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Don't Privatize the Afghan War—Just End It


Don't Privatize the Afghan War—Just End It

Sonali Kolhatkar

Erik Prince, the notorious founder of the military contracting company formerly known as Blackwater, has been making the rounds of media outlets to promote his idea for privatizing the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Prince, whose company was renamed Academi, and who now chairs a Chinese-owned company named Frontier Services Group, is unabashedly vying for a lucrative Pentagon contract that would turn over military operations in Afghanistan to a private corporation.


Erik Prince, man in need of a fast acting DU suppository.


We’ve come a Surreally long way since FDR declared, during WWII, that no War Profiteering would be tolerated.


Yes, end it! Why are we still wasting precious resources in blood and taxpayer money there? Eric Prince is definitely the last straw. History told us it was a wasted effort when we went in. Now that’s been proven once again


We tried the “Viceroy” tact in Iraq which lead to the demobilization of the Sunni armed forces and created ISIS. Where do we get off telling others from many thousand of miles afar how to run their lives?


I’ve been saying this for years. Quit throwing good money after bad, and good lives after wasted lives in vain. If Alexander the Great and the British Empire couldn’t control Afghanistan at their peaks, then why would any sane foreign policy expert think that a declining U. S. could? Oh, that’s right Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, et. al. need to keep making money off the rest of us.

Just cut our losses and get out. No matter when we do, the Taliban are going to take back over, so let’s staunch the bleeding right now! You can’t force democracy on people who don’t want it, and it’s not our rare Earth minerals under their soil for us to covet. That’s the other real reason we stay there. Get out, just get out!


Nepotism is already running rampant in this administration - why not bring in another family? Mango Mussolini has already appointed Prince’s sister as Secretary of Education.


Yes, leave now! That action, and payment of reparations, would be the best thing that we could do for the Afghan people at this point.

Putting Prince in charge would be beyond insane!


There is a long queue of peoples harmed by The Empire who never got any reparations. I don’t see how Afghans can become an exception to the rule.



I really don’t think that there is any democracy at the origin that can be exported to the destination.



I haven’t even read the story. Who needs to? Prince is the kind of scum they shot at Nuremberg.


We have to start somewhere, sometime. If we can spend the insane amounts that we are spending
on “defense”, “security”, and “intelligence”, we should at least divert 10% of it towards reparations for the innocents we have harmed, who did nothing to us.

There was the Marshall Plan for Europe after WWII.

We should at least offer direct compensation to the surviving families that we’ve destroyed.


Actually, they hung them. It was 70 years ago this October.
But, yeah, he would have been in the defendants’ seats at Nuremberg.


Hanged, not shot, hanging is considered by professional military to be a dishonorable death.


As if it is a modern fable found in 1001 nights; The Cowardly Prince.
A story of a murderous young man who profited by selling arms in an industry he was indoctrinated, and whom fomented destruction among people in far off places, only to mask his true deficiencies as someone who relates to others, builds relationships and had regard for ancient cultures, the wisdom and that he may be related to what he is killing.
Not admirable nor virtuous would be the young Prince . . .


If this A-hole gets the chance to privatize this war, or any war, to benefit himself and his corporation, I’d think this might open a door to begin privatized military operations on American soil against U.S. citizens who may want to organize and protest government injustice, or address other attempts to steal from the majority and give those spoils to the 1% for their benefit.

There’s a good chance the majority of his employees doing the fighting would come from countries that have an economy paying very low wages, making a huge fighting force very affordable. Obviously, medical care for those wounded in battle would be low priority and low expense, since there’s going to be hundreds just outside the door waiting for a job to replace the wounded or dead fighter. No longer would lifelong medical expenses for injured American military remain as part of the Pentagon budget.


Erik Prince the slimy mercenary of darkness. Lock him up. A Dominionist traitor. Treason and malfeasance. A turncoat bitch.
The Dark Princess wants to steal Afghanistan rare earth minerals, ie.) lithium for his mega battery factory, among other capitalistic ventures, in West Michigan. The DeVos and Prince family have bought off the corrupt Michigan politicians and payed to play at the Federal level. The DeVos’ have done major public school damage throughout Michigan.


Do not allow our Fake President to officially authorize what can only be called war profiteering.


Finally a writer with a brain. But let’s go further leave the Middle East. We are doin no good there. Time to take our Generals and leave.


I completely agree with the should. My intent was to say that in the past (starting with the original Americans and enslaved people), we haven’t; and going by the past, we wouldn’t. The only exception I know of is that some compensation was given to Americans of Japanese ancestry interned in concentration camps during WW II.

Thank you for your reply.