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Don't Mourn. Organize. (And, Yes, Also Vote)


Don't Mourn. Organize. (And, Yes, Also Vote)

Cynthia Kaufman

Around presidential election time, people get wrapped up in the elections in ways that are not helpful for building a just and sustainable society. There is a lot we can do to impact the political world we live in. But during election time it is easy to get confused about what kinds of actions have what kinds of impacts.


There is nothing new in this article, just another attempt to promote Hillary as the lesser evil. I will vote moralistically for Jill Stein and I see no reason why she can't win. She just happens to be the best candidate, in my judgement


Really, Ms. Kaufman? Voting for Jill Stein, who is unlikely to win, is the only moral choice this year. I will NOT hold my nose and vote for a monster, of either party. The goal of giving the Green Party the 5% of the vote is the only worthwhile result that is remotely possible. Trump or Clinton, there is only more suffering by the 99% in the outcome. I am most assuredly unwilling to vote for that.

BTW, claiming that Clinton is the obviously lesser evil is completely bogus. Both candidates are awful and leave destruction in their wake, but it's Hillary that has massive amounts of blood on her hands.

Common Dreams should just stop printing these moralistically bankrupt articles.


"Don't mourn, organize" Ms Kaufman, I doubt if Joe Hill would have anything to do with HRC.


Jesus, to suggest that I hold my nose & vote for the D because or R, its just condescending to my integrity. I personally won't fall for this weak appeal to vote for HRC. I will argue that many progressives will see right through this article, just like they see right through HRC. Off topic, I really like HRC's new plane though - it has lots of character & a great personality.


The author must have been hired by "Correct the Record," to bring us Joan Walsh in another form. . I will vote for Jill Stein, even though I live in a swing state, and so will my husband, because we want to repudiate the combination of neoliberal economic and neocon hawkishness that HRC represents. PLEASE, authors like this, stop trying to shame intelligent people into voting for Hillary. It's not going to work.

By the way, here is an excellent expose on the Trump vs. Clinton phenomena from Counterpunch today:



RE "The Democratic Party will not be reformed if it loses this election
because progressives decide to not vote for Clinton."

Maybe so, but the Democratic party has earned a nice walk in the wilderness, along with the rest of America.

RE "You will not change the Democratic Party by not voting for its candidate"

How is this a true true statement? If the party won't represent our values (with emphasis on the next generation of younger voters) then I argue that a vote against the Democratic party is incentive for them to change. Our vote is the most tangible change most of us can act on, because most people are too busy working & trying to raise families.

Off topic again, I looked at HRC's plane again... Its so funny. I never knew a plane could have so much personality.


Many Clinton supporters fear Trump to extent that they don't care about any plank in the Democratic Party's platform as long as Trump is defeated. To say they have reached a point that they fear their own shadows is an understatement.

Kaufman's assertion that if Clinton wins "on November 9 progressives can go back to work shifting the balance of power" is bogus when you consider that a Clinton victory assures that progressives will lose what little leverage they may have had as Clinton dismantles all of Sanders' primary platform planks during her first hundred days.

Kaufman's admonition will play well in the rarified air of her Silicon Valley academic enclave but not very far beyond.


How silly is it to vote for exactly what you don't want? I exactly don't want Hillary, or Donald. I don't want the murderers for profit to have power over America anymore. I want to live in an America with a world-class infrastructure instead of a world-encircling string of polluting military bases processing a steady stream of damaged or broken volunteer cannon fodder before releasing them,untreated, on a deluded public. I don't want bankers to have my elected representative ears when I don't. I want a president that I initially believe instead of one of the two proven liars offered by corporate money, and corporate media, and corporate debates.

I'm not so beaten down, that I accept a forced choice between unacceptable candidates with unacceptable policies, are you? But I've been voting Green for two decades, and I'll keep doing it until another party offers me a better policy agenda. It's not Hillary vs Trump, it's corporate vs People, and only the corporate candidates get airtime.


Ms. Kaufman is an apologist for the establishment, neoliberal Democratic Party in general and for Hillary in particular.
Well paid agitators always leave me cold and Kaufman appears to be one of those.
If a neo-fascist, racist becomes the next president it will only hasten the inevitable revolution.
Vote for Stein/


yes, that article was an awesome summary of why we have these 2 idiots running for president..


In a nutshell, 2016 is an example of voters' fear buttons being pushed harder than they ever have...outdoing even the 1964 POTUS election.


yes! :slight_smile:


Go post your article on Salon where it belongs....

If I were going to vote for the lesser of two evils .... I would vote for Trump.

HRC has proven her hawkishness and corruption. She has no respect for human life. Because she has the ability to tap into massive corporate funding and support of both MSM and the MIC.... she will cause more harm.

But I won't be voting for either of these evils.... vote Green.


Clinton trollmaster David Brock needs to spend his $6 M troll budget during the next two months. With her academic cred, Kaufman stood out on Brock's stack of applicants.


They really can not sell Ms Clinton on her own merits. She is an absolutely terrible candidate . The people tasked with selling her to the Public have to take this line of attack as they know the people they try and sell Clinton to are just not that stupid.

So the advice is "do not vote for the Candidate you want or the one that best represents your own principles, vote for the Candidate I tell you to vote for because I know better then you do:" A lot in the way of arrogance and little in the way of Democracy , but there just those that feel they entitled to your vote.

It is once again desperation and one that borders on madness ,


The Democratic Party will not be reformed if it loses this election because progressives decide to not vote for Clinton.

The Democratic Party will also not be reformed if its choice of Clinton is validated.


I can see a number of scenarios being discussed in those backrooms of power.

One is , in case of a vote for Trump , claiming the election invalid as The Russians hacked the vote.

They are in trouble and are floundering.


Best post of this article. EXACTLY. They admittedly can't sell a piece of rotten meat so we have to hold our nose and hope for the best. RIDICULOUS!
NOW is the time to protest this corrupt selection of D and R and vote for the BEST candidate which is by far Jill Stein.


Thanks, Tom1, but don't hold your breath. Just because the Hitlery bots have mostly given up posting here, doesn't mean they are not reading CD. The last poll CD conducted showed that a much higher percentage of their readers support Hitlery than Stein. I will be surprised (and delighted!) if the current poll is much different...