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Don't Move


Don't Move

Kathy Kelly

Two major news stories here in the U.S., both chilling, point out how readily U.S. authorities will murder people based on race and the slightest possibility of a threat to those in places of power.


As usual, Kathy Kelly acts as a moral Light to the world.

This is 100% true:

"But the United States' drone arsenal is precisely designed to project violence into areas miles from any battlefield where arrest, not assassination would before have been considered both feasible and morally indispensable in dealing with suspects accused of a crime. U.S. figures do not count untold numbers of civilians learning to fear the sky, in formerly peaceful areas, for weapons that might be fired without warning. The drones take away the very idea of trials and evidence, of the rule of law, making the whole world a battlefield."

However, there is one thing that I would challenge (and often do). It's this idea that ALL civilians (which ultimately means those potentially on the receiving end of Military-State violence) are somehow behind (or in support of) these loathsome operations.

I think people should disengage from the narrative that passively grants their consent to things they do NOT consent to:

"We must swear off making the world our battlefield and be appalled to hear the U.S. government seem to tell the world "I will kill you if you f---ing move."

WE, that is civilians who don't identify with warfare and aggression, are NOT the ones enacting the above.

Language is important. When people who oppose state policies identify with the "we" that enacts them, they give up their voice and capacity for dissent.

The U.S. post-coup (1963) government is run by corporations, the MIC-media complex, and select dynastic rich families. THEY have designed the systems of conquest that they may well use on U.S. citizens should their opposition to these horrors become too vocal, too organized, and too contagious.

This is a polarity planet.

DNA is written in a life code that draws equal sums from BOTH parents.

There is night and day.

There are twin equinoxes: One, at the outset of Spring is governed by Mars, the war god. Its complement, at the outset of Autumn, is governed by Venus, the principle of peace, compromise, negotiation, and balance.

How often have men purported to speak for both genders?

"We" subsumes the voice of the antithesis into itself to falsely assert that there is only ONE voice.

It is a deception that works against the evolution of humanity.

When such time comes that both Yin and Yang jointly make decisions, rather than one alleging to speak for both, I might amend my challenge to this point.

However, since it still is largely financially endowed white males who run this world... and since there are many case studies showing that Democratic avenues of redress, agency, and expression are being cordoned off... the term WE reinforces an orthodoxy that itself represents a dangerous fallacy.


While I agree with your point that "We" are not the authors of the war/police doctrine, "we" are culpable by silence, and by our apathy. We have allowed this to come about by not voting and not standing up firmly for our beliefs 'to the contrary. Bernie Sanders is the example that we should have been following for at least the past decade. While blaming 'them' feels good, it does nothing to bring about change. I am an ordinary grandmother, and I know that my lack of attention, and the belief that I was helpless to change things have empowered our contemporary Robber Barons. NO MORE. I may be old, but I'm still feisty and more than happy to take part in protests and to support candidates (financially and by volunteering) that are willing to take on horrors being perpetrated in the name of "We" the people.


This is a nation of over 300 million people.

The only thing most people know is what's in the news or in their own immediate experience (and ambiance). As but one example, how much media time did Sanders get? How many opportunities to counter the false narratives made to disparage voters by undermining his actual policies and positions?

The mass media can make entire movements appear as invisible.

There is also the matter of Learned Helplessness added to that of indoctrination--by a highly sophisticated military-media machine--to false narratives.

I am going to borrow from a brilliant post offered in the Jake Johnson thread since THIS is the enlightened view, rather than the one that has this high school student council feel to it: This pep Rally level of "equal participation for all." It's a lie. And by the way, citizens in South America and much of Europe feel the same way.

(Now, let me find the comment) as posted by Modern Angel:

"The "problem" of too much democracy has been around, much like "decreasing the surplus population" of Dicken's yore. Noam Chomsky, in the video below, reveals that the Trilateral Commission released a report called "The Crisis of Democracy" back in 1973. It came after the social revolution of the 60's decade, when "value-oriented intellectuals" dared to enter the political arena to press their demands for civil, labor, health and environmental rights, and an end to an illegal war. It was determined that the normally obedient, docile populace began practicing an "excess" of democracy which needed to be reined in and neutralized.

"It was decided that the luxury of middle class living granted people too much time to concern themselves with social matters. But if people are kept at poverty level, working several jobs, burdened with heavy debt and preoccupied instead with self-preservation, business could carry on as usual."

I am trying to lower my blood pressure through natural means. The entire medical arsenal is instead aimed at MANAGING diseases so that people pay monthly for drugs. It's the chemical-pharmaceutical equivalent of paying rent to occupy one's own body.

So much in the way of the U.S. diet is DESIGNED to make us unhealthy. As a matter of fact, it's not hyperbole to say that we are not even allowed to know (think of Monsanto's vast opposition to gen tech labeling laws) what's in the food we eat!

People are being MADE fat. And their jobs (as mentioned above, usually more than one source of income is now needed to keep up with expenses) deaden their spirits.

