but never the less needs to be addressed.

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Imagine having an anti-war movement again.

Hard to imagine. The antiwar movement all but died once Obama took charge of, and expanded, Bush and Cheney’s warcrimes. It has never recovered, even as the slaughter goes on and on.

As for nuclear consciousness… the last time that there was public awareness in the West that civilization can end in a matter of days from nuclear weapons was in the 1980s. When Ronnie Raygun deployed Pershing missiles in Europe,and millions took to the streets there, and (gasp!) here in the US.

Since the fall of the USSR… silence in the streets. The ignorance of the effects of nuclear weapons in the West is so comprehensive, I’m not sure that many even realize that the lives of everyone they know can be over half an hour after a miscalculation is made. Nuclear war is the planet-killing climate change that happens in mere months, instead of centuries.

And no one seems to know, or care.


Organizing means no more collaboration with the Democratic Party.

It means as Eugene Debs said over a 100 years ago - it is time for an independent party for working people.

It is time to cut all ties with the Biden presidency. Time for Sanders to prove he is an Independent senator. Time for the Justice Democrats to end campaigning under the label of Democratic Party. Time for the DSA to end being an impotent sheep-dog for the DNC.

It isn’t complicated, it just takes time and energy, which has been wasted decade after decade getting the lesser evil voted in and the result, the lesser evils shifting further and further to the right.




OK–here is an idea that is circulating: We need to envision a future reduced to human scale, as in Small Is Beautiful, and we need to come together virtually to plan for it and come to a consensus on how it will need to look like. We want to build a movement. First step is to circulate this idea to as many groups you know to get it to happen.

It has been pointed out that a leaderless movement is actually a good thing now because there will be no particular target to assassinate. In the past, as we all know, all our leaders have been murdered so this should work to our advantage.

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Anti-war, anti-nuclear, anti-extraction, anti-exploitation… it feels as if consciousness got shattered to bits somewhere along the line, to the point where these are thought of as interests of various constituencies. There’s a similar problem with the falacious-multiplicity implied by “intersectionality” – the framework of separate roads for different ways of thinking, which might intersect from time to time…

Recently John Muir’s true heritage, and by extension the manifest heritage of The Sierra Club, has come up for spirited discussion. The founding fathers (patriarchs indeed) of what we call “environmentalism” often verged into repugnant racism. Muir felt the woods could be so much nicer with the original inhabitants cleansed, and he’s not the only old-time ecofascist in the library of environmental classics, either. Concern for planet Earth, our most common interest, started out in English-language philosophy as property of the propertied. Environmentalism somehow got tangled up with white-supremacy, and struggles to recover from racist insults propagated by several founders to this day.

Like the completely unnecessary early tension between abolitionists & suffragists (e.g. Douglass & Cady Stanton), it’s a fracture in popular consciousness, a stumbling-block passed down for generations, like a precious family heirloom.


Good for you in Richmond Ca, I went to a talk about Richmond and your fight and struggle getting oil companies out of your city and people building garden and recruiting young people giving them a way to have confidence in themselves and what they can create. It was about 8 years ago, so how is the fight going?

RPA (anti-Chevron) candidates won over the City Council the last round, so that much is good. Californians turned down Prop 15, though, which means nurses, teachers, and firefighters are going to have to work on a volunteer basis, or something. Overall, this election was terrible for California. Our approval of formalized enslavement for gig workers will likely have very negative national implications for human dignity.

Thanks for asking!

“It is now clear that Trump was never part of the in-crowd, but an outlier”

He is and he isn’t… ideologically, he’s become the Party; the GOP’s “connection to the base” is personified in Trump and his nakedly racist brand of “populism.”

That being said, the author is absolutely correct that it’s been obvious (to me) for a while now that tptb would prefer a less attention-drawing version of kleptocracy…hence, Biden.

er,…it isn’t coming in “centuries,” it is killing people today, and will likely kill all (or at the least the vast,and overwhelming majority) of humanity in decades.

it isn’t coming in “centuries,” it is killing people today, and will likely kill all (or at the least the vast,and overwhelming majority) of humanity in decades.

…which is why I wrote “planet-killing”, not “people-killing”.

Planets, may have life upon and within them, but, they are not objects that “Live,” and thus cannot be “killed.” They can be destroyed (consumed by their parent star for instance), reformed (major Impacts for instance), or combined into new planets, but killing something that is not living is nonsensical.

In accordance with that understanding, human forced climate change will not destroy all life that inhabits the earth, but it will drastically reduce the number of large animal and plant species that make up the dominant surface biomes, which is more than sufficient, even in the earliest stages, to completely collapse our global civilization, and all large nation-state political entities (due to the socio-economic strains of chronically chaotic weather conditions/extremes, large-scale collapse of open-air agriculture, unprecedented wet-bulb temps causing large portions of the globe to become shirt-sleeve uninhabitable for large portions of the year, changes and weakening of jet streams, increasing acidification and warming of both fresh and salt-water bodies and rivers, etc.). But even for the few surviving humans who can engineer survival under these conditions, they will be small groups spread across the breadth of an increasingly violent planet that is actually growing more hostile (rather than nurturing) to their form of life. Extinction will come piece-meal and probably mostly at the hands of their few remaining fellow humans in competition for increasingly constricting resources. So though the planet won’t die, there won’t be anyone to record, or debate, the differences between death and life.