So many are living lives of quiet desperation that their only Off Switch is drugs or alcohol... or sugar, which operates like an addictive drug.

The argument that stresses the ILLUSION of apathy (when so many are fighting for so many causes) is another version of BLAMING and SHAMING those who have been divested of power, sovereignty, agency, and HOPE by a sham global government run by sociopathic elites.

Personally, I've been in opposition to the warrior mindset and the MIC since my high school days when I was part of a HUGE demonstration right outside the White House. I probably lost the husband I was intended in the Vietnam War where 587,000 men from MY generation were killed and lots more left with PTSD and resulting drug/alcohol addictions.

For 30 years I've written children's stories, movie scripts, even a novel or two in hopes of spreading a different message, one that is not related to war and the culture of violence. Try getting THAT type of thing published! The elites now control all of the big publishing houses.

The elites learned from the l960s how NOT to allow truly Liberal, radical, or progressive voices in media or much of academe. They learned how to shut off War Footage and keep people (most) so stressed out, that the best many could do was show up for work and make sure their kids ate breakfast before entering their own rat race culture: at increasingly business-like, performance-oriented schools.

I watched a very cool Ted Talk yesterday and its conclusion was the environment or culture determines MUCH in the way of human conduct.

Elites have used Hollywood and what passes for music these days to inculcate very selfish messages related to personal power, individual gratification at another person's expense, fortuitous shows of violence, and a general disrespect for the natural world and people who are taken for "marks" since they don't march to the Mars-Rules drummer.

A lot of people do what they can to oppose the horrors of our times. But there are no operational agencies for redress, and many understand this.

They know that politicians lie.

They see that people in power are never held to account.

They watch as people are being randomly gunned down on U.S. streets and appeals for justice reach the desks of Judges who answer to power, not The People (with rare exceptions).

It's not apathy that you see...


There is something else that should be mentioned.

Most people are unaware of just how much they have been programmed from the time, era, culture, and family background they're born into.

One chief imprint of the Judeo-Christian culture is guilt... starting with the damning premise of Original Sin.

It could be that it's THIS imprint that explains why so many in these threads take every subject and every exposure of corrupt power and turn that into the supposed failure of the masses.

But there's this, too:

Christ came to teach the way of peace... a path away from the warrior ways that were the ruling orthodoxy following the ascent of Patriarchy. What I've long ago concluded is that the warring ways were retained with Christ's name added as felonious endorsement.

In any case, Christ's main manifesto was that of compassion: Understanding what motivated the other person, walking in their footsteps.

The path of compassion is not the path that seeks a reason to blame. To the contrary, it searches for a deeper understanding. THAT is what I try to do in these discussion threads... show what people are going through.

It's not as if the majority of citizens has ever known real freedom--freedom from a job that crushes their spirit, freedom from want, freedom from the fear of incarceration, bad health, loss of a loved one, or war in some form.

The idea that people should practice, individually as well as collectively, a full-scale sovereignty that is yet to exist is like asking a 5 year old to play Beethoven as soon as their fingers hit the piano keys.

Behaviors are learned. Human beings are social animals and that's why during the Stanley Milgram "torture delivered by way of following orders" experiments, when those given to following orders saw someone else rebel, then 90% would follow. Reciprocally, if there was no one bold enough to NOT follow orders, 67% would give what would have been a lethal shock to volunteers in an experiment.

Following orders or authority is a learned behavior that has been culturally, religiously, and politically indoctrinated into citizens for HUNDREDS of years. Even our own nation, begun by bludgeoning the locals and then only allotting representative power to white males with property represents the BEGINNING break with the pattern of total control by elites.

Whenever lots of people--women, Blacks, Latinos, poor persons--began to demand more rights and payment for their labors, the elites found ways to clamp down.

Thus this idea that people who have been moving up a spiral that virtually destines them to fight the same battles over and over again are guilty of apathy is a narrative that BLAMES those on the receiving end of policies they had NO power or influence to shape.

The late human right's attorney, Michael Radner put it this way:

"You either side with the oppressed or with the executioner."

My challenge to the Divine Ms. Kelly is that the Awakened Citizen of Conscience cannot BE both: both the target and the executioner. Therefore, it behooves us to look more closely at the term WE and how it's unconsciously used to conflate one with the other.

As I've been pointing out here for several years now, the embrace of the term WE is a tactical mistake that inadvertently uses the weapon of language against those on the side of the angels.


Your prism is black-white, either-or and that's why I refer to you and those who sound JUST like you as Soldier Boys and Girls.

This is not a matter of either-or.

People do all sorts of things that you probably don't know about.

Like the dingdongs who continue to push the narrative that "The U.S. has not won a war since..." without conceiving of the opportunistic benefits that accrue to those forces that have no desire to win wars, but rather continue them... the narrative that suggests that people either PROVE the success of their opposition, or it doesn't exist is a fake one.

How do you know what's in another person's heart?

How do you know what the random act of kindness means to a stranger and spreading peace in this turbulent world?

You, like the other Tag Team members stationed in these threads, use the argument that SINCE there is no "proof" that those against war are "winning," they must be complicit, silent, and enabling the War Machine.

This type of "opinion" is very much like those that seek to blame the citizens of Palestine for the far more empowered policies enforced by Israel.

There IS no level playing field (except maybe in football or soccer) where one team opposes the other on equal grounds. THAT is a false construct!

Since so much exists within a hierarchical structure, naturally those at the top of the pyramid leverage more influence and weight over ALL policies including what's shown (to become established as norm) in major media.

We all know selfish people. That is a given.

We also all know altruistic people who are dedicated to all sorts of Good Causes ranging from many diverse environmental organizations, to human rights organizations, to Black Lives Matter, to the Dreamers seeking to retain their Latino families inside the U.S., to the fair wages, to divesting the MIC of its gargantuan claim to U.S. taxpayers' money supply.

Contrary to the LIE told often here by those who can only think in terms of this bifurcated either-or frame, I am not exonerating citizens of responsibility. I am speaking to the TRUE FACTS of what levels of access, agency, resources, intelligence, and moral conviction they HAVE to bring to the equation.

This is not just a problem inside the U.S.

The constant ATTACK on my defense of citizens is itself fascinating. Ultimately, it forms Exhibit A evidence for those who DO side with Power, the Democratically barren State, and... those same Executioners that Mr. Radner mentioned.

You essentially blame the citizens of the community for the OIL train's derailment... rather than those who own its operations and made a tactical decision NOT to invest profits in maintaining the RR lines.


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Maybe in U.K. In America, men LOVE their guns... they serve as inorganic extensions of their "members."


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War always coarsens society. It further coarsens the already alligator-hided "deciders," and it coarsens (at least insofar as their inclination to demur) good people who are exposed to the justifications for drone attacks, for the flavor-of-the-month enemies. The rot comes home.


"Completely legal"? Only under the disgusting and perverse laws of a dysfunctional imperial state!


"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"Gun bans don't disarm criminals, gun bans attract them." -- Walter Mondale, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 4/20/94

"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people...To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -George Mason, during Virginia's ratification convention, 1788

"The usual road to slavery is that first they take away your guns, then they take away your property, then last of all they tell you to shut up and say you are enjoying it." -- James A. Donald

"25 States allow anyone to buy a gun, strap it on, and walk down the street with no permit of any kind: some say it's crazy. However, 4 out of 5 US murders are committed in the other half of the country: so who is crazy?" -- Andrew Ford

If the Government doesn't trust us with our guns, why should we trust them with theirs? - Unknown


I agree with the main thrust of what you have said. Sanders is the best the USA has had in a long time, but as you point out, the foreign policy is very disappointing, to say the least. I especially agree on the following:-

Not just "probably". If we pay attention, it is as clear as day.

That the USA air force failed to attack convoys of arms to ISIS over a period of several years (Russia has displayed satellite evidence and this has even admitted in the USA Senate), and then cried foul when the Russians put a stop to it, speaks volumes. That they have attacked ISIS towns only after they were already re-taken by the Syrian government also speaks volumes. That they continue to supply the so called "Free Syrian Army" (paperwork for the acquisition and delivery of these weapons exist on Wikileaks) that then hands its weapons over to Al Nusra, also speaks volumes. That the USA had to line up a chemical weapons false flag to justify invasion should be noticed by everyone. That Clinton is proposing a Libya style "No fly zone" should be a red flag to everyone. The case for war is every bit as phony as the case in Iraq was in 2003/2003 as was the case for war on Libya. The goal, clearly, is regime change.

Could Turkey and Saudi Arabia supply ISIS with weapons without the blessing of the empire? At the end of the day, the USA calls the shots in Saudi Arabia. The current Saudi government would collapse if not for US backing and US bases in Saudi Arabia. The USA could have stopped that at any time. Further, they could have stopped it by interfering with the weapons convoys at any time, and they could have discontinued the weapons drops at any time. ISIS and AlNusra are USA manufactured terrorist forces, built up while Clinton was the SoS, and millions of refugees from Syria has been the result.


Its not racism. Its economic disparity.


There are police shootings happening everyday------Why are these two shootings the top of the news today????????-----the media works to divide and create hate-----they show these videos but don't challenge the real leaders in this country------Bill Clinton has a meeting with the AG two days before Hillary Clinton is to be interviewed by the FBI----we now know Hillary Clinton's lawyers destroyed evidence at her direction,we now know that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people and under oath.

Maybe if a person is killed by the police a relative should be allowed a thirty minute meeting with the AG????????

Black shootings by cops is used by democrats just as republicans use abortion----divert peoples attention-make a lot of noise----have people rally to your side-create division and hate--AND DO NOTHING!

It is a crime to be poor in this country----we live in a police state.


Kathy Kelly is a true peacemaker, a person of high moral standards and a real "patriot" in a good sense. if most Americans were like Kathy, the world would be infinitely better. All her work is for the good of humanity, and she deserves to be recognized and taken notice of